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    Congratulation! Yesterday 20 today 10 killed in Karachi

Just now on Sunday 12th November, 2012 at 2212 hours Kuwait time and 0012 Pakistan time, I read on net under latest news that today only 10 people lost their lives in Karachi city whereas yesterday double of them meaning by 20 had been killed in the same city during previous 24 hours time period and since the fatalities for the day have come to just half of the earlier day so I as an honest person simply cannot be mean and miser not to very heartily congratulate the authorities on such successful and remarkable achievement.


I must open up my heart to congratulate the killers on one very important point too which also relates to figure but from a very different perspective and angle and that is that very much surprisingly and pleasantly the killers have maintained equilibrium so far as number is concerned. Yesterday the figure of 20 was an even figure which certainly always gets edge over an odd figure so from number point of view the figure of even 21 or for that matter of 19 is not rated as high as 20 and therefore today when additional 10 are killed the killers have proved to be bit disciplined as they killed just 10 which again is again an even figure and not odd one. Last but on the least, today’s figure of 10 will be long remembered from many other angles too in addition to being an even number. Who does not know that from 1 to 9 are all single numbers but when we come to number 10 it turns out to be in double figure and though the double figures start from 10 and go up to 99 but still number 10 being the 1st double figure clearly stands out to be at the top of the ladder and even the simplest brute like me can remember for rest of my life the figure if 10 whereas the figure of 20 or 40 or even 80 may be remembered temporarily instead. Then in my beloved Pakistan the most notorious wicked person is called number 10 (thus numberi budmaash) so as and when someone is labeled as such he is automatically known to each one who then become awful in any case. 10 Downing Street is yet another figure which at least all of our leaders and masters know it very well for decades for the very simple and cogent reason that undeniably some of our orders issued by Pakistan government in fact are the brain child of none but the Prime Minister of UK who very much lives at no place other than 10 DS so even if look at the figure from exterior point of view we find number 10 not only as most popularly known but accepted too.


Should I not be optimistic in assuming that if we maintain the same pace which is very much within our control and not at all influenced by any foreign agencies like Raw etc I can predict with confidence tinged with conviction that tomorrow there will be none killed and this I am not saying purely at my own but as per the record available not exclusively to me alone rather the same is very much for you too and the only difference between you and me is that you just kept such hard reality to your chest whereas I have picked up my pen to comment on it accordingly? There is yet another observation which is still a very good sign indeed which I wish must be appreciated and not depreciated by others as well like me that just within 24 hours only the death rate has very considerably reduced at much greater speed which indicates that the day is very much in our sight now when Karachi will be killing free city again. Normally it is observed that the fatalities do not increase in any fashion like in equal number or double the number etc rather there is no pattern at all and one can see that whatever number is killed today the casualties for tomorrow can be more or less with no reference to any pattern and style but in the given case under reference just half number of people are killed if compared with the previous day so it is a very heartening indeed.


Who takes the credit for such sharp and wonderful decline in killing in Karachi is a very subtle if not difficult question to be answered? Who is the champion of peace in Karachi in this case? Who does not want to be appreciated today? Why all the stake holders are keeping quiet and not coming forward to be decorated and garlanded on such wonderful achievement which is an extra ordinary success in any case from each and every angle whatsoever? How much more time is needed by the person to come forward to be crowned accordingly?


I had to take real deep breath and think and ponder very positively not tinged with any force or influence to solve the riddle and to arrive to the conclusion have found the answer as to why and how none is coming forward to take the credit for such down fall in number of killings in Karachi which is certainly a plus point and not negative as those who oppose me may construe. When 20 were killed none from our top echelon at the federal level namely the President Asif Ali Zardari; Prime Minister Raja Pervez Asharf and Interior Minister Malik Rehman even condemned the attack or issued any condolences which normally they have been doing in the past so how they can come forward to be garlanded when killing figure has come down to half.  Sindh provincial set up right from Governor to Inspector General of Police too have been tight lipped because they did not dare to open their mouth when they lords were silent in Islamabad. Surprisingly on the killing of 20 people no investigating committee or inquiry commission was formed so when now the killing has so drastically reduced to just half all those who had condemned when 20 were killed then they had been commended today when just 10 are killed in the cosmopolitan city of Karachi.


Congratulations rather heartiest and warmest to be honest are due for no one whosoever except the killers alone for killing only 10 in Karachi when yesterday they killed 20. I am requesting with my both folded hands to please maintain the equilibrium in figures and I need not elucidate it again as to what do I mean by it.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait

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