"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Can humanity quote such instance?


It is law of nature that anyone who is born must eventually die and history cannot quote any instance where someone born didn’t die and therefore even the prophets have died and the practice will continue alike with no exception whatsoever. Moreover, it has also been observed that as and when someone died then his and or her relatives tried to bury the deceased at the earliest possible time even crossing all odds if there were and it is not only true so far as Pakistan in concerned rather it is very true about but Muslims as a whole and history has uncountable libraries full of books on the same.


What a pity duly punctuated with utter shame that more than 100 were killed in one day in Quetta a few days back in three activities of terrorism. Most of those killed are Shia Hazaras who are being intentionally targeted for quite some years to be honest and thereby hundreds have already been killed on different dates in different cities. Time and again they have agitated against such prejudicial killings but nothing could be done except that some condolence messages were issued and a few have been promised payment of some compensation money. At times a few were arrested also who killed Baluchistani shias but it was not more than a casual and surgical operation and thus nothing could be achieved despite hollow claims of our rulers either sitting in Quetta or Islamabad.


86 dead bodies of Shias killed in blasts on the day in Quetta have not been buried and instead their relatives brought those dead bodies as a group and placed them under open sky and demanded that the Chief Minister Nawabzada Raisani be dismissed forthwith and Quetta be placed under Pakistan Army. 4 days have already passed the dead bodies have not been buried and people are sticking to their demands and not bulging even an inch away from their firm stand and they hope that eventually they will triumph in their struggling efforts. Zardari had sent Khursheed Shah, Religious Minister to Quetta to talk to the people who met the protesters but they sent him back empty handed. PM has called Raisani who is overseas to rush back to Quetta but he did not come back and instead preferred to be staying back somewhere in a luxurious 5 star hotel. Very surprisingly none from Baluchistan cabinet or assembly did not come forward to talk to them whereas the Governor Zulfiqar Ali Magsi has said publicly that I am certainly with you but being a titular head and without any authority I simply cannot do anything to redress your grievances. There are so many political parties and their leaders including those who boast of winning by heavy mandate but none if them even thought for a second to go to Quetta but yet Imran Khan, Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is the only political leader who flew to Quetta and sat with the protesting relatives. He did not weep but his voice choked when he sat with the aggrieved on Alamdar Road. However, at the last Prime Minsiter Raja Pervez Ashraf accompanied by Information Minister Kaira had to come to Quetta for the purpose and visit Almadar Road where people were sitting in along with their dead bodies and waiting for him to discuss their problems.


The protesting Shias told PM about their various problems and a written memo was given to PM highlighting as to what are their difficulties and what remedial actions they are demanding from the government. PM very quietly listened to the people and  had to announce that he had to speak to different experts and agencies about the legal implications of Governor Rule and once all had been sorted out the government has decided to take drastic steps and announced that the provincial government of Raisani is dismissed herewith and instead the Governor Zulfiqar Ali Magsi has been named as Chief Executive of the province under the proclamation of Governor Rule whereby he will be solely responsible to run the administration of the province as he seems reasonable and prudential. PM also announced that Frontier Constabulary has been given the powers of police so that it can effectively control the situation. PM also announced that the CE is also authorized to contact Pakistan Army if need be. Shia leaders also asked PM to withdraw all the false cases instituted by police against shias and PM agreed to it and assured that the bogus complaints will be scrapped from the official records. PM announced that by the time you wake up in morning, Governor Rule had been imposed and on that shias announced that your this announcement has no meaning for us unless and until it is practically enforced and they will bury their loved ones only when Governor Rule is enforced and not before.


President Asif Ali Zardari has today Monday 14th January, 2013 signed the summary in this connection and issued the proclamation whereby Governor Zulfiqar Ali Magsi has been instituted as Chief Executive of the province enjoying completely sweeping powers. As a result the people sitting with the dead bodies of their beloved ones have ended their 4 days long sit-in protest and the dead bodies will be eventually buried today afternoon. Now the tense situation in Quetta has been subsided at least temporarily if not permanently which is a commendable effort on the part of the aggrieved parties not become violent and kept cool by sitting with their dead bodies for so many long days on one hand and by the government to dismiss the provincial government on the other hand.


Isn’t it unprecedented in the human history that the will of the people sitting with their dead bodies had ultimately triumphed?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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