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Another US Terror Ploy


By - Dr. Abdul Ruff




The Neocons and similar anti-Islamic nuts just from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan until the terror attacks on Iranian soil are also fulfilled to take control of their energy resources. Terrorism ploys are are being executed in full perfection to achieve the Western terror objectives in Arab world. The Pentagon-CIA-FBI combine is once on a trick to terrorize the world by enacting a plane terror suspect drama.


A western news report says a Nigerian man “linked to al Qaeda” tried to set off an explosive device aboard a U.S. passenger plane (the Delta Air Lines plane,  to be precise) as it approached Detroit on 25 Dec was overpowered by passengers and crew and the aircraft landed safely. The suspect suffered extensive burns and was taken into custody. This was an attempted act of terrorism ploy with FBI agents guiding the entire episode and an act of fraud played on the psyche of Americana and Muslims. The explosive dictators at the Amsterdam airport intentionally left the person unchecked. Is an agent of American state terrorists?  


This is obviously yet another American ploy with Mossad assistance to coerce President Barack Obama who is on vacation in Hawaii and was monitoring the situation, to keep the American terror troops ion Afghanistan , Pakistan and Iraq and make him give green signal to the Pentagon-CIA to launch terror attacks on Iran .  Shameless American terrorists, indeed! But will Obama be fooled so easily? But all anti-Islamic nations are keenly watching the American techniques to repeat the shows in their countries to terrorize Muslims and others! The big name Osama bin Laden is still useful to IST (international state terrorists).


Obviously, this is a part of a larger plot and USA would come out with more such terror techniques to pursue its energy goals! India should be preparing for one more such terror attack near Parliament? Israel should be almost ready to support American terror cause to secure illegal settlements in Palestine !




By - Dr. Abdul Ruff


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