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Who is safe and where in Pakistan?

Today Wednesday 21st September, 2011 Maj Gen is injured in Swat when he was inspecting the area but daring devils had guts to target to attack his helicopter. Yesterday 26 shias were killed in Mastung when they were going to Iran for performing pilgrimage. A day earlier SSP house was targeted in Karachi and the list goes on and on. Under the given prevailing situation may I ask you and others as to how do you expect me and other Pakistanis living overseas to visit our beloved home country unless we happily inviting savage killers to kill us also?

Army which is strongest force in each and our country including Pakistan should have created some deterrence for those who dared to attack the general in Swat but nothing doing. The one who picked up SSP house in Karachi very well knew as to what the fall could be out and consequences to hurl bomb on the house. Who did not know that the bus travelers were going to Iran not for picnic but for religious? It is very much on record that in my beloved country even our President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Governor and ministers etc, to name just a few otherwise it goes right below to the level of ASI etc had been attacked meaning by that all those who are involved in killing do not care whom they are targeting. Very much regretfully, the outlaws have quite blatantly challenged the writ of the government since many long years but nothing tangible and cognizable could be done against them is awfully more shameful than alarming if I am not mistaken and I am sure you at least wont hurl stone at me on my reamarks.

Honestly speaking most of the time, if not all the time, as and when I open my net I quite naturally first go to News or Dawn to read our latest news of my beloved Pakistan and it is my sheer bad luck that that very often I find some frightening news though none including me wishes to be scared but what to do. I left Pakistan way back in 1976 when I found a job in Saudia Arabia and upon completion of 2 years employment contract I flew straight from Saudia Arabia to Kuwait and hence since 1978 I am in Kuwait but I utterly fail to understand as to why and how so much Pakistani blood is spilled over from one corner to another continuously which was not the case in 1976 to be honest. No denying the fact that each time during the last twenty years in particular I or my wife and daughter had gone to Pakistan either together or individually we have been scared to death and the feelings itself is killing but at the same time there are some so compelling occasions when simply none can avoid and skip over going back to home but at what cost. I pray in Kuwait for my wife and daughter to be safe in Pakistan whereas they themselves pray for their safety in Pakistan for the days they are there. Isn’t it dangerous and demoralizing to be in my home country though the proverb is that home is the safest place and not otherwise?

Undoubtedly our population has grown so our head count is much more than what it was in 1976 but nevertheless increase in population does not mean that killing be increased manifold. I do very well remember that at that time too when I was very much back home, Pakistan was not a killing free country rather people were not only killed off and on but also on different pretexts like old enmity or love affairs or financial matters etc but certainly not what we are noticing now. I seriously doubt that new generation can be blamed and labeled as killers for the very simple reason that they must be under the influence of their parents and elders who certainly inculcate love and affection and not hatred and animosity as the case had been during good olden years and such like cardinal ethical principles do not change in any case.

Our territorial limits are not expanded otherwise one could argue that the people living in the newly annexed territory have brought bad people who are playing with the lives of the others but this not the case. Who then planted these fifth columnists and from where they have been imported to kill innocent people for no reason and rhyme? Killing a human being is not an ordinary act from any set of imagination rather on the contra it needs not only some special skills but an extraordinary  courage as well to take others life and that too at the risk of his own life.  To my understanding such like activity cannot be done by an individual in complete solitude and thus it gives birth to the question to thoroughly and very critically investigate as to who could be the interested party to go for it and for what gains if any?

Bomber, some decades before was construed to be the either the airplane which was loaded with bombs or the person responsible to drop bombs from an airplane but during the last two decades or so we have found out that a bomber is the person, mostly male but female too cannot be ruled out who carries bomb and most of the time he explodes himself amongst people to kill as many as possible and it was completely unknown to me at the time when I had not gone out of the country. Now it is very much strongly believed that hardly anyone knows as to how many of them are available at any given time at any given situation but it can very safely be said that they must be numbering a few hundred in any case if not thousands. Suicidal persons- men in majority and a few women too are in addition to bombers and thus both of them individually and collectively are creating unprecedented havoc day and night in each city and for some unknown reasons this is gaining momentum rather than decreasing which is a cause of grave concern for the general public.

Government on its part claims that it is after of them and none of the two can escape from its strong clutches which I believe is true but regretfully in theory only because despite loud claims one notices that Pakistani blood is spilling over exactly like before and there is no deterrence for those who are playing with the lives of their compatriots. Condolence messages right from President of Pakistan which is the highest office in power corridors of the country to minister level can be read in media as and when mass killing is done but nothing beyond it. I must appreciate the government which in past had announced money compensation for the families of those who are killed alike but it is no more in practice which if I am not mistaken proves that it is way beyond the means of the country to pay monetary benefits to such a large number of victims. Commissions, committees and tribunals headed by big names and or titles etc formed each and every time when an incident happens have proved to be not more than just an eye wash and hardly such like steps helped us to unearth the under current lords playing with our lives. We need stern and exemplary stern and punitive action and not commission to tell you the truth rather nothing but whole truth.

Who is our Aristotle or Plato to suggest as to what can and should be done to curb such like subversive and anti human activities and return peace, normalcy and tranquility in my beloved Pakistan which has been created for Muslims in particulars and others in general to live a happy life otherwise thousands of men, women and children had not been killed for creating Pakistan?  

With my honest and solemn prayers

Sincere Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /
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