"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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The Common Man 

Everyday we hear about “the effects of policies on common man” “the lifestyle of common man” “how inflation affects common man” “how to ensure common man problems are solved” “when will common man get a peaceful and merry sleep at night” etc etc. However, we have never thought what is A Common MAN.


Common man is not a physical or material entity. It is the name of an ideology, of a perspective. It unites every human being with another into a spiritual bond who share their joys and sorrows, enjoy the cheerful moments together, share the sad ones together, show exuberance when time comes to celebrate and express their sympathies when a fellow common man experiences times of hardship and endurance.

Common Man is the thinking which can’t be expressed in words but which can be felt repeatedly. Common man is the philosophy of sharing small moments of happiness and events of sorrows. Common man is the thinking of a human who wants to play a role for this country. Common man is the name of the being that does not avert it’s face when it has to extend help to others. Common man is the man who rejoices when he sees a bus coming home after hours, light coming back after load shedding and Pakistan cricket team pulling off an incredulous win. Common man is the ideology of love and peace that wants a society free of injustice, inequality, social class barriers and dishonesty. Common man is the name of security that we want in our daily lives. Common man is the ego of the person who earns from the sweat of his/her labor and disgusts bribery, stealing, cheating, black marketing and lying. Common man is the aspiration of a person to achieve better in the life. Common man is the pride that procures out of the work of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Arfa Karim and Abdul Qadeer Khan. Common man is the sense of being independent when a nation song or anthem is being sung. Common man is the passion and fervent zeal behind the vanity of being a Pakistani.

Nevertheless, common man is the reflection of a person unable to progress because of inequality. Common man is the face of misery impersonated by power crisis, inflation, insecurity and terrorism. Common man is the mirror in which we can see the lack of appropriate attention to our basic values, ethics and morals. Common man is the phenomenon which reflects the scarcity of literacy, education, health and infrastructure in the nation. Common man is the transparent face of the hound in mirror that doesn’t let justice prevail. Common man is the name of loss of ardor and the looming atmosphere of disappointments and dejections. 

We have to revive the common man if we want prosperity, harmony, patience and justice in our society. The right kind of equal education for all is the foremost entailment in this regard for without it, progress is improbable. Patience and steadfastness are the qualities we lack in ourselves. Honesty, kindness and truthfulness need to occupy a significant proportion of our heart. Common man still attaches everything he possesses with his motherland. It is only a bit of nudge at the basic level that is required to create awareness. The process may be difficult, the path may contain minefields, the road may have bumps but first step has to be taken, small it may be though. When everybody will change, the change will become inevitable.


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