"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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None spoke and challenged alike


As a pure neutral person I simply cannot help saying that since inception of Pakistan we had so many leaders both men and women and some of them were really true leaders in the truest sense of the word but still I will be honest rather dead honest to pen that single handedly Dr Tahirul Qadri has created such a hysteric atmosphere in our political circles of Pakistan that it is too hard to contain or pacify him whatsoever.  Dr who has just flown in from Canada after quite some years and had never ever been a politician to be honest rather a theologian has all of a sudden opened his cannons against aristocratic, autocratic and tyrannical atmosphere prevailing in the country where ordinary commoner is just ignored and is subjected to obey the dictates of those who are strong, rich and powerful landlords feudal and business tycoons. He has announced publicly that he will be leading the caravan from Lahore heading towards Islamabad in case if his pre conditions are accepted to conduct electoral reforms before inducting care taker government but if it is not done so by the incumbent PPP government then he shall have to embark upon his long march starting from Lahore and heading towards Islamabad. Dr has already highlighted as to what he has in his mind which he is going to spell out in full depth and details in Islamabad on 14 when he will be in the capital with not less than 4 million people to decide the fate of Pakistan.


However today he has gone another step forward wherein he has invited all the head of all political parties be them in the government or in the opposition leaving behind their workers that they should all come together at one given time to discuss their view point with him so that there can be mutual exchange of their views which in turn would facilitate to reach to a commonly accepted political formula. He made it very clear that he wants that whole media machinery should be in attendance so that each and every voice and opinion can be recorded so that there is nothing hiding and behind the scenes. Dr has been too open to say that he will put forward his point of view to other leaders for open and fair discussion so that the same can thrashed out from each and every point of time acceptance and he did say that likewise he will agree to others’ point of view as well if he is convinced which in other words mean that he is not at all adamant on his instance nor he is self imposing whatsoever rather on the contra he is open to give and take and frank negotiations.  This is very appreciative open invitation extended by Dr Tahir which normally others do not do simply because they want to impose their own will and wish over the others but here it is all together different which must be commended to the fullest.


If we see to the other side of the picture we find that both the parties namely PPP and its allies on one hand and the opposition parties on the other hand have already taken notice of Dr Tahir’s call whereby they are vehemently embarked upon all sort of plans whereby the government has indicated that there is going to be a serious security threat to the procession. Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz has called all the different political leaders and discussed the current newly cropped political upheaval and he addressed a public gathering saying that the government is completing its tenure in just few weeks time which itself proves that PPP has won the confidence of the people of Pakistan so none should be worried and or disturbed if some alien jumps in to achieve his hidden agenda. PM also said that we will not let democracy derail whatsoever. Religious Minister Khursheed Shah addressing his party workers said that there is no need to change any system as the democratically elected government of PPP has almost successfully completed its mandated tenure hence anyone like Dr Tahir has no place or role. Mian Nawaz Sharif heading PML (N) has out rightly rejected him saying that he being a foreign national has no say in politics of Pakistan but if he still insists on to pursue his electoral reforms then he must get his political party registered with Election Commission of Pakistan and then take active part in the politics but not otherwise. Maulana Fazal ur Rehman though heads JUI which is a religious political party but he has completely disassociated himself from Dr Tahir rather on the contra he has spoken much against him. Maulana even doubted that there must be some foreign hands behind Dr Tahir because he says that it is next to impossible that the theologian turned politician could do this all purely at his own.


Irrespective of the fact as to where Dr Tahir will eventually land but yet it goes without saying that he in just few days only and not only even a week he has already achieved unparallel recognition duly punctuated with respect and prayers particularly from those who are in just bulk majority but they are very much oppressed and deprived lot as well. He has so openly shown self confidence to the extent that he has challenged all those who head different political and religious parties to come forward and engage in discussion rather than avoiding which is rare quality in most of those who are our so called leaders if I am not mistaken.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi /Kuwait
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