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Is it only about 127 lives?


Nature has its own rules and regulations. The Almighty perfected the universe when He created it-God never makes mistakes. However, inconvenience arises when human beings interfere with the system of the nature. There are numerous examples available from the past-last three centuries in particular-but I will come straight to the recent scenario; the avalanche that took 127 lives of those who are the guardians of the nation in Siachen Glacier, but is it just about 127 lives?

            Glaciers are not suitable for human inhabitation but they act as bliss for us. They not only ensure that water reaches the mouth of each of God’s creation but are also crucial in smooth running of the ecological cycle. The glacier of Siachen (means The Black Rose) was essential to the stability of the subcontinent. Nevertheless, political affairs have not even spared the ecological cycle. The encroachment upon the glacier by our Eastern neighbor led to the camping of our troops in the area since the glacier holds significant importance strategic for Pakistan. 

            This issue calls for immediate action but is yet to be taken up on international forums. The media has paid no heed to it as well. The leaders of both sides need to realize that they should either address the problem promptly or face dire consequences in future. The aftermaths of the calamity will affect both sides equally. Hence, withdrawal of forces from the area will ameliorate the future of both countries.

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