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RAW Goons Give Life Threats to Pakistani Editor

  by Uzma Zafar


ISLAMABADIt appears that the Indian government and its main intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) are feeling very much perturbed by the media endeavors of The Daily Mail, as The Daily Mail continues to expose the wrong doings of RAW, the Indian Army and the Indian government through special investigative reports and also through strict monitoring procedure as some unidentified callers, on Thursday called the offices of The Daily Mail in Islamabad and threatened the Editor-in-Chief Mr. Makhdoom Babar to stop publishing anti-India reports or to get ready to face Jamim Shah like fate. hamain to bass ittna kehna hai kay tum ya to Bharat kay baray maein appni Bakkwaas band kar do ya to phir apnay Bhai Jamim Shah kay paas Janay Kay Liya tayyar ho jao jissay hum nay kuch din pehlay he narak main transfer kiya hai (I just have to tell you that either you should stop Indias bashing or better get ready to join your brother Jamim Shah  whom we have just recently dispatched to the hell) were the words of the unidentified callers who did not talk for more than a few seconds and said just the words mentioned here.

The threats to The Daily Mail by the goons of RAW or the other Indian agencies are nothing new now. It is on record that even the Indian Minister for Home Affairs P Chidambaram had threatened The Daily Mail publicly in September 2009 which was followed by the telephonic threats by the gangsters of RAW which were widely published in the local and International media across the world. Nonetheless the Indian media had also started a motivated campaign against The Daily Mail and its Editor-in-Chief. Chennai TV, NDTV, Zee News and Aajatak are a few of the Indian televisions channels to be named in this regard while list of Indian newspapers in this direction is fairly long.


The Daily Mails findings indicate that the man who orchestrated his first anti-India campaign when he reported Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan as saying that he hated the Nepalese in 2000, fell prey to the bullets of two assailants of Indian Intelligence agency RAWs Chhota Rajan gang in Kathmandu on Sunday day afternoon.


Jamim Shah first attracted the ire of the Indian government for his anti-India media endeavors in 2004 when the Indian government asked Nepal to freeze the assets of Space Time Network, owned by Shah. The Indian government made the similar threats to The Daily Mail when its Home Affairs minister P Chidambaram, on September 28th, 2009 threatened that his government would ask the Pakistan government through Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi for a crackdown on The Daily Mail. Shah, who is reported to have spent a huge sum of money for running his TV channel, had recently launched two newspapers, one in English and another in Nepali.


The Daily Mails findings reveal that just a day after the assassination of Shah, a man claiming the responsibility for the murder of Jamim Shah called up a TV channel Avenues Television in Kathmandu , identified himself as Bharat Nepali and claimed to be an associate of RAWs SOD Chief Chhota Rajan Very surprisingly, upon this development Indian Intelligence agency RAW was the first to react and emerged dismissive of the claim, while it has otherwise been denying of having any link with Chhota Rajans underworld gang, that is actually RAWs Special Operations Division.


The Daily Mails findings further reveal that like Jamim Shah, RAWs underworld syndicate, headed by Chhota Rajan was, however, challenged by many conscientious Nepalese. One such person was the Nepalese member parliament, Late Mirza Dilshad Beg, belonging to the Muslim minority community. Dilshad Begs campaign against rising crime in Nepal, organized by RAW became a thorn in the latters side. Of particular concern to RAW was the private bill to combat organized crime that Mirza Dilshad Beg intended to move in the Nepalese parliament. Rajan was, therefore, instructed by RAW to get rid of Beg immediately, Rohit Verma alias DSouza, a trusted lieutenant of Rajan, pulled the job of assassinating Beg while the Nepalese parliament was in session. Chhota Rajan took the responsibility of this cold-blooded murder. In his interview with India Today and also to another Indian Journal The Week the then Police Chief of Nepal, IGP Mr. Kharel  also confirmed that Chhota Rajan and his gang were behind Dilshad Begs murder.


Mr Jamim Shah was also running the media campaign of exposing RAWs involvement in the internal affairs of Nepal and terror activities in different parts of his country by RAW operatives. Shah also exposed that RAW had been picking up innocent Pakistani tourists from Nepal and later framing them in different terror cases back in India. Jamim Shah made several requests with the Nepalese government for safety and security and expressed acute fears of assassination attempts by RAW goons.

The Daily Mails findings further reveal that Jamim Shah was alerted nearly a month before he was killed on Sunday, if investigators are to be believed. The police on Tuesday told the media that someone had alerted Shah to be vigilant. The murder could perhaps have been averted if Shah had shared his uneasiness with the police, said a police officer investigating the case.


Investigators said they traced corroborative evidences that indicated the movement of the mastermind Babloo Srivastav ( a known RAW agent)in Kathmandu in the last six months. But the mastermind has remained out of contact since Saturday, a day before the murder. Police, however, believe that all the culprits were still in the Capital.

Investigators say the killers had prepared for a month. They collected detailed information of Shahs movement before killing him in broad daylight on Sunday, said a police officer.

Superintendent of Police Ganesh K. C., Chief of Metropolitan Police Range, claimed the killers had been identified. We have sufficient evidences to substantiate our claim, said K. C.

On Monday night, police carried out a massive search operation in Lazimpat, Ranibari and Lainchaur areas, a suspected hideout, but could not make any breakthrough.


Earlier, the same day, a man who identified himself as Bharat Nepali owned up responsibility for the murder. Bharat, who is said to be a former aide of underworld don Chhota Rajan, told Avenues TV that he had executed the plan. But police have not confirmed Nepali as the main culprit.

Meanwhile, police have found the motorcycle the killers had used at Futung VDC, near Balaju in Kathmandu. The motorcycle was abandoned on a slope.

Meanwhile, four police personnel deputed at the Lazimpat police booth at the time of the killing, have been suspended for the security lapse. Assistant Sub-Inspector Lokendra Pandit, Head Constable Tul Bahadur Adhikari, and Constables Duryodhan Yadav and Anil Rai were all in a police post around 150 metres away from the place where the gruesome killing took place.


On the other hand, Pakistan police and security authorities are yet to pay any attention to the complaints lodged by the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Mail regarding threats from the RAW goons. The Editor-in-Chief had written letters to the Minister for Interior, the Inspector General of Police Islamabad and the other security agencies, narrating the details of the threats from RAW but nothing was done by any quarter for the protection of the staff and the editor-in-chief and the management had to increase the security itself.


Reacting over the Thursday episode, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Mail Mr. Makhdoom Babar told reporters that he was undeterred by the threats and said it was just a cowardice act. He said nothing can derail him or any member of his team of professional from the mission of contributing to the cause of free and fair journalism/ He said The Daily Mail owe it to its readers to keep them updated what is happening around the world, no matter if it was India or whatever.



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