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Pakistan in perpetual Crisis: CIA Plans to replace President Zardari?





Pakistan, against the wishes of the people, stays in perpetual crisis as the global strategic boss and dictatorial power USA which employs state terrorism as a key policy, keeps fueling the crisis process.


People of Pakistan, like those of India, USA, Israel, UK, Russia, or other terrocracies, do not have much choice except  that  is offered by the regime or USA. As a result,  the bulk of Pakistani elite, including the media lords, throng the embassies of USA, UK, Germany and other terrocracies for tasting democratic liquor and  the related stuff and endorse the NATO terrorism in the country.


For years now Pakistan, born in 1947 to establish a truly Islamic state in Asia, has been in turmoil chiefly due to extra selfish leaders and clueless policies. Founding fathers of Pakistan perhaps would have expected a different nation altogether but failed to chart a clear cut program o for Islamabad to pursue Islamic ideals. 


After a prolonged military rule, ending the Musharraf reign, Pakistan somehow returned to “civilian” rule headed by corrupt leaders Zardari and Gilani who had served years in jails as punishment for their crimes.


The Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari is now in Dubai complaining of heart pains. Parts of the US government were informed that Zardari had a "minor heart attack" on Monday night and may resign on account of "ill health" amid the uproar over the memo scandal.


Earlier, Zardari traveled to London in September to undergo an angiography and was reportedly given a clean bill of health. Zardari's spokesman revealed that the president had traveled to Dubai to see his children and undergo medical tests linked to a previously diagnosed "cardiovascular condition." In Islamabad, some papers have reported that before Zardari left Pakistan, the Pakistani Army insisted that Zardari be examined by their own Army physicians.



The impression that has been created in the media is that Zardari had been feeling increased pressure over the Memogate scandal. The scandal centers on a memo sent in May to US Adm. Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, asking for his help in preventing a supposed coup by the Pakistan military following the covert American raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The NATO terror operation in a Pakistani garrison town humiliated the military and outraged Pakistani officials because they were not told about it beforehand. Haqqani, Pakistan's recently resigned ambassador to the US was accused of crafting the memo with Zardari's support though both Haqqani and the president have denied the allegations.



Zardari’s planned testimony before a joint session of Pakistan's Parliament on the Memogate scandal is now postponed indefinitely. On Dec 04 Zardari announced that he would address Pakistan's Parliament about the Memogate issue, in which his former traitorous ambassador to Washington Husain Haqqani stands accused of orchestrating a scheme to take power away from Pakistan's senior military and intelligence leadership, and asking for American help in preventing a military coup. Husain Haqqani seems to have promised USA to realign Pakistani foreign policy to match US interests.


The memo was passed from Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz
to former US National Security Advisor General (R) Jim Jones, to then Joint Chiefs Chairman former US Navy Adm. Mike Mullen on May 10 2011, only nine days after U.S. forces reportedly killed Osama bin Laden in the Pakistani military town of Abbottabad. Ijaz claims that Haqqani was working with Zardari's implicit support.



Zardari”s spokesman denied a media report as “untrue, imaginary and speculative" that the trip meant Zardari, who has been under pressure from a memo scandal that forced Husain Haqqani, the Pakistani ambassador to the US to resign, would cite failing health as a pretext to step down. His condition did not appear to be life-threatening. One US government official was saying Zardari was "incoherent" when he spoke with President Barack Obama by telephone over the weekend regarding NATO's killing of the 24 Pakistani soldiers.





Another piece of suggestion now doing the round in Islamabad is that Zardari and Haqqani had prior knowledge of the US raid to kill Osama bin Laden, and may have given permission for the USA to violate Pakistan's airspace to conduct the raid. About the NATO terror attack on Pakistan military personnel, killing at least 24, no such suggestion is available, though. Zardari and Husain Haqqani had prior knowledge of the US military attack of 2 May 2011 on Abbottabad, Pakistan, but they remained silent for obvious reasons.


On 2011 May 2, the day after Osama bin Laden was killed, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan's High Commissioner to the UK, said that Pakistan did know that this was going to happen because “we have been keeping - we were monitoring him and America was monitoring him”.


This exposes the double-speaks of both USA and it puppet Pakistan.



The growing expectation inside the dictatorial Obama regime is that Zardari may be on the way out. "The noose was getting tighter - it was only a matter of time." The so-called 'in-house change option' would see Zardari step aside and be replaced by his own party, preserving the veneer of civilian rule but ultimately acceding to the military's wishes to get rid of Zardari.


Zardari lived in self-imposed exile in Dubai from 2004 through 2007 after being released from prison, where he had been held for eight years on corruption charges. His three children live there, but his 23- year son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the Chairman of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP), being pampered to take over power from father Zardari ‘democratically” is in Pakistan now.


 Premier Gilani – and not General Kayani- would be the front man to place Zardari unless the ruling PPP has another person in mind like the new foreign minister Ms. Rabbani whose active diplomacy brought Pakistan a seat on UNSC, however notorious it maybe, or somebody else. Or, still, Kayani could be perfect choice for Pakistan- who knows!



Meanwhile, over a dozen of Zardari's ambassadors in foreign countries were in the process of being recalled in what might be a precursor to Zardari stepping down as president, taking many of his cronies with him.


However,  the Obama regime has made it clear that they have no plans against Zardari. Media reports suggest the  NATO has vacated the airbase and would quit Pakistan as soon as possible. Of course it all depends on the perception of USA about Pakistani mindset at a given point of time.


But will a mere change in regime, as being contemplated by CIA, alone solve the problems Pakistan as a nation is facing or Pakistanis as people are forced to “live” with, including the Obama drones, now?


Who will drive the NATO terrorists out of Pakistan and shut all US led terror syndicates inside this supposedly Muslim nation?


If you do not have an answer, don’t worry! It is purely the problem of besieged Pakistanis!


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