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Will  India Show Responsibility ?

By Zaheerul Hassan


 Rehman Malik, interior advisor to Prime Minister stated in a Press Conference in Islamabad that terrorist attack in Mumbai was planned in a number of countries including Austria, Spain, Italy, Russia, US and Pakistan but reportedly the attackers had gone to Mumbai from Thata Coast near Karachi. He also revealed that stern actions will be taken against the culprits as per territorial law.   The FIR has been lodged against nine suspects. Six have been taken into custody including the alleged mastermind Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi. The actions of Pakistan clearly depict that government means business and her agencies have carried out proper investigation.  On February 14, 2009 foreign Secretary Salman Bashir briefed foreign envoys on the steps taken by it to cooperate with India in bringing the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice and to eliminate terrorism and militancy. Meanwhile, US and several other countries have welcomed the outcome of Pakistan's probe into the Mumbai incident especially its recognition that the attack was partly planned in Pakistan. US State Department spokesman Robert Wood while addressing the newsmen in Washington declared that Pakistan is committed to do "˜everything in its power' to bring the culprits to justice particularly those "˜living within their borders',


Pakistan has also handed over a dossier to New Delhi to seek answers of 30 questions that have cropped up during the investigations for further probe into the attack. Islamabad has also demanded that Ajmal Kassasb and other persons involved in the Mumbai episode be handed over to it for further and detail interrogation. Pakistan has adopted a constructive, proactive, well-coordinated and coherent regional approach to deal with the Mumbai Issue.
The diplomatic corps and world's leadership illustrated satisfaction over
Pakistan action but on the other hand India is yet to precede father and just doing media warfare against her. Whereas, the responsibility displayed by Pakistan government on   February, 12 2009 do demand reciprocal actions from India too.  She must take steps to stop state terrorism against minorities and Kashmiri. But the current statements of Indian interior and foreign ministers reflect that New Delhi is not serious in cooperating with Pakistan. Therefore it would be the duty of World's community to pressurize India for handing over Col Purohit to Pakistan so that justice be down to the victims of Samjhota Express.  At United Nations Organization should ask so called secular state to ban Hindu Extremists   Groups that is operating under the leadership of Bal Thackeray since more than 200 Millions Muslims, Christens and Sikhs are   targets of Hindu terrorist organization.

 According the media reports, on February 13, 2009 President Zardari chaired a conference in Islamabad which was attended by Prime Minister Gallani, Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) and Lt General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief. The participants of the meeting reviewed the current security situation of the country and post Indian response on Pakistani investigations over Mumbai Attack. ISI chief Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha gave a detailed briefing on the current situation in Swat and FATA and the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to restore normalcy in the troubled areas President Zardari expressed satisfaction with the ongoing actions of against the Taliban, and vowed to eliminate insurgency. He paid tribute to the bravery and patriotism of the members of law enforcement agencies and ISI while saying that many of them had laid their lives on the line and many more had been injured in the line of duty. "They are our heroes," he said. 

In fact India is indulging in anti-Pakistan activities .several training Camps are being maintained all along the western border and is also using these camps as launching pads. She is busy in blame gamming against lonely Islamic nuclear state for destabilizing it. As per Hindustan Times Its extremists parties has started  advocating  the  snapping of all ties with Pakistan and  accused Islamabad of failure to initiate action against perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage and also to hand over wanted terrorists. She further disclosed aimlessly that the country has become vulnerable during the UPA rule, it said, noting that the Mumbai attacks were planned with military precision under the guidance of Pakistani establishments and the ISI.  The point of view of the second largest party in relation to minorities is quite discouraging because it amount to storming terrorism. The point be noted here that Pakistan itself is facing acute terrorism all over its territory. There is a need to find out the actual root cause of the terrorism so that the same be eliminated. The main cause of spreading terrorism in South Asian Region is depriving rights of minorities in India, crushing Muslims, Sikhs and parcies, poverty, lack of education, lack of national interests and new  RAW sponsored sabotages activities in  neighbouring countries.   The reason of unrest in Pakistan and India is Issue of Kashmir. Thus there is a need to resolve Kashmir matter permanently. The composite dialogues should be restarted so that bi-lateral issue be resolved immediately. The termination of peace talks on Kashmir has once again pushed the issue into dark.   

India is the "most dangerous country" in the world.  it has everything from nuclear weapons to extremism which gives "an international migraine". Probably Indian leadership has thought that it is the right time to establish her regional hegemonies under the garb of Mumbai Drama. Bal Thackeray India's Hindu Terrorist too has also asked his government to attack Pakistan without warning.  He also stated that he is proud of extremist Hindu if at all they have launched Mumbai Drama. His statements do reflect the exact mentality of extremist thoughts. Earlier reports are there that US asked Islamabad to allow New Delhi to   attack   some selected targets in Pakistan and later should not retaliate. Whether these reports are correct or incorrect but the fact is that President Zardari, Democratic government and Armed forces chiefs have loudly and clearly stated that Pakistan will retaliate with its full resources incase of any aggression imposed on her. The Pakistani Prime Minster also sounded in a clear tone that any surgical strike by India in response to the Mumbai terror attacks would be seen as an "act of war" and will be dealt accordingly. India has started the proxy wars in the region. The first proxy militia "“ Mukti Bahini in East Pakistan "“ was created and used by India in 1971 to invade Pakistani territory. And again, in Balochistan, India and the Soviets created and armed a Baloch 'liberation army'. Then in 1989 the Americans left Afghanistan and ran away, leaving Pakistan to worry about the results.

In short, it's difficult to bring peace without settling the regional issues for example, Kashmir, water conflicts. It may be recalled that David Miliband during his recent visit to India had called for resolution of the long-standing Kashmir dispute to bring lasting peace to the region. Concluding the discussion on the subject, I will like to suggest the political Pundits to pressurize Indian government and ask her to cooperate with Pakistan in elimination of regional terrorism. At the end I just say that Pakistan is determined to eradicate the problems but her rival is not serious in resolving the issue.


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