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Pakistan Hugs India…!

By Dr.. Abdul Ruff Colachal



Of late Pakistan has intensified the US sponsored terror operations targeting Pakistani Muslims by just calling them “terrorists, although neither USA nor India has confirmed so far that Pakistan is “doing enough”. Pakistani president Zardari has come out with a new revelation that like India, Pakistan, a close neighbor, is also promoting state terror activities inside Pakistan. The admission by the top most leader of the day makes it obligatory for Pakistan to hand over all Pakistani politicians and military leaders for terror trials for t heir terror promotion activities immediately and none of them or their relatives should be legally barred form occupying nay office in Islamic Pakistan for which implementation of Sharia’ and establishment of truly Islamic society are the chief goals.


GSTs (Global State terrorists) hope to have an upper hand in terrorism activities eventually because they have more resources. One could not comprehend the logic behind support of the bulk of Pakistani media for the US-led state terrorism killing innocent and defenseless Muslims on US advise, but now they are justified because they are only hailing the state agenda which anti-Islamic.. That Pakistan I s already a close strategic partner in terror related activities is fully revealed now and now they hug openly without any inhibitions and fear whatsoever!



Then the South Asian tennis climax Sania Mirza has decided to embrace family life and live away form tennis courts. Oh, my dear Sania, best wishes for your long and credible innings as a class wife now on. Wimbledon won’t give you more happiness and pleasure as your married life is... May Allah bless you all the best; Yes, Sania, enough of courts and now...ENJOY LIFE ONLY...

(By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Researcher in International Affairs, occasional columnist, India)

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