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> Bismillah-e Rahman-e Rahim
> "We belong to Allah, and to Him we return"
> The horrific atrocity of the Zionist regime in Gaza in which hundreds
> of innocent men , women and children were massacred (250 as yet) tore
> away the curtains of deception from the blood thirsty face of the
> Zionist wolves and focused the attentions of the negligent towards the
> presence of this hostile disbeliever in the heartland of Islamic
> ummah.
> The horrendous ordeal is extremely moving for any Muslim not to say
> for any free and noble human being in any corner of the world.
> However, the larger ordeal is the encouraging silence of some Arab
> governments which claim to be Muslims. Which ordeal could be larger
> than the fact that Muslim governments, otherwise expected to support
> the innocent Gaza people against the usurping and hostile regime,
> adopted a mood which encouraged the criminal Zionist authorities to
> impertinently consider them as if in harmony with this large tragedy?
> What answers will the heads of those countries give to the Messenger
> of Allah (S.A.)? What answers are they prepared to give to their own
> nations who are indeed mourning this tragedy? Indeed today the hearts
> of the Egyptians, Jordanians and indeed all of the Islamic nation is
> overwhelmed with sorrow due to the bloodshed as well as the protracted
> food and medicine embargos.
> By his complicity in the large crime, the criminal Bush's
> administration in the last days of his shameful rule further darkened
> the face of the American regime and added to its dossier of war
> crimes. The European governments with their indifference and sometimes
> their complicity in the large tragedy once more proved that their
> claims of advocacy for human rights are false and also showed they are
> present in open enimity against Islam and Muslims. Now, I ask the
> scholars and Alims of the Arab world and the chiefs of the Egyptian
> al-Azhar center "isn't it time to feel the threat facing Islam and
> Muslims?" "Isn't it time to fulfill the mandatory act of standing
> against any tyrannical ruler?" Is an additional, more divulging scene
> of complicity between the hostile disbelievers and the hypocrites of
> ummah needed to prompt you to feel responsibility?
> I have also a question to ask the media and the intellectuals of the
> world of Islam and especially the Arab world. For how long you have
> decided to remain indifferent regarding your media and intellectual
> responsibility?
> Has there remained any more face for the scandal-hit human rights
> bodies of the west and the so-called 'security' council of the United
> Nations to lose?
> All the Palestinian Mujahids and other faithful of the world of Islam
> are supposed to defend the defenseless people of Gaza. Anyone who is
> killed in the legitimate and holy defense is a martyr and is hoped to
> be among the ranks of the martyrs of Badr and Ohud battles in the
> presence of the Messenger of Allah (S.A.).
> The Organization of the Islamic Conference must fulfill its historical
> responsibility in the sensitive conditions and form a solid front,
> bereft of inaction and preservations, against the Zionist regime. The
> Zionist regime must be punished by the Muslim governments. The heads
> of the usurping regime must be tried and punished in person for their
> crimes and the protracted siege.
> The Muslim nations are able to materialize the demands through firm
> resolve. The duty of politicians, Alims and intellectuals in this
> juncture is much heavier than others.
> I declare Monday a day of general mourning in commemoration of the
> Gaza tragedy and instruct the country's authorities to fulfill their
> duties regarding the sad incident.
> "And those who do wrong shall surely know by what overturning they
> will he overturned"
> Sayyed Ali Khamenei
> December 28, 2008
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