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 Will NATO attack Mecca?






That is what all anti-Islamic minds aspire today and, unfortunately,  the time seems to on their side.  CIA controlled media seem to have molded the majority of Muslims into such thinking. Saudi Arabia that permits - if not pushes - the notorious NATO to invade Muslim nations  seems to consider Mecca and Medina major tourist spots for the Arab capitalists to make quick money. They do not care which money is being used by "pilgrimages" in performing hajj and Umrah.


Some Muslims are satisfied  with the tempo of NATO murders in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and  and elsewhere but they are more restless than the notorious CIA nuts themselves are  that NATO is unable to kill all Libyans in a go and take over Libya's vast oil fields. Many Muslims  wonder why the Obama drones do snot kill every Pakistani and Afghani. This  not the western sadistic pleasure but their natural desire to end Islam and embrace western liquor based and criminalized democracy. .  .


There are quite a few Muslims in the world that want USA and NATO terror syndicates to attack entire Islamic world at the same time - or at least one after another as quickly as Hollywood movie theater begins next show -   and kill every single Muslim of the globe.


By praising and promoting the NATO fascism and genocides of Muslims, these democratic Muslims, like the CIA rebel drunkards in occupied Libya are helping the invaders in loot and massacres of Muslims, are eagerly awaiting call from the CIA network in their respective country to get the “call” from their bosses!


Some Muslim agents even in Saudi Arabia want the NATO to attack Mecca and then proceed from there to entire Saudi Arabia and Mideast and - as CIA-rebels  did in sovereign Libya - control all regional energy resources for exclusive use of  the US-EU democracies.      


Colonialism is returning to Africa and Mideast.

Will that be the finale of conquer of entire Muslim world and end of Islam?


When many Muslims  worry about a possible scenario of Mecca being attached and  controlled, CIA/anti-Islamic agents among Muslims want that to happen sooner than later.

These Muslims are made to think by insane global media that they would be allowed to live longer than the world.


That is today's sample Muslim. 




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