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Obama whom the humanity had looked forward to defend their civil rights is killing innocent Muslims in occupied Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya. After promising to restore normalcy in world order, Obama began slaughtering Muslims himself, religiously following his predecessor Bush Jr and his terror daddy. What exactly this highly secretive black man at White House, after the destruction of sovereign lLibya because the NATO joint terror organization have military muslcle, would do in other Muslim nations is not clear to many. 

In stead of ending the terror wars waged illegally in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan on fictitious pretexts, already killing  millions of innocent Muslims who refused to surrender to world's unilateral power, this innocent looking Obama escalated the wars and initiated another in oil rich Libya as his own contribution to terror wars, killing more thousands of Muslims.  

Today, entire world, especially the terrorized Muslim world, including those that promote NATO terrorism in Muslim nations, are afraid of Obama, fearing the future course of Obamaphobia. This is so because Muslims of all Muslim countries are suspicious of their own leaders and their ability to promote true Islam or face Islamophobia and Osamaphobia. 

Secrecy maintained by Muslim regimes in foreign policies is working against Muslims who are already terrorized by GST operations led by USA-UK terror twins. 

True, all previous attempts by the enemies of Islam within and outside through the locals to attack and destroy the Mosque in Mecca failed. But failure is being taken by the CIA very seriously to attempt against and again more vigorously- the best examples are CIA conspiracy against oil rich Mideast and their focus on sovereign Libya. Islamic Iran is still the open target of CIA. 

Where is the truthful guarantee that these anti-Islamic devils in democracy suits would not attack Mecca and Medina? Will any of you guarantee on behalf of CIA? 

CIA refused to intervene in Shiite Bahrain because Saudi Arabia wants to protect the corrupt Sunni rulers while it wants NATO to attack Syria because it s being ruled by a Shiia. 

Saudi Arabia, like the West, never questioned the validity of Indonesia with world's largest Muslim population being ruled by non-Muslims for years now. 

How long will the secret agendas of West-Arab world against select Muslim nations work to the advantage of Riyadh? When will the NATO turn their missiles against Mecca and Medina? 

Truth here is clear: Arab rulers do not really trust Allah or spirituality of Islam. They play realpolitik as servants of USA-UK led western terrocracies that want to invade all Muslim nations, effect "regime change" through puppet regimes like the ones n Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. 

Hypocrites are, perhaps, happy that the NATO is doing well in Islamic world, killing Muslims and looting their resources, but they seem to insist that the NATO terror syndicate do more and do it quickly enough. 

Obamaphobia is the cruelest phenomenon the world is facing now. His ratings have fallen downward. And it is better a White American assume presidency in White House if USA wants to pursue the imperialist murders cum loot in Islamic world more openly.. 

Obama has proved every American - white or black or brown or yellow - is fond of Muslim flesh and blood. 

Now there is no difference between USA and UNSC  because USA controls literally everything in the world, including  international judiciaries like ICJ and ICC. 

As such USA alone would dictate its terms to to the rest of the world, especially the  energy rich Muslim nations. 

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