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Maulana Prado Becomes Instant Star
on 6 February 2009 ~ in Featured Articles prado

The brother of Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman (popularly known as Maulana Diesel) Maulana Atta-ur-Rehman, who was recently inducted in the Federal Cabinet as Minister for Tourism has become an instant star in Pakistani Politics. His controversial debut on the stage of Pakistani Politics started with his elections in 2008, when his results were held by the Election Commission on rigging allegations. During recounting of the votes in his constituency, mysteriously some of the ballot boxes were snatched by unknown people, and he was later declared as a winner, which is widely believed as a result of power-sharing deal between Zardari and Maulana Brothers. Immediately after joining the Federal Cabinet, he demanded a Toyota Prado that was being used by the Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), Brigadier Retd. Amanullah. After refusal by the MD of PTDC as per the rules, Maulana (Prado) got frustrated and planned to snatch his desired vehicle (Prado) by force. Maulana requested the MD to send the Prado to receive some guests at the airport, where he and his armed gangsters thrashed the driver out of the vehicle and Maulana (Prado) himself got control of the vehicle and drove away! The very next day, the MD of PTDC received a letter mentioning that he has been fired by the Minister after consultation with the Prime Minister. Later on, The Prime Minister declared the statement of Maulana (Prado) a blatant lie and denied any consultation on this issue. The PM also confirmed that a Minister has no powers to fire a government officer of this level. In another episode of his achievements, Maulana (Prado) refused to visit Swat by rejecting the recommendations of the Standing Committee for Tourism in Senate. However he accepted another recommendation by the same committee, with a big smile on his face, to visit the European beaches in order to get some "Unique" ideas for tourism development
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