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مسجدسےملحقہ کیبن بھتہ نہ ملنےپرمسمار ۔ شامل نیوز
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Abbottabad police attack on Daily Shamal correpondent
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Abbottabad Police try to curb the Fair journalism

Pakistan: Abbottabad: September 11: To curb journalists who are fairly reporting about dark acts of Abbottabad police, naked use of power by Abbottabad police revealed when some unidentified persons attack on City reporter of Shamal in Mezial Chowk Mandian. Arshid Swati was seriously injured in attack. To day back Asif Ali Ghor House Station Officer (SHO) of mirpur police Station, while commenting on news stories published about police make threat to Arshed Swati. And yesterday make it practical through some unidentified persons. But some police owned

Journalists in one local newspaper report about the event differently claiming that Young journalist was teasing ladies due to which youngsters beaten him. But in fact Arshed Swati is 40 year old senior most journalists. On Behalf of police they try to hide the real happening. Abbottabad police by force try to suppress journalists fairly reporting about police. This can be called attack on liberty of Journalism. Journalists in whole Hazara are protesting against this action and demanded action against Culprits. But it comes to knowledge that District Police Officer Abbottabad show no cooperation and fully safeguarding wrong doings of his officers.

Journalist of Abbottabad demand strict action against Police officers and judicial inquiry of the event. They also condemn the yellow journalism of some so called journalist and announced their complete boycott.


Gul Fraz Jadoon

Daily Shamal Abbottabad

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