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Parachinar blast, many injured died due to lack of Teaching Hospital.

  PPP Leadership faild to fulfil its leader Benazir Bhutoo promise.





Parachinar Friday Feb 17,2012 blast casuilities toll reached to 46 while more than 60 injured the responsibility of this deadly attack as succide was taken by so called good taliban TTI leader who separated himself from ban TTP against succide attacks on civilians.

May be according to him the Parachinari citizens do not comes in catagory of civilans? Ironically after succide attack security forces especially FC opened direct firing on civilians protesting the incident with addition to crushing them with tanks which was declared as State Terrorisim by Turi Bangash tribal elders. According to media reports they asked big question that when the security of Parachinar city and surronding upper Kurram was in hands of Turi Banagsh volunteers for last four years no incident of succide occured while for last three months when checkposts were replaced with security forces from volunteers such incident create serious concern among patriotic tribals.


Many of injured died due to lack of Teaching Hospital and Medical facilities in the long and hard way during shifting to big hospitals like LRH & KTH at Peshawar from from Parachinar.It is worth mentioning that Ex PM Benazir bhutto announced the estibleshement of Teaching Hospital & FATA Medical College at Parachinar But current PPP regime faild to fulfil its leader promise with tribals.If teaching Hospital & Fata Medical College at Parachinar built on time then more than a dozen injured precious lives can be saved thereforeteaching hospital and medical college at Parachinar is need of hour.It is fact that emote and backward plus strategic important Pak Afghan tribal areas

(FATA) are neglected all the time. Tribal people and their area are highlighted as jungle by different rulers for gaining more and more aid from international community both during cold war and so called war on terror after 9/11.But hardly the mentioned aid received in the name of Fata used on the welfare and development of tribal areas.


For last some days the issue of FATA Medical College is once again hot issue of discussion in Print and Electronic media. Therefore it is necessary to mention the need as well as facts and figures of this mega Project. It is fact that both Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutoo & Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto tried to gave full attention to FATA as exceptional case in rulers even by visiting far away tribal areas like Waziristan and Parachinar for more than two times and tried to did a lot for these areas. Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutoo & Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto during visits to Parachinar termed the paradise like scenic valley and headquarters of Kurram Agency as Switzerland of Pakistan.


Ex PM Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto during her visit to Parachinar announced  that Fata Medical College will be built at Parachinar as soon as possible with the aim that this educational institute on one side will benefit the medical students while on other side in the form of Medical Faculty like Professors Asst Professors Specialists Doctors and Surgeons will be available for tens of thousands population of both Pakistan and Afghanistan tribal people.

 Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto was aware of the geographical and strategic importance of Parachinar Because Parachinar is the only tribal areas which touches four provinces of Afghanistan i.e, Paktia, Nagarkhar,Khost and paktika while the Afghanistan capital Kabul is at the shortest distance from Parachinar in entire Fata as shown in attached map. In Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto,s Vision the Medical College on one side can be helpful in friendly relationship with four provinces of neighboring Afghanistan as well as can provide basic medical facility to the inhabitants of Kurram Agency and surrounding Tribal areas and districts by decreasing over load from government and private hospitals at Peshawar far away from Parachinar Kurram Agency.

It is worth mentioning that hundreds of patients from Parachinar Kurram Agency and surrounding areas including neighboring Afghanistan covering  10 to 15 hours hard journey to Peshawar KTH & LRH government hospitals as well as Private Clinics at Dabgari & Hayatabad Peshawar.

During long hard and risky way from home town to Peshawar many serious patients expires that is why Shaheed e Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto announced this crucial project .After the end of PPP government later on different  governors as a representative of President of Pakistan or federal for Fata officially inaugurated by allocating land for Fata Medical College (FMC) outside  Parachinar city to gain credit for themselves .Even Governor Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah announced the casual classes at Shalozan House an official guest house at Parachinar city till completion of building on specified location at Parachinar city but this process and start of casual classes was suspended later on due to unknown reason as the Parachinar Peshawar PIA Flights started by Benazir Bhutto was cancelled after end of PPP Govt while same PIA Flights are still continued for Giligit & Chitral even having higher elevation and dangerous mountains than Parachinar. After the cancelation of PIA Flights and delaying tactics in already announced Fata Medical College Parachinar now this opinion is developing among the patriotic Turi Bangash tribals of Parachinar whose elders visited Quaid e Azam at Delhi before partition and participated in defending the land of Pakistan by sacrificing hundreds of men women children in 1948,1965,1971Kargil Kashmir and ongoing so called war on terror that Is Parachinar not Part of Pakistan?? If Yes then why they are facing step mother  treatment is a big question mark and if Fata Medical College not built at Parachinar then this question mark will be converted into frustration and depravations creating distances as in Baluchistan.


Moreover the above facts and figures regarding Fata Medical College

(FMC) at Parachinar and delay tactics in it are eye opening for PPP Leadership especially President and Co Chairman Asif ali Zardari, Chairman Bilawal Zardari ,Prime Minister Governor Masood Kausar (Representative of President and Federal government for FATA) who are using Ex PM Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto name for political point scoring while failed to act on the promise of Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto.


The PPP Leadership especially President and Co Chairman Asif ali Zardari, Chairman Bilawal Zardari ,Prime Minister Governor Masood Kausar have some months guests in ongoing government and have a big chance to made happy the soul of Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto by fulfilling the promise of Fata Medical College at Parachinar as gift to tribal’s people with addition to surrounding four provinces of Afghanistan even by naming it as “Pak-Afghan Friendship mega Project Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto Fata Medical College” if they want to avail this opportunity. Otherwise this will be another blow for tribal population especially people of Parachinar in developing idea that they are facing step mother treatment. It is need of hour that PPP Leadership should fulfill the promise of Shaheed Jamhoriat Benazir Bhutto by starting work and allocating budget for Fata Medical College

(FMC) at Parachinar.


(The end).


Written By:- Sajid Hussain

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