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Whispers of a vagabond


The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. Ernesto Che Guevara


Learn to love the land well known as a paradise on earth, your own mother land Gilgit-Baltistan. My land which is for now enslaved in the fetters of slavery was once a free nation. On 1st November 1947 independence knocked on its doors as our founding forefathers with their steel mantle, bravery and courage freed this land that was under siege of the maharaja of Kashmir but unfortunately they failed to retain the independence due to lack of political thinking and conscience.

We remained unaware of the evil tactics of the occupant forces and this is the very reason behind our misery, slavery and deprivation that we are spending the lives of slaves’ generation after generations. Complete freedom is our ultimate goal and the epicenter of our struggle and this goal demands us of sacrifices. We need to scarify everything from property and lives and need to mount the caravan of freedom all through the odyssey to its ultimate goal.

We need to understand the moves of our opponents that are indispensible for complete freedom and every child of the nation should be made aware regarding it. We need to properly analyze the orders coming from Islamabad and have a keen observation of every move of the occupant forces.

Keeping in view the 63 years of slavery we need to have a more rational and scientific approach towards our future. Gilgit-Baltistan has been turned into a state of security forces and every cent of the income of this region is being spent on non local security forces while the indigenous population of the region is starving and does not afford to have a two times meal.

Religious fundamentalism is being used as a tool to keep the people of my nation at a distance from freedom while religious fundamentalism is being promoted under the state patronization. This menace is only elongating the slavery that our nation is tied to. Sparking sectarian violence in the name of Shia-Sunni has always been at the top in the list of Islamabad’s agenda. Whenever the local population voices its grievances the state machineries spark sectarian violence to sabotage freedom movements in the region.

The motherland is pledging from its inhabitants to free her from the shackles of slavery. How long will we remain indifferent to the call of the motherland? How long will the occupant forces rule our land through fake packages? Our very identity is at stake. We are robbed off our identity, culture, traditions and history. Introducing dummy chief minister and governor is a mere ploy of wiping out the history of independent states of Brushal, Dardistan and Baloristan.

Although the conspiracy to enslave a nation for ever by erasing their history has been barely exposed but there is a ban on independent thinking and voicing miseries of the nation in Gilgit-Baltistan. Fundamentalists from Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are being settled in the region as part of a pre planned conspiracy to dismantle the demography of the nation and to convert the local indigenous majority into a mere minority.

The natural resources of Gilgit-Baltsitan are being robbed off and the economy of the region is put at stake. The locals are given no right over the natural resources of the region while non locals take every bit of the natural resources of the region. The indigenous local population is still longing for clean drinking water while Pakistan’s government is building mega projects of water reservoirs in the country to provide water to barren areas of Punjab and Sindh at the stake of submerging on third of the population of Gilgit-Baltistan.

No rule of law exists and the region has been turned into a no man’s land by the Pakistani establishment. Security forces go mad by killing innocent people for no reason while there is nobody to question them. The security forces not even spare females and students! There is a ban on voicing just rights and whoever dares to raise voice against injustice is being killed in broad day light by the security personnel.

The region is being governed through packages that have no legal or constitutional status while non elected non locals are have the solo power of decision making. Pakistan selects it’s the top breed of fundamentalist elements from the ranks of its beurocracy for Gilgit-Baltistan. The core commander of FCNA, a military general makes decisions ranging from law and order situation to public tenders. Chief Secretary follows the military general and decides fate of the people while the elected representatives have no other job than publishing statements in the local press of the region.

The trend needs to be changed and it needs the help of global community. A fact finding mission comprising of international community, global human rights organizations and international media needs to probe into the incidents of violence and usurping of human rights in the region. The masses need to dare to sacrifice and pay the price of voicing their grievances. Only then can a journey for freedom be triggered in the region.

“Freedom is not free. Someone has to the pay the price.”  Ray Baumbach


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