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Suicide attack on Quetta funeral kills 30: police chief


QUETTA: A suicide blast at the funeral of a slain police officer in Quetta killed 30 people on Thursday, including at least 21 police officers, said Balochistan police chief Mushtaq Sukhera.

"So far we can confirm 21 police personnel, including senior police officials, have been killed. Nine other victims are yet to be identified," Inspector General Mushtaq Sukhera told a press conference. "I can confirm 40 people have been injured."

Sukhera confirmed the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber. “The death toll may rise because the condition of most of the injured is critical,” he said.

According to reports, the suicide bomber detonated his explosives outside the mosque in Quetta's Police Lines area where the funeral procession of station house officer Mohibullah was being held. The bomb went off as senior officers prepared to offer prayers for their colleague.

The injured were shifted to the Civil Hospital and the Combined Military Hospital.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police Operations Fayyaz Sumbal, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Headquarters Shamsuddin and Superintendent Ali Mehr were among the senior police officials killed in the bombing.

Sukhera said among the senior officials killed were one DIG and three DSPs. ”Our brave officers embraced martyrdom but we will continue sacrificing our lives for the security of our motherland,” he said.

The blast was the second targeted attack on Thursday on police personnel in the provincial capital, which has been under high security the entire day. SHO Mohibullah was shot dead by unknown gunmen earlier this morning when he was reportedly taking his family for Eid shopping.

Eyewitnesses said fear and chaos spread among the people attending the funeral following the blast. TV channels broadcast live footage from inside the mosque of frightened mourners scrambling for cover as they heard the loud explosion.

“All my colleagues are gone. The DSP, SP, DIG… they’re all gone,” said one emotional eyewitness reduced to tears.

Some described the horror after the explosion. “I was inside the mosque and we were lining up for the funeral prayers when a big blast took place. I came out and saw injured and dead bodies,” policeman Mohammad Hafiz told reporters. “I have no words to explain what I've seen. It was horrible.”

Shahidullah Shahid, a spokesman for Pakistan's umbrella Tehrik-i-Taliban faction, claimed responsibility.

“We did it and soon you see another big attack in the next coming days,” he said.

“We are at war with police and other security agencies. They are attacking us and we are targeting them,” Shahid said.

“Anywhere and whenever we get the chance, we will target security forces, government officials and police,” he added.



SP + DIG surpass Minister + Prime Minister

Today, Thursday 8th August, 2013 as per newspapers’ latest news a suicide attack in Quetta has killed 30 policemen including DIG and SP upon which Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has asked his interior minister Nisar to immediately rush to Quetta.

News reported that Nisar may visit Quetta in three days time while it further said that provincial government has advised Nisar to postpone his visit by three days whereas Dawn reports that Shahidullah Shahid as spokesman for Taleban has only owned the attack but has also informed in advance about more attacks to be carried out by its organization in near future

Now combining what has been reported by News and Dawn it very clearly establishes that neither our government cares about our citizens nor taleban are to stop killing innocent lives. Let me say it aloud that I will be commenting on the basis of the facts already reported in the press and therefore I am neither adding spice nor slat to it and therefore it be taken into its real spirit and hence it may not be construed otherwise.

The worst part of the news is that Habibullah, SHO had been killed earlier and quite naturally many police officers and officials including DIG Fayyaz Sumbal and SP Ali Mehar came to attend the funeral of Habib both in official and personal capacity which as such provided an ample opportunity to those who are criminally human blood thirsty.  Aggrieved people have hardly lined up and final touches were being given to start the funeral prayer for Habibullah when all of a suicide one unnoticed bomber succeeded in reaching near to the ill fated mosque whereby he blasted himself killing many instantly while scores were injured both fatally and lightly.  Those who are dutiful people like late Habibullah, DIG Fayyaz and SP Mehar face nothing short of death while discharging their duties whereas those like PM Nawaz Sharif and Nisar, Interior Minister who ought to care for the whole nation are even scared of their lives and do not jump into the fire while it is burning rather they wait for the moment when fire is completely put off so that they can safely be there for their personal publicity and photo session.

Which power on the face of earth, if any, stopped PM to fly to Quetta from where he sought many votes to get him elected as PM and now when the situation demanded that he ought to be there how could he be so ignorant not to be in Quetta where many innocent people are killed so savagely for none of their fault? Had PM not earned laurels from the aggrieved people if he was there, is my very simple question? Had sky split apart if PM was in Quetta at the graves of those who lost their lives on, ‘Chaand Raat’ or for that matter visited the injured ones is yet another question? When will PM be with the masses if not on death is too simple and burning question which not be ignored but answered please? What action did PM take, if at all any, against Interior Minister Nisar whom PM directed to visit Quetta immediately but the minister had the guts indicating that he may visit within three days but not now? What scared him to be there and if he is scared of his life then how can he be a guarantor of others lives is too pertinent question? Why did Balochistan government advice Nisar not to fly now and instead delay for three days? Has the provincial government lost its writ to be enforced in its capital? Should it be construed that Taleban are stronger in my beloved Pakistan than PML (N) government?

To the best of my knowledge and belief people of Pakistan have voted for Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Group) to look after them particularly at the time of such gruesome eventualities when DIG and SP risk their lives in serving the people and not ignore them PM and Interior Minister has shown in crystal clear terms in Quetta unless I am wrong which I am not.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait



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