"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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A Woman illusion - if Taliban rules Pakistan?
by Nadia Khan
News are spreading rapidly that Pakistan's many of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), North & South Waziristan, Malakand and Swat picturesque valley, a land like paradise, is fallen short for religious militants and now controlled by Tehrek Taliban Pakistan (TTP), an organisation lead by Bait ullah Mehsud in Waziristan and Maulvi Fazlullah in Swat as his father-in-law Maulana Sufi Mohamed is in detention. Besides banning work for women & girls education, lady health workers in remote areas of NWFP & denial of Polio vaccination drops, they have demanded to setup Sharia (Religious) Courts in Swat & Malakand areas and their own self-defined process of Islamic punishments, beheading openly after short trials & hanging beheaded bodies with trees, at their own discretion. After the failure of govt. and Taliban agreements in last few years, among the political circles of NWFP it is said that “by looking at the pace of Taliban advancements and failure of military forces in FATA & Swat, shortly Taliban might reach Peshawar. That's how we would like to handle them politically. 

TTP, Pakistani Taliban, are much influenced by their Afghan counter parts, due to neighbourhood & sharing culture with Afghanistan. They ruled the country for 5 years and many of their actions had raised serious concerns â€" especially about women education. From 1996 till 2001, Taliban in Afghanistan, stripped women of many of their basic rights, such as they:

  • Banned women from working in hospitals, schools, universities, and offices
  • Closed schools for girls and barred women from attending universities both as a teacher or student
  • Prohibited women from leaving their homes unless escorted by a close male relative regardless of her urgency
  • Forced women to wear the veil (burqa) â€" traditional religious wearing cover women from head to toe, except for a small eyes opening at the face
  • Beat and publicly flogged women for violating Taliban decrees

As many of our political parties have accepted Taliban as a deciding force in tribal areas of NWFP, we would analyze, what if Taliban advances to Peshawar , and finally accedes to rule the rest of Islamic Republic of Pakistan from Islamabad to Karachi . With their radical interpretations of Shariah, which we had observed in neighbouring Afghanistan a decade before, what would be the normal day to day life in Pakistani metropolitans? Perhaps that couldn't be described in few words however we would like to understand the short glimpse of coming day's picturesque, if Taliban succeeds. We all believe that reality has it own significance and can't be predicted with few shots.

In terms of masses, the worst impacted category could be â€" working women in various cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad , Karachi , Lahore , and Faisalabad or at other major cities. Predominantly in urban areas women are working in hospitals, offices, schools, and universities and in rural areas they work as health & social workers by training village women for their basic socio-medic needs. Almost 17% of women in Pakistan , out of 46% of total population, are treated as 'working women' because they have to go out of their homes daily, to earn their living due to number of reasons. In case, Taliban forces ruling Islamabad then female doctors, gynaecologist, nurses, schools teachers, university lecturers, professors, bankers, social officers, secretaries, office workers all would be directed, like in Kabul, at once to be out of work. They all have to sit back at home and stripped from working. Many of these working women are not functioning for the sake of work only rather their circumstances force them to work out â€" sometimes no male members (son, brother, father or husband) exists or only distant male relatives available. Often, they are widows or divorcees earning the living of their children or old parents or for themselves or the earnings of their close male members are not sufficient enough to run the house-hold expenses.

Under that ruling scenario, medics & hospitals will be without female surgeons, physicians, doctors, X-ray/Ultrasound technicians and nurses. Not sure in their absence, who will diagnose the female patients especially during pregnancy or delivery moments. Probably females nurses will be replaced with male one, but this might create havoc, as male nurses have to treat female patients, if admitted in hospitals under emergency situations. In operation theatres only male would be allowed, so there wouldn't be any operations for females or if the expertise lies with a male doctor and unfortunately if the patient is female then she will be denied cure.

Another industry, which will be impacted severely or in Taliban's wording 'requires surgery', would be educational sector. As mentioned above, all female teachers will be made out of work at schools and educational institutions. It is perceived that female education will be stopped totally, as it was declared un Islamic under Taliban regime in Afghanistan , or would be put on hold until a separate system of education will be devised where boys and girls would be educated separately. Perhaps this is doable at nursery or primary level however at University level govt has to setup separate medical colleges or engineering universities or law colleges or vocational training centres for men and women. This looks like a dream that will never come true due to additional expenses. However if such separate educational institution will be set up then who will teach there, as females are already banned from teaching. Hence in that case, some leniency would be required to allow them to teach in such institutions and more, to allow travelling, out of home alone without the escort of close male relative, would be made permissible. This might require concession towards female driving too, as it is banned in few Islamic countries especially endorsed by Taliban in terms of beliefs.

Another area, the easiest path as radical forces consider, is public or govt offices, limited companies, multinational companies, banks, or private offices, where women could be forced out easily. If so then there might not be any female govt. officer or female customer services officers in banks, or any female staff in organisations to help serve female clients. In govt jobs, all female working in foreign office or female ambassadors sent abroad will be called back and will be denied work for what they deserve professionally and for what they have received such education. Taliban assumes that, probably it's doable, and an Islamic country should employee males only for such high-travelling abroad jobs. But a sudden deactivation of a huge number of female govt officers, bankers, ambassadors, high profile dignitaries' will have serious impact upon local economy, as well as, on to their families too. This might create some other reaction or a sort of economic imbalance where women is helping their male members in terms of financial contribution.

If women would be out of work in session or district courts, as well as Higher or Supreme courts, then who will handle women related cases as male solicitors or lawyers will not be allowed to speak with women victims. We have seen women police stations functioning in the country and women jails too but reports say their conditions are not presentable and nor their expansion is beneficial until trained by their male colleagues. If so then male induction is mandatory. Similarly female judges will be required to handle female cases along with female solicitors, women police officers or investigators.

Another area where women would be barred, could be field journalism or investigative reporting. Many of Pakistani female journalists are well known and acclaimed locally or internationally. Under perceived Taliban rule they will not be allowed to perform field reporting. Only permissible activity could be articles writing, while at home and observing veil. I am not sure that would they be allowed to read newspaper, which carries flamboyant male photographs. If so, then from where women writers will gain knowledge to write something useful. Another linked area is photography, probably will not be allowed. If so then newspapers will not be carrying any photographs, making life easier for copy-paster and jobless moments for press photographers!

As there are doubts and discussion about the validity of TV itself, however we assume that Taliban will allow TV channels to air mostly religious programmes, news, their news, and documentaries only. There will not be any feature films, dramas, humours talk shows on TV, so advertisement will not be there especially those ads carrying forward women models and their presentations. This might allow ad agencies to redefine their goals, as our ad agencies, in today's world of fierce competition, had crossed all limits. So you see woman in those advertisements where her presence is even not suitable such as in men related ads like shaving creams, cigarettes, motorcycles, and shaving blades advertisements. In perceived Taliban rule, advertisement business and its agencies, their workers, models and actors could be under fire.

Art and culture might have some relevance to Taliban forces. If it is so, then art councils would continue to work but a moderator will review their activities such as women participation or sculptures, paintings, and non-Islamic archaeology such as Buddha's sculptures in Texila museum would be destroyed. Cultural folk dances or patriotic songs even if sung by children will also be banned as it carries music and it was a banned item in Taliban regime in Afghanistan . Literature would also have some impact, like ghazals, short stories, poetry, and other forms of literary activities will be barred which provoke sensual feelings among teenagers. So all these books, like Josh's Yadoon Kee Barat or Quratul Ains Aag Ka Darya or Ísmat Chugtai's novel Lehaf or likewise books till now published openly in Pakistan, will not be re published again because of obscenity. Poet Wasi Shah will be in trouble due to his sensual poetry that appeals teenagers - boys and girls.

We do believe that Pakistani society is still not prone to porn but English or Hindi new movies shall be banned in all over Pakistan as they don't fit into the culture, as defined by Taliban seniors. Including that all the remaining cinema houses, as this industry is devastated a lot in last 10-15 years, will be shut down or converted into libraries where males will study photo-less newspapers or likewise activities will be carried out!

Right, but banning a substance will create more thirst towards that. Sexual problems discussion will become a taboo item, to be discussed, and anyone genuinely having some medical problems will not be dealt medically.

Transportation could be another area, which would be requiring radical reforms in perceived Taliban rule, such as separate taxis, buses, along with drivers for male & female passengers. In trains and aeroplanes, it would require separate compartments, those travelling with their families will have to face chaos. Once Pakistan International Airline (PIA) would be out of its female hostesses, it would have serious impact however male stewardess serving the female travelers will create another issue. Beside, alone female travelers will not be allowed, means that PIA will not board any foreign female traveller without her close male members, even travelling from London to New York . In other words PIA will not issue any tickets to foreign alone-females. Another issue, once all ground staff, including security personnel will be males then how females will be checked in before boarding to plane!

Probably to deal with such social, political, economic, and work related issues of woman, Islam has advised women to observe veil and carry out their activities peacefully. Isn't it!!!!!

 Reply:   taliban are much better muslims than you madam nadia khan
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (18/Sep/2009)

taliban are much better muslims than you madam nadia khan
taliban will succeed in eternal life of akhira s they followed path of allah an his prophet pbuh.while so called roshan khyaals of pakistan will loose in this world and akhira
no amount of argument or discussion can change that fact!
 Reply:   Very Good Article
Replied by(Chow_Badshah) Replied on (8/May/2009)

I fully support Ms. Khan...more women should speak up to make sure that their fundamental rights of freedom and equality are not taken away
 Reply:   Crrunt Situation Of Pakistan
Replied by(jojo) Replied on (6/Feb/2009)

Thanks once again for nice video.
1st i would like to say in Nadia's point i just concentrate only the issues on women i am also disagree from her other point on sexy books or novels. I am also against of these type of stuff. But it is not new thing bahi it came from India through Indian movies.
Any way still i will say as a muslim we should cleane our 5things wihich are playing a most important role in our life these are:
1; Our eyes; Always try to look on good things and try to avoid bad ones.
2; Our tongue; Always speek truth and avoid telling or making lie stories even in jocks.
3; Our ears; Always try to listen good things and try to adopt them also and avoid from chughles and listening of negative things for other sisters and brothers.
4;Our mind or brain; Always try to think on positive ideas and make them true which will help the people around you. Dont think on negative things which can hurt our love ones and humanity also.
5; Our heart; Dont be a "Munafiqeen" make your heart always clean with out hate ya you hate only those who are against our religion other wise don't become black heart.If we will than our place will be only hell (Nauzobillah).
Thats my theory and i am happy for that.
I heard that you tube and i just know one thing the problem of Pakistan are not to much if we are true people and we are afraid from our God we can make 100% our Pakistan better than all the stat of this world and thats my challenge.
Why our country is in trouble? Who create this trouble? How we can go out or pass through these trials?
As all of us we know my brother English is not solving the problem and if you will say solving of this present situation we have to study Motte Motee books. I will say my dear brother no need.
You can solve these all problem with in one month with your honesty and clean decisions. This present situation created by our illiterate basically i don't know them from which school they get the education and that education did not teach them what is good and what is bad for us and for our community and for our Pakistan. Actually i would like to say they did not come and join the politics to solve the problems they join the politician to just fulfill their bank accounts and make busy poor people in their Rote, Capra and Makan.
Our politician make the parliament and the situation of Pakistan like their home actually i am wrong here they stole the money of poor people of Pakistan and they make luxury home in Pakistan and out side of Pakistan if you want proof see the home of Benazir in Dubai. These politicians are thief they stole money and send their children in abroad for good education but the children of Pakistan studding a third class courses and most of them don't have even facility to go school. The school we have terrorist are destroying by the name of Islam. Islam said "illam hasel kerna her musalman marrad or orat per faraz hy".
But if you will see around us so many enemies of Pakistan busy to destroy us. No problem we are Muslims and we have strong believe on Allah and if we are true from our heart he will listen us and he will guide us.
But one thing always is in my brain Allah said if you need my help try to help your self i will help you too. So now here is a need for us to be one and take a positive steps.
1; Media; Media should promise with her self and its channel that they will work only for the sack of Pakistan and they will let the world see we are one and honest people of Pakistan. They should stop to support the corrupt people who were in the politics and they did nothing. No entry for them.
2; Media should support the people of Pakistan not the Politician of Pakistan.
3; Media if they are showing the worse things what ever is happening in Wazeeristan they should support Army and police. These both department need our prayers and psychological support. We should not criticize on them. they are sacrificing their life for us even though they don't care for their love once. We should not be selfish the way media is making them right now.
4: Its easy to win this war. Because this present situation is not equal and we have to make it equal like right now Govt, Media, and Public of Pakistan is on one side and only Amy is one side. No balance at all. we have to balance now we should act in this way to make it more powerful and more dangerous for those extremist or terrorist. Leave the Govt on one side, Media and Public of Pakistan with the army mean to strong power of Pakistan if Media will encourage the army and the people of Pakistan these terrorist will run from our country.
5; Our aim to protect our those sisters and brothers who get hostage and they are killing them daily like worms, and media is spreading that people accept them(Taliban). I will say No.
They are alone and they need our help and we have to help them "Apni Madad Ap Ky Tahet".
If khuda ke kasam Allah will give me a one chance to serve my country i will hang all the dirty worm who are in politics and just getting salaries and enjoying luxury life. Before i will hang them i will seal their all bank balance and i will collect all the money what ever they took from Pakistan. I will hang all those people according to Islami law Allah give them the chance to serve the nation and they just introduce corruption, Rishwat, Sharab Noshi, Zana, etc etc.
i will hang those ullma who was just ullmah by name not by amal. I will announce in whole Pakistan leave the work where ever you are when you heard the voice of Azan. Pray even though you are on the road either you are men or women. I also miss the prayer when i was in Saudi during shopping we were praying our Namaz on road with the group of women. Even women have also their masjids, ground floor for the men and 1st floor for the women. So when ever women will go out they don't have any reason to miss Namaz.
I will give freedom to judges,they have to sign consent or FA David all the cases to whom they were finishing in 20 to 30 years they have to finish it with in minimum 3 or maximum 6months, If not the judge and the lawyer of that case will be hanged. We will also make live TV programme for open justice in each part of Pakistan they will solve the cases of daily living problem of Pakistan.
Solving of case Ajaml kassab also not a big deal, warn India and demand that terrorist. i will give them 24hours to think if they want justice from Pakistan we will give. We will bring that man live on TV channel and show that man live. You know 99% case will solve when all the public of Pakistan either India will see how we will solve the problem for this case. When the people of both side country will saw him live they will listen him and they will see him eating cow on live Tv all the people will be shock. Dont you think i am crazy. The aim of that man to bring on Live will show the people how much he is Pakistani. For example if he is a Indian people can see his facial expression including color and pronunciation of the words and even that language. Second when you will talk to the Indian observe one thing only the will talk less by their mouth but they will talk more with their head(they are keep moving their head while they are talking).
Than offer him a food ask him which kind of food he would like to take. Again there is a very big difference between their food and in our food, especially offer him rice. They are eating rice more worsen than Dog. While they are eating rice they are smashing in their hands and every time they are putting their fingers in their mouth.
Than offer him meat of cow if he will be Indian any meat he will not eat because Hindus are not eating meat. The way all of us knows he wear orange color band mean purely Hindu. All this matter can be solve in few hours. If he proof that he is not Indian and he is Pakistani than we are waiting for what? The decision of Indian court? No my dear if he is a Pakistani than we will take all the information even his parents from Pakistan we will search them and we will catch the group who was at the back of this man. After collecting all the proof we will decorticate him live also. This will be the justice of Pakistan Islamic Justice. So those people who were planing to go out on these types of missions they will be afraid to do when they will see Ajmal Kasab results.
You know they did not bring Kassab in court 2 time already i heard may they killed him. But that is really a second episode of new drama. May this man belongs to Bal Thakury or modhi and they will help him to escape and they will show another man who will resembling same like him. But the thing is that if we will not take any action means one more insult for Pakistan and every time they will torch us. All the proof are showing against India not towards Pakistan. So we have ability to solve our problems.
I have a lot of good things in my heart and in my mind to serve my own people and to serve Allah. I am not greedy for money Yah i am greedy to much in collecting always good prayers from my love once like my parents and sub lings. Happy to serve humanity.
Hope we can also try to bring change in Pakistan
May Allah will help us in our good planning towards our great Pakistan.
Allah Akbar Pakistan Zindabad
 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (6/Feb/2009)
Swat, Waziristan, Bajour and the Pakistani "Taliban"
The following interview of Zaid Hamid was taken by Zaid clears up the confusion about the Swat, Waziristan and the activities of Pakistani "Taliban". He also laments the sorry affairs of our media and current corrupt government. We are so disunited at the very important juncture in the history of Pakistan.

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (5/Feb/2009)
Nadia Khan makes no sense


Don't get me wrong. I do appreciate your love for Pakistan but you need to know the realities on the ground as they currently are. Afghan Talibans and Pakistani Talibans are two different entities. Afghan Talibans are only fighting to liberate their land, Afghanistan, from USA's control. On the other hand Pakistani Talibans ARE USA's assets. They are against the state of Pakistan and are bent in disintegrating it. They are responsible for ALL the bomb blasts in our beloved country and yes they should be RESISTED since they are enemies of Pakistan.

As far as Afghan Talibans are concerned, I am not going to buy any propaganda until I get to analyze them with an open mind. To analyze them, I will look into their deep Afghan tribal values and their history. I will also find out if they really didn't want women to go to school. Even Nadia Khan admitted that they put off female education until they build separate schools for girls. If this is true, then Taliban had the right to punish those who broke the rules because the violaters are guilty of creating fitnah and chaos. I highly doubt that they will give severe punishments for such violations. I will also find out why Taliban shot some women to death in the stadium. If they were criminals, then those punishments are justified. I also wonder why they only show pictures of Taliban punishing women. I think it is because they (the Afghan Taliban enemies) want to prove that Talibans are women-haters.

I can assure you sister that I am not on the side of Taliban. I for sure dislike Pakistani Taliban since they are against Pakistan. I have sympathies for Afghan Talibans because they were not all bad. They did few thing that I didn't agree with like destroying the Bamyan Buddha. They are simple people who are true to Islam. They remind me of the momineen of Prophet Muhammed (saww) time. When Holy Prophet (saww) told them that Sharaab is haram, every trader dumped all his storage for sharaab bearing maximum loss. Talibans have the quality to remove the evil just like that. Examples are in the elimination of drug trade and crimes.

I disagree with Nadia Khan on many points. One of them being that she believes it is too expensive to build separate educational institutions for men and women. Another is that she does not have the complete figures of female workforce deployment and how it can cause havoc in Pakistan's economy if women are not allowed to work. She is ignoring how many vacancies can open up for unemployed males who are, after all, the breadwinners.  Her other ridiculous concern is women might not be allowed to read newspapers as it contains flamboyant pictures of males. First of all, in such a conservative country like Pakistan, nudity on the print is still a taboo item. In addition, in Pakistani culture, it is the female that is the object of affection and you will see a lot of female models in questionable positions. I believe men and women both will be allowed to read as long as there is no vulgarity and topics are "halal" (not the ones that make a woman rebel against her family or men do crazy things).

Her other concern is for Pakistani teenagers who will be denied sensuality by banning novels like "Lehaaf", "Yaadon ki Barat" and "Aag Ka Darya". I wonder if she is a Muslim at all? Does Islam allow any sensuality or sexuality before marriage? Not only out-of-wedlock sex is frowned upon but any thing leading to it is also banned which includes, among other things, sensual books and vulgar rap songs. I don't know why "Yaadon Ki Baraat" is considered a piece of art when it is nothing but the illegal flings of the author: His homosexual and heterosexual experiences. It only encourages the youngers to follow the desires of the heart and indulge in anything that is a taboo. What right will be violated by banning these books? Whatever happened to other more important rights: to live in peace, to get justice, to have a roof over head, to have food over table, to have free education and medical care and so forth?

She further goes on this make-belief journey and assumes that since sex will become a taboo subjects, no one will be able to seek medical help for genuine sexual problems. I would like to tell her, Talibani rule will not be any different from now as far as sexual mores are concerned. Majority of Pakistanis still frown upon pre-marital and extra-marital sex (Thank God) but sexual discussion within the bond of marriage is NOT only discussed but ENCOURAGED. Even today we don't go around talking about sex freely in public. Still men and women keep separate from each other. She just goes on making ridiculous assumptions of what Talibans could do as if they are totally dumb to fire all the airhostesses and expect the males to serve the female passengers. How could Talibans, who are so strict about male and female separation,  allow male stewards serve their female passengers? They probably will have separate rows or compartments (as in the buses) for males and females. I ask you what is wrong with that: equal but separate privileges?

When Jews feel no shame in practising their religion fundamentally and where Amish people still live in 17th century lifestyle,and where the Christians of the Bible Belt follow the teaching of Bible strictly, then what is wrong with Taliban incorporating the teachings of Islam in our lives. I think the problem are the liberal people who feel challanged by Islam since true Islam will end all their privileges and bad habits that they have acquired and make them follow the right path. That is why they go around writing articles like this without understanding the true essence of Islam and without understanding the purpose of their creation.

 Reply:   Mr Asher
Replied by(jojo) Replied on (5/Feb/2009)

Thanks for nice details. But really i will feel more happy if you will talk to me in a nice way. Any way you are my Pakistani Bahi. Few things are making me to much angry i will share with you and tell me where i am wrong Ok.
1: Regarding Taliban either it is from Pakistan or Afghanistan their motto is one. Just destroy our country Pakistan really i am loving Pakistan to much i don't know why may be i am far from Pakistan from last 10 years. What ever i will talk to you that will be my personnel experience i will not talk about any western or Pakistani media i don't care for them i will just talk about my own personnel experience with different kind of nationalities with whom i live and i know their life style and even little bit their culture also.
I would like to talk about 1st on Afghanistan: I know those people are suffering as a Muslim we should help them in their harvesting and especially water to grow wheat or vegetable and etc etc. These things can be done in nice and peaceful way. Now you said bahi Nadia mention about false or those ideas which she took from western media. I will say Bahi what ever she said that was true why you are not believing? I have a lot of video made by Al-Jazeera Taliban interviews and their planning towards our country. I have few Afghan friends and me i am seems like crazy even i have some Kashmiri girls i am keep on asking their culture also and i am surprise on their view that's the reason my hate towards India is to much.
Any way i was talking about Afghanistan Taliban They are beating and killing their females in Kabul football ground shooting direct in the head even one of my friend get torcher by them only her mistake was she give tuition to some girls in her home. Even though they kill her brother and etc etc.
I believe some media reports are like garbage but not all somewhere you can found truth also.
So if they were really true people(Taliban) my question is why they comes to Pakistan?
Why they did not stay in Afghanistan? Why they did not help those Muslims who needed them most? Dont you think brother they came Pakistan to serve Pakistan in positive way? i will say no.They act like theif because they run from USA, Canadian, Nato and Pakistani forces. Their aim is just revange. They are just making Pakistan hell. You can observe more better than me what is going on in Pakistan now a days? Every where suicidal bombing and they are even not ashamed to kill our innocent brothers. Who is dying? our people. People of Pakistan. Pakistan is like my home and all Pakistani men women are our sisters and brothers. If someone out sider will come to our home and he will start destruction in our home even killing our sisters and brothers what will be your reaction towards them? You will support them or you will support us? We belongs to you, the people who are dying belongs to us.
Just remember one thing they(Taliban) are not our brothers any more it seems like they are shooting in our brothers head and my other brothers are well coming them with flowers. Which kind of logic is that? Now our Pakistani Taliban as you know better they did blast in wahh factory and they accept it. The man who get died he had 8 daughters now tell me what will be the future of those girls? Is our corrupt brothers will let them live freely i mean to say its sure 1 or 2 of them will become prostitute even they don't want people will make them. So where we are going now?
The young boy who was also get killed and he left two old parents who will care for them?
My brother please please don't be on stupid people side. Just think one thing and that is Pakistan "SAB SY PEHLY PAKISTAN" ager Pakistan raha to hum kuch agy sochyian gay.
Now my one question is why Wazeeristan support Taliban? Why Wazeeristan people are taking revenge form Pakistan? What Pakistan did to them? They are angry from musharraf ok.
If for a while i will make a president of Pakistan any Wazeeristan bahi what will be their action on this situation? Will they permit these type of terrorist people come in my home and kill as many as you can? Or their aim will be only to search a solution and proof the world that we are not the migraine of this world we are peaceful people of this planet. Am i right?
Leave the topic on men and women just think about your home and that is Pakistan. Brother what you will do if there will be robbers in your home? Offcorse you will ask for help. Wazeeristan people should think positively our protection is in our hand no one will come to help us. All the world will just laugh on us and they will say Pakistan is failed state.
I will say NO. Pakistan is not the failed state the people who are ruling Pakistan they are the sick person.
They don't want Pakistan will get right way towards its Development. We are making school and our brothers are also working hard for their own families and other robbers are coming in our home and destroying all. Making of home is very hard but its easy to destroy. Pakistan ke badkismate use ky log us ko neecha dekhany main or robbers ko acha sabat kerny main lagay hain. This is the thing i dont like.
Pakistani problems really are nothing if we are strong and one. If we will be separate and fighting with each other "i am right and you are wrong" mean we will lost our country. What ever the matter inside our home that is our problem not for out siders. Remember one thing more we are atomy power and they will and they can attack on that place also.
So here is only need to educate the Wazeeristan people to be against of Taliban and throw them out of our home. You know also USA claim Usama bin Ladin in Pakistan that's the thing Wazeeristan negative behavior will make their opinion more positive against us. Than we will suffer again.
My brother this country we get was not the easy job so many trains came to Pakistan with dead bodies and our sisters and mothers was get rapped that's the things make me angry why we are destroying their sacrifices for nothing.
I have a lot of things to talk about. But one most important thing i want to say this person who is a president of Pakistan who make him President? This man and Nawaz Shareef will never give freedom to judges. They don't have ability to solve the problems if they have let them show me.
I know they will not we have to save our Pakistan by our own by our unity and our love towards our religion our country our Quid and our people of Pakistan. Free dome is very beautiful if you want to know how much than ask to Indian Muslims whose sisters get burn alive and those sisters who were pregnant they cut their abdomen they remove the babies and they cut the neck of both mother and babies. They rape the ladies and scratch their breast Indian terrorist just showed their hate towards Muslims and we are mentally physically free in our country what ever the hard trial we have in our life but still we are happy.
For Afghanistan i would like to say bahi we can help them also in food we have lot of food as a Muslim we can help them but we will not bear this kind of act to come on our home and kill our brothers and sisters.
If i hurt you again than sorry abhi, take care God bless our country and Insha Allah he will safe our country from "KATILS" and "JAHILS" who re giving certificates of JEHAD. Seems like those people who have certificate their angle in their grave will ask for that peace of paper if they don't have they cannot go in the grave. Really sick people.
 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (5/Feb/2009)


As usual you stay off the topic. You know what your problem is, you don't get the GIST of the message. You are rambling all over but not once you have stayed on the topic and the topic is What are the statistics that the writer of this article, Nadia Khan, provide to support her claim?

Nadia Khan has just listed the same old stereotypes about Afghan Taliban obtained mostly from politically biased western resources. These "resources" only show one side of the picture. Often taking provocative pictures from a certain angle for maximum political benefit e.g. An Afghan women being shot to death or an Afghan man beating the woman with some lash. I can even say it with full confidence that there is NOT a single picture of Afghan Taliban which are shown giving due punishments to male criminals. The western media does not talk about how Afghan Taliban were successful in ERADICATING the drug trade. Yes, there is NOT a single nation in the world which has successfully removed this problem from its root. They might have reduced the drug problem but total elimination is the proud accomplishments of Talibans ONLY. During Afghan Taliban rule, there WAS peace and crimes were reduced tremendously. Now, Afghan Taliban's are gaining the long lost hold back. People now have seen life with and without Talibans. They cherish the times when, during Taliban rule, they used to keep their door open without any fear of robbery or any other crime.

Also, you seem to confuse Pakistani Taliban with Afghan ones. Pakistani Taliban are supported by CIA. Their goal is to create resistance against Pakistan Army and Afghan Taliban. By calling themselves Pakistani Taliban and doing the hated things, they are in fact defaming Afghan Taliban (which USA want). People like you easily buy this and start hating and opposing the good Talibans. These Pakistani Taliban are purposefully destroying girls school and harassing the ordinary peaceful citizens. They want to separate from Pakistan. So please, please and please, differentiate between the good and the bad ones.

It is irrelevant whether examples are from Pakistan or not. Since in the West majority of the women work outside of home, it makes it a good sample to study the negative or positive affects of female workforce. In Pakistan, majority of women are homemaker eventhough it is changing. We also have a sizeable number of women who are balancing their career with family obligations. So right now Pakistan is an excellent ground for the case study of the affects of women being homemaker vs the women who balance career and family vs women who take on those careers that are not in conflict with their home responsibilities like (sewing clothes, making sweaters, carpets, rugs).

My whole contention is that we should not follow ANY western system BLINDLY (be it feminism, banking, educational or political). We should study the affects of these systems on the societies specially the western ones (since they are completely immersed in them) and figure out if such systems can be implemented in our societies partially or fully. I am not against women working outside of home but I think for women the preference would be to be a homemaker. The goal would be to go for professions that enable her to fulfill her familial responsibilities. Since she is not responsible for bringing food on the table, even part-time employment will be sufficient. This way she will get to practice the skills that she acquired at school. The possible choice of professions could be: religious scholar, religious teacher, private tutor, literature, fashion designer, stock broker, software developer (she can work from home  using her computer), poet, speech writer, playwright, Novelist, freelance journalist and so forth. All these things can be done without leaving home.

Alternatively women  get education, say inter or Bachelor's degree, then get married and be a homemaker until her kids have finished education and start earning livelihood, she can then go back to school and do any specialization (nursing, medicine, engineering etc.) and then join the workforce. This way, the family life will not be interrupted and society will have enough female professionals to take care of female clients.

 Reply:   Mr Asher
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I read your reply and happy to read it and i read your mentality too. Dont you care for my English i don't care for it in Pakistan so many chaper chaper people are their English is not solving their normal problem. What is going on in Pakistan this is all because of you people.
if i give you the true example you are giving me all from other country shame on you. Dont jump directly to abroad don't make your self to much happy i am a nurse and proud to be Nurse.
1: What is going on Pakistan type like you people are destroying our beloved country with their false expireance and sick mentality.
2: who bring this country on this stage you people?
3: who is busy to kill innocent peoples of Pakistan sick mentality men?
4: don't you give me the example of abroad people give me from Pakistan next time ok.
5: The story i wrote was from Islamabad, and it was true.
6: i will tell you as a Pakistani abroad people how they will treat you and this story is reality not like you search from other side and just blaming the women. If you want to blame the women no problem think about your mother first Ok.
Did she kill you think about Pakistani and Muslim women did Pakistani women kill her children? Search and send me ok.
I am realy surprise on you hahahahah!
no problem.
I was working in Jeddah and i was assign in ICU. I heard a loud voice of Pakistani man in recovery and he was secreeming a lot because of surgery. One Indian girl came to me and said Rozi please go to recovery because one Filipino is betting your kabayan(mean my country fellow). I get angry and i request her ok you just stay here for a while i will check him. When i went in recovery half of his body was out of bed and Filipino was beating him and he was abusing the girl. I just get to much aggressive and said to that girl leave this man i will be the one who will take care even a pain killer she did not give him and she said to me they don't like Pakistani patients because they are bahu(mean smelly. I went to hat man i give him a injection and said bahi so jao. He hold my hand and said this lady was pinching him on his arm and ear. I complained for that lady to my head nurse and i said every Pakistani who will come just call me no need to touch him. Brother this is internationally behavior towards our Pakistani. The day i lived in Jeddah always they call me because i care for my own people.
7: Who buried alive 5 ladies in Baluchistan? Nurses or you people the jahil is still in PPP and in Parliament.
8; In Lahore one man keep his father and two sisters in dark home for 15 years and make them sick. Did your media catch him. Big NO
9; How many girls are getting rape in Pakistan who is raping them? Your brothers
10: I saw so many ladies in burn ward who is burning them Your Pakistani brothers.
One of Pakistani brother beat her wife and remove her cloth and throw her out side the home in Islamabad. So many men around her home saw her body what she did? That aggressive man burn her alive 95% burn. When i went for her dressing even though i know she will not survive but i was doing her dressing while i was crying for her pain. After 24 hours with sever burn pain she died Who was he Pakistani.
Give me next time example from Pakistan.
I am proud to be a nurse because my relation always with my patients who need us not in their happiness in their pain. I love to care for sick people i am praying to my Allah thanks God for this great job.
11: One Pakistani lady came in Jeddah where Egyptian doctor refused her to take her delivery case. What her husband did he bring her to one Indian clinic and that Indian doctor Operate her she deliver baby boy. But she start to bleed after 3 hours of operation. She went to post postpartum hemorrhage may that Doctor leave the bleeder inside which cause a lot of blood loss.That Indian doctor open her again but useless. Her husband the next day again bring her to our hospital this Egyptian doctors again refuse her to admit. Her hb went to 4 and she went to shock and than cardiac arrest than they did cardiac massage in the end they admit her. I took pity on her husband who was crying like baby on the floor. They transfer the patient to ICU and she was my patient(According to my last fight with my head nurse she said all Pakistani patient will be handle by Pakistani Nurses). She was comatose and on ventilator. You cannot imagine her situation she was 24 year old.
I transfuse her more than 40 units of blood in 6 days and she was get arrested 24times she went under DIC. Last time she was get to much improved and i prepared her for transfer to the ward. Because of her we changed our off(me and my other Pakistani Balquis) because we don't trust on Filipino. I cried to much when i came on my last night duty and she was again start to bleed i just went to get her meds from medicine trolley she called me in loud voice suddenly monitor start to alarm she get arrested again and on that day my consultant said Rozi let her go now.
I said to him please just last chance may Allah will help us but it was to late. I never cried the way i cried for her. When her husband knows she died he was he was crying like baby.
This is life my brother and life is to much beautiful gift of Allah instead we will pin point on each other and we will fight we should take care for each other.
12: Here in Canada i went on duty i saw a Canadian nurse who was abusing chines patient i was shocked.
There is to much diffidence between Pakistani and the other nationalities.
If i saw to much stupid people i saw to much good people also. I believe this wold is a worls because of good people and it will be finish when there will be no more good people.
I hope i should not come on this side again.
I hurt you sorry for that.
Take care God bless you and our country Allah Hafiz
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A Reality Check
Jojo, I am not sure if you were taking crack while you were reading my last response but it sure does seem so since you didn't get the gist of my message.

Let's get the petty arguments out of the way first. You had the audacity to call me illiterate and immature while your diction, style of writing and farcical evidences all prove how illiterate and immature you are. You don't even know how to write grammatically sound sentences, let alone fulfill the demands of intellectual discussions.

You don't think through but rather allow emotions to control you. I asked about what unique feminine quality that women offer to the world that men don't? What is their value add? If I have a highly talented and successful sales manager and then someone proposes to me to hire another sales manager. I will only hire the new one if he has a unique niche experience: May be he was a software developer before and understand the technology behind the product we are selling. Otherwise, it doesn't help me to hire two people of exactly same skill level. Those who are mature and logical, will know what I am talking about.

While you gave me a stupid justification of female workforce with the example of a nurse catching  a surgeon red-handed who was taking advantage of his female patients. In other words you are saying, if we didn't have female nurses then ALL male surgeons and doctors would be sleeping with their comatose and GA induced patients. How ridiculous? As if all males don't have any ethics at all and will jump at any opportunity for sex. Let me give you a reality check. There are stories of malpractice by female professionals as well which you conveniently

set aside being such an ardent follower of the religion of Feminism (which started out as the safeguards of female rights and ended up becoming an anti-man movement. In short, sexism still exists which NOW is ONLY directed against men).

There are many examples where female nurses were murdering babies by giving them injections of a drug which causes death by seizure.

Look at the mental state of some women:
1) Women threw her kids on the freeway

2) Mother killed her handicapped children

3) Woman killed her husband

4) Mother killed a 2 year old

So don't assume that violence is only committed by men, women are equally guilty. The difference is that women are passive aggressive.

I never said that women should not get education or that they should not work. All I am saying is that instead of following the western system blindly, why don't we first analyze it by studying the western societies deeply. Study the positive and negative affects of women leaving their home  and adopting career for self-fulfilment. Is their self-fulfilment more important than the greater good of the society?

Just suppose having no mother around might have negative affect on the child and he grows up to be a sociopath or a confused and angry young man who goes on killing sprees. This is what Mr Justice Coleridge have to say about the collapse of family life:

"What is certain that almost all of society's social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life...almost every dysfunctional child is the product of a broken family.
(Read the full article here:

It is IRONIC that this guy follows Islam much better and people like YOU resist and question the injunctions of Allah(swt). He created roles for men and women. Men were given the role of provider and women were to nurture. So don't break this balance otherwise we will have severe problems. As is clear from the following cases:

Children who murder:


VirginiaTech Massacre

Men and women should get education but the facilities should be separate and equal (in quality and priviliges). Since the natural role for women is motherhood, her career is in "chronic" conflict with it. We need a scientific study regarding the affects of female employment on family and society at large. When Allah (SWT) says that there are benefits in these gender roles then why not find out the wisdom behind it after all He did order His slaves to spread out on earth and explore His signs.

I am not saying that women make a bad workforce but just removing them from their natural position of motherhood and deploying this workforce outside of home, may not be a good idea. Women will do good at their career receiving self satisfaction and benefiting the people concerned but her home life will be jeopardized and hence a society full of Sociopaths, Psycopaths, inefficient people, people with inferiority or superiority complexes and so forth.

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Benefits of a Homemaker

[This article originally appeared Natural Home (now Natural Home & Garden) magazine by Debra Lynn Dadd]

I was not raised to be a homemaker.

Like many other women of my generation, the women's movement came along and convinced me that there were more important things to do than make a home for myself, a husband, and a family. In addition, my mother was a piano teacher and our house her studio. Her self-employment gave our family economic benefits, but she didn't make for us a home.

My early years, however, were not completely without role models. I had two grandmothers who were wonderful homemakers.

My mother's mother didn't work outside the home, but she knew about thrift. My grandfather was a truck driver, and on that meager income my grandparents owned their house, always had everything they needed, and had money in the bank. When my grandfather retired, they sold their tiny two-bedroom Arts & Crafts bungalow and paid cash for a brand-new three-bedroom house. They had no debts. My grandmother's wise management of money more than made up for the lack of a second income, and gave her time to make a home.

My grandmother prepared all their food from scratch. She tended a backyard vegetable garden where they grew much of their produce. Her home was always clean and tidy. She sewed dresses for me. There were always freshly-baked cookies in the Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar that now sits on my kitchen counter. And she still had time to volunteer at her church and to become an accomplished painter.

My father's mother was also highly skilled at homemaking, as were her sisters, my great-aunts. From them I learned to bring beauty into the home. In their homes, the table was always set with fine china and silver and crystal glasses. They taught me table manners, how to arrange food beautifully on the plate, and how to look lovely in my own appearance, so as to be an attractive part of the home myself.

After many years of focusing almost exclusively on career, and with all the options open to me as a contemporary woman, I have chosen to be primarily a homemaker. As I began to be more aware of myself as a being of Nature, a deep natural instinct to make a home emerged within me. Though I also produce income, it is the by-product of creative work I love to do, and my life no longer revolves around my work. My home and personal life is central, and work exists to support that.

Home is the foundation that supports the rest of everything we do in life. It is the place where we rest and renew ourselves and receive nourishment. It is the starting point of every new day. Though other activities are more glorified in our culture, I cannot imagine anything more important than making a good home for oneself and loved ones.

Until the industrial/consumer age, both women and men worked together to make their home. Traditionally the man built and repaired the house and did the heavy work in the garden. The woman maintained the interior of the house, decorated, cooked, and grew vegetables and flowers in the garden.

In my home, my husband Larry and I continue this traditional division of labor because it works. We don't do something because it is "woman's work" or "man's work," we do what we do because we fall to it naturally. I prepare all the meals we eat together because I am a fabulous cook. But Larry prepares nourishment for me in other ways. In our backyard we have abundant citrus trees. As I write this, the trees are hanging heavy with ripening fruit. Every morning, the first thing Larry does is go out into the garden and survey the trees. He examines all the fruit and picks only the perfectly ripe ones to put in his basket. Then he brings them into the kitchen and hand-squeezes the juice, which we share together.

We also make home by working to improve our house together. We love to hunt for beautiful old windows and doors in salvage yards, and make our home more attractive and efficient as best we can. While it is up to me to choose the decor, Larry often has his tools out to put up shelves or paint walls, bringing my vision into reality.

As I drink the juice he has prepared for me or hang my broom back up on the pegs he installed, I feel his love for me and our home. And I know that he can make his contribution to our life because he is nourished by what I bring to our home.

I know that the word "homemaker" has come to be synonymous with demeaning household chores under sometimes slavish conditions. I don't want to diminish the very real plight of women past, present, and future that may be in such a situation, but the problem they face is not homemaking. It is enforced housework, and lack of choice, for whatever reason.

Homemaking very different than mere housekeeping. Home is more than an empty house. It is beyond a place for minimal survival. It is a dwelling that is filled with and reflects the love and care of the people who dwell within it. A homemaker, then, is one who fills the house with love and care in every action that is taken there.

In my home, there is no longer any such thing as menial housework. Preparing food is creating loving nourishment for the health of our bodies and the joy of our senses. Making the bed is creating a lovely place for us to be together in our deepest intimacy. Cleaning and tidying up the house brings the ease of life that comes when everything is in order. Making my home puts my hands to work after hours of the intensely intellectual work of writing.

Homemaking is a creative act, a work of art in progress. In fact, there used to be something known as "domestic arts". They are all the skills needed to manage a home--cooking, cleaning, sewing, money management, raising children, first aid and basic health care, the crafts of home decor, and home maintenance. We have lost many of these skills in exchange for lifestyles where we work outside the home. We buy our food, clothing, shelter, and health care rather than viewing what sustains our lives as integral creative acts. By being consumers instead of creators, we buy instead of do, accepting the creations of others instead of exploring and expressing our own values and creativity.

Before the Industrial Revolution, a mere 150 years ago, everything that we purchase today was produced in the home, by both men and women, or in local villages by artisans. We think that we have been relieved from tremendous drudgery, but we have also been torn from any connection we might have with the Earth and materials from which our household goods are made. We consume as much as we can buy, rather than the amount we need or that the land can sustainably provide. When you shear a sheep, spin the wool, and knit the yarn, you know where your sweater came from. You know you need to care for the animals and their habitat if you want another sweater.

Though it would be impractical to suggest that we return to a pre-industrial way of life, we can restore many homemaking skills that bring personal joy and satisfaction, as well as save money. I enjoy cooking, growing food and flowers, sewing some of my clothes, cutting my husband's hair, making my own music, and remodeling my house.

For me, homemaking goes beyond the four walls of my house and out into the world. Home is any physical space in which you dwell and bring your love for the purpose of well-being. Since my garden is part of my home, included in my household and loving care are all the squirrels, birds, lizards, and other animals and plants that live there. My community is included in my home, for I have an affect on my community and it embraces me. And, by extension of this logic, the entire Earth is subject to my care and love, just as it offers me habitation.

An ancient Chinese proverb says, "If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world." As we make our homes, so do we also make the world.

I believe that the pleasurable instinct to make a home is natural to all of us. It's time to reclaim homemaking as a noble and worthwhile pursuit.

Copyright ©2008 Debra Lynn Dadd - all rights reserved.


 Reply:   UN you realy need a psychological consultation
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Simply i took pity on u. Dont bother my spelling try to understand what i want to say. You people are Jerk.
The way you behave. Use less to talk with you people because of you people Pakistan realy will be no more in the map of world because you give a chance to the world attack on Pakistan. You people proof it Pakistan is a failed stat because in Pakistan people like you are in majority. You people sick minded proof the world Islam is a religion of terrorist. You people insult Islam no one can say any more that Islam is a peaceful religion. Kaky all of you have to answer to God what the hell all of you did in this world.
People like you don't have respect for their own mothers and sisters. You people are abusing each others sisters and mother on the road even though that ladies did not harm you. But through abusing other sisters and mother you wanna let this world one more sick animal took place in this world and afsos representing Islam also.
Ek din ek suhabah ikram ny appny ghulam ko man ke gali de. Jab yeh bat Hazzarat Mohammad(PBUH) ko pata chali to app ny apny us suhabah sy poocha ky kiya tum ny appny ghulam ko man ke gali de? Suhabah ny misbat undaz main jawab diya. To Rasul Allah ny fermaya ky wo shaks jo kisi ko man ke gali dy us ny jahalat ke Nishani pai.
To kaky zara appny irdh girdh to dekho her wo musalman jo musalman hony ka dawa kerta hy wo ek din main kittni galiyan deta hy?
Yahan zaroorat is amer ke nahi ky hum logon ko guid karain yahan zaroorat hy appny app ko theek kerny ke. Or ager tum ko Taliban itna he passand hy to Pakistan main kiya ker rahy ho apna bore bistra uthao or Afghanistan chaly jao. Un ghareebon ke be maddad ker do. Pakistan ka peecha chor do tum jaison ke Pakistan ko zaroorat nahi.
Wahan ja ker un ky gher abbad karo.
Wo log be to tumhary he bahi hain jo joway main appne chote chote betiyan har jaty hain or appne beviyoun ko ya to agg laga dety hain yah un per acid pheank dety hain. Tum herkaton main Taliban sy kam nahi. Jis taran sy wo marty hain appni women ko tum log be kissi sy kam nahi.
I am also ashamed on your jerky opinion. Aj Islam kahan puhanch gaya Afsos he rahy ga is bat ka.

 Reply:   JOJO = Just One Jerk's Opinion
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JOJO stands for Just One Jerk's Opinion   (got it from web dictionary)
Your responce was full of spelling mistakes and hillarious too.

I gave a search for JoJo on google and got nude images. I think that is what you stand for.

First i will respond to the doctor who did nasty thing; i am 100% sure he must have been "enlightened moderate" for whom it is part of moderation/modernisation to do such things -a kind of people like you.

Regarding the representing Islam after Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them all) only Quran and Sahih Hadith represent Islam and not anyone else.

Your use of abusive words speak a lot about you.

Regarding your intellect; by making muslims responsible for the abuses by Kuffar it shows you need medical attention.

Also the example about the people who were told to slaughter cow were your friends i.e. the Jews.

I am not telling you or anyone to suppout any group but if anyone says a Muslim group is our enemy and Christians, Hindus and Jews are friends while as we have all seen their enimosity for centuries it clearly shows that the person is anti-muslim and anti-islam

 Reply:   i am tuk pity on these UN and Asher
Replied by(jojo) Replied on (2/Feb/2009)

As i said b4 our people are really selfish.
1st i would like to comment Mr.UN. you don't have your own name Mr. United Nation. This topic to whom you said is propaganda did you visit Afghanistan. Do you have really a experience or just living in your home going out and abusing your sisters and mothers or to your friends and enjoying your life in some wast less thing or watching your favorite heroins. Thats the normal life of you people.
i also feel sorry for you really because your mind is brain washed. Now Islam is suffering because of you people are representing in very very nice way. I will say keep it up. Hope one day this Taliban will reach to your home and then they will rock you then may be you will awake.
If you need more information i will send you you just right here ur e-mail.
Because of your type of people Islam is paying a lot in the shape of our prophet(PBUH) dirty posters and Abuses to Allah and even they are burning Quran. Now may you will ask me giv you proof where they are burning and abusing our prophet i will give you all the proof.
Shame all of you who are representing Islam but don't know what is Islam.
Now Mr. Asher!
May if you are reading the Quran you act like those people who said to one of our prophet for Qurbani of one cow if you remember the people actually who were not instead to carry out the order of our prophet they start to make reasons and they start to ask so many question on cow, the color the eyes the sex the age, you did the same thing. Here than what Allah said for those people open you Quran and read it.
You believe or you will not i don't care but women are playing a very important role in their life and in Pakistan also. I don't know to your family but i am talking about Pakistan.
In every field they are more forward then the men if you will see when they get their right or freedom only may be in this century but they are every where we have a good female teachers, we have good female surgeons, Nurses, politicians, etc etc. You know with out them your family is not safe. One day i went to OR and their was a fighting our one Nurse slapped on Male doctor ask me why? because after GA(general anesthesia) he was touching the breast and he was half on that young girl. When our sister saw she was not able to bear what she did she start to beat that surgeon
Me to i abuse him. So Mr. that lady can be your sister or wife or mother. She cannot protect her self if she is under GA. i can tell u so many incident only in hospital. One doctor rape one comatose female patient. Female Nurses are the protection for those sick ladies who are getting admit in hospital. But the people like you sick mind cannot understand the importance of women.
Why God creat a women? why God give right to women 1400 years ago? why God said "illam hasel kerna her Musalman Marrad or orrat per faraz hy".
I am to much surprise in 21century we have still people like you. Now sick people will represent Islam. who don't know nothing. Relay so that's the reason today our religion our great religion is suffering.
Actually i have a lot of things to write but i will not because i did not like to talk with illiterate people even though you have MBBS degree but what i will say you dont have mental maturity.
If you need really evidence how many women in Pakistan, how many are house wife? How many are working? how many sleeping? howmany awake please consult Pakistan govt because they will give you right figure's.
 Reply:   Negligency in Women rights in Islam?
Replied by(jojo) Replied on (2/Feb/2009)

My dear sister i read your feelings for women and the situation if Taliban will rule the Pakistan than Pakistan will no more Pakistan. Because the extremist who called their self tru slamic actually they are not. They represent islam not only in Afghanistan or Pakistan all over the world cruel religion is Islam i am ashamed on that. What they did for Islam only they hurt not only Islam all the Muslim of this world. !st of all i will talk about Taliban. I have some friends from Afghanistan according to them what ever you mention above for the women is true. They never show true Islam epically towards female they like to treat their ladies like animals they beat them iin the road and they never care either that lady is their mother or sister or wife or daughter. If you will read Islam is the only 1st religion who give women rights 1400 years ago. But in the shape of Taliban those are nothing they behave like animal. Dont you thik=nk if they will come than men will be free also no my dear they are use to behave like animals they are use to decorticate the mens to like they are use to shoot in the head of their own ladies in kabul football ground.
They act like God mean they are judging the people. Judging of people is not our job but they do. You know because of their this behavior kafyreen are making poster with abuses to our prophet(PBUH. They are abusing Allah, they are burning our holly Quran which dont have meaning for them. Our profit never convert the non muslims towards islam with gun or with killing f innocent people or with killing or beating ladies on the road. Those people who like them or who are involve in their acts they should know their place better than us because they will be counting as the same sins as Taliban have. Those people who are impress rom their justice they should not be happy to long because they are making them fool, They should think this Talibn kick by USA, Canadian army and even Afghanistan people also are shooting on them. S they are using those fool people as their shelter. But soon when they will know the will feel shame.
Second thing i wanna say here our politions shuld open their mind and eyes and giv the judges their freedom otherwise our people are to much selfish they will care for their self they will even not care to their beloved country so thats the reason very easy to break Pakistan.
3rd i would like to say Pakistan is a Atomic power may they will try to reach their also because they have nothing accept to destroy the peace and the world. They will take revenge from Pakistan and USA and so many places and in their way they will never care the innocent people either male or either female.
4th don't you think their will be a Taliban government in Pakistan USA will kick Taliban and Pakistan than India will not miss a chance to attack on Pakistan on the other half our friend china can aso attack for their own security and these Taliban kidnaped 2 chainez also. If taliban will be in Pakistan than their will be no mre Pakistan. Pakistan will be erased from this world and we will lost our freedom and our beloved country. That will be our punishment because we have selfish people like Wazeeristan who support them and they don't know what they are doing.
On the other half our govt is sleeping either sleeping or either don't want to open eyes. Question is why? Why they are not giving freedom to judge's. I know why because they will be also in jail they act like thief not the patriot. No problem my message to them don't play with the people of Pakistan if all of you have guts show us if you don't have leave the place give some one else.
Hope sister Allah will help all of us.
Their is a need to teach Wazeeristan people and there is a need to shoot the leaders of Taliban.

 Reply:   Typical Propagandist
Replied by(UN) Replied on (2/Feb/2009)

Typical Propagandist!

Still a good script.

I want to know have you lived under Taliban rule? If No then how you got this info about them? from Western Controlled Media i think

Feel sorry for you. You need to be detoxified of Western influence on your brain.

 Reply:   Asher
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (1/Feb/2009)
Don't downplay the importance of a home maker?
Let's keep our emotions and biases aside.

Can you provide any verifiable concrete evidences for your assertions? What is the correct percentage of our female workforce? What is the percentage of working women who have no male relatives? Is Pakistan's economy heavily dependent on women that their removal from such positions will result in an economic recession? e.g Jews control the backbone of USA. They own all the major and powerful institutions that matters i.e Media conglomerates, Federal Reserve Bank, IRS, and so forth. Do Pakistani women have such a crucial contribution to the economy of Pakistan that their removal will cause the collapse of it?

Why do we downplay importance of building a home? Have you completed your evaluation of western societies? Material gain is not the ultimate compass to determine happiness or success. Their overall quality of life should be measures which not only include material possession but security, love, compassion, trust, justice, and so forth. Why in such western countries rate of suicide is so high? Why a 10 year old kid goes on killing sprees at his school? Why mothers throw their own children on to high speed freeways or highways? Why innocent girls are kidnapped, raped and then murdered? Why divorce rate is high? Why a huge percentage of young males resort to violence who were born out-of-wedlock and raised without fathers?

Why don't we impartially study the affect of mothers not able to fulfill their roles because of having full-time jobs specially in the CRUCIAL years of child development? Why don't we research how such "half-baked" cakes perform in practical lives afterwards? Do they contribute to any senseless violence because they didn't feel loved enough?

Well, I know your answer to all these questions would be no. I am not against female workforce but why hire a female worker when a male worker is doing the job efficiently? What unique skill a female workforce is contributing that a man is not? In my tool box, I have a screw driver, a hammer and a chain-saw. All these tools are EQUALLY important. They provide unique functionality which the other tools lack. So, what is it that female workforce are providing that male workforce lack? The success of an organization lies in the better deployment of their workforce: You will not place a competent sales person to become the head of an engineering department or a creative engineer to become an outgoing sales person.

Our religion plays so much emphasis on motherhood and building a home that the responsibility of bringing livelihood fell on the shoulder of men so that women don't have to worry about bringing food on the table. They are then free to focus ALL their energies in nurturing the kids: giving this gift of well-loved, well-adjusted and well-balanced individuals to the society.

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