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Why ICC is Against Green Color?

Dr. Abdul Ruff

Today, in the GST era when Muslims are murdered as freely as cattle could be by the so-called civilized anti-Islamic rogue states  in democracy uniforms, the main concern of India is not about its own win in cricket, but the defeat of Pakistan, Australia and South Africa and the ICC is doing its best to make the these team to lose. This is the positive mindset of Indian terror strategists  hiding behind Indian TV channels and other media networks.

It seems the India controlled ICC has hatched a plan to defame not just Pakistan but even the green dress code to quench its otherwise blood thirst.  Here, the ICC that fixes all matches in a manner as to promote Ind-UK sport ambitions in favor of  India, a  key former British colony in Asia. So, all teams that are are offered green  uniforms must lose while the blue colored ones alone should win. This is something very similar to zonal cricket  matches in India where finally ( like Hollywood  movie plots where only Muslims alone are terrorists)  only the blue colored team alone has the right to win.  IN the so-called international cricket which as been reduced to Indian local cricket by way of joint cricket exercises and prior fixing for centuries  and other bogus records.


Australia cricket and sport dress code is yellow and not while or green, but Indian ICC has forced green  dress on the Aussies only to lose the matches and let the former colonial masters form UK win all matches  like they had colonized the weak nations in toto.It appears the cricket uniforms are  gotten ready in New Delhi.


It is clear that South Africa, Pakistan and Australia in green code are pretending to be struggling and losing against weaker teams. Their main concern thus should be to lose and let the opponents,  India, New Zealand and England  to win. In fact they have played their role- and their game-  rather well and when they win they show their disappointment outwardly.


You can watch right now how the Australian guys are offering easy runs to the their English fathers. Fours and Fours. They hardly target the stumps and throw the bat-friendly balls in such a way as to make the  UK batboys feel comfortable to hit  expansive shorts which the pre-paid Indian crazy commentators describe as “fabulous”. 


Cricket cannot be played without prefixings and package deals are a key part of cricket because countries and their official mafias,  endorsement networks,  their corporate black-money, etc,  are involved.  Now tell me, if cricket ( not just test cricket) should be banned at international level. All teams play joint cricket exercises and every player get his share of runs and wicket as per the fixed conventions. Pakistani team cannot be different from other teams in joint cricket excesses as it has been proven in the ongoing match with NZ. - after all they have been playing it for decades now,  jointly enjoying late night their cocktail etc parties.

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