"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Youth is the Umeed-e-Nou


Nowadays, shivers run down one’s body; when one turns on a news channel, sights the front page of a newspaper or even searches the internet for acquiring knowledge on current affairs. Chaos and instability can be observed everywhere, from Karachi to Khyber. Disunity-on basis of religion, origin, race, ethnicity, gender and class-has decayed our society. Corruption and mismanagement are on their climax. Several other ills such as inflation, energy crises, lack of respect on international level and street crimes also beset our society. The government, the judiciary, the media, the military and even the general public; every fraction of our society is not acting up to the level which is required for attaining moral purity, economic development and peace and stability. There seems to be an impenetrable vicious cycle in progress.

            Yet, the youth can play its part in eradicating these evils from our society. Over 60% of our population is youth and if it receives proper guidance, it can change the fortunes of the country. Yes, the target killing is beyond control in Karachi. Yes, there is instability in Baluchistan. Yes, cases of throwing acid on women are on rise. Yes, the poverty has become a giant in recent years. Yet, role of youth can make a significant difference.

            But talking alone would not make much difference. The youth needs to take action on private and collective basis, though it may have the smallest of effects. Patriotism cannot just be promoted by saying we love Pakistan, it needs to run in our blood now and it should be demonstrated through action. For instance, let’s donate some money in charity instead of spending it on mobile phones, watches and on having fun with friends-even though it may be a little amount. Let’s create awareness about the equality of humanity and try to put an end to prejudice held by the higher class against the lower class and vice versa. Let’s spread the message of unity and convince people that riots based on religious differences will only destabilize our country and give an opportunity to our enemies to weaken our foundation. Let’s not call each other a Punjabi, a Sindhi, a Hazara, a Kashmiri or a Balochi and a Syed, a Chauhdry or a Malik but let’s take pride in being a Pakistani. Let’s help humanity and teach the children of our servants and maids. Let’s become honest, and avoid bribery and cheating, and convince others as well. Let’s just start from OURSELVES!!

            Many of the young who are reading this have, 3 times a day food, good quality life, fun with their peers and, internet facility and a mobile phone which is used for texting “what’s up” to their friends. It is these blessed young who can make a difference by acting and by helping and guiding those young who do not have enough resources for good quality life and education. The youth can bring a positive change in our society, for in Allama Iqbal’s words “Zara num ho ye mitti toe barri zarkhaiz hay saakhi

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