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1,000 Pakistanis will die this week


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(Report by Sajjad Ahmad - July 30, 2010): There would be more than 1,000 Pakistanis who would have to die this week, either by natural or by human disasters. If we look at the statistics from last 5 days, we will come to know that more than 800 people are died and 584 injured since July 26.


Starting from Monday, July 26, 2 adults died and 8-year-old girl injured when an electricity poll dilapidated due to heavy rains in Umar Kot. 19 others died and 11 went missing during flood in Barkhan. 1 woman, a 10-year-old child and 2 men died, when a coaster went off the road in Mirpur Khas, injuring 30 others.


2 men shot to death and one injured in two separate incidents in Quetta. 9 killed including 3 policemen, while 22 injured in a suicide bomb blast in Nowshehra. 1 man killed and 1 injured in Mandi Bahauddin in a firing incident. 1 FC personal died and one policeman injured when terrorists opened fire on check post in Peshawar. 3 others got killed and 4 injured in target killing incidents in Karachi. 2 sisters killed in Toba Taik Singh.


In a military raid on terrorists’ outfits in Orakzai Agency, Pakistani security forces killed 14 militants.


In Occupied Kashmir, Tariq Dar is tortured to death by Indian forces at Panzala in Rafiabad area of Baramulla district.


On Tuesday, July 27, Another Kashmir youth, Mohammad Ramzan, martyred by Indian forces in Marwah area of the Kishtwar district during a siege and search operation in Occupied Kashmir.


2 men died in Karachi by electricity, during heavy rains. 4 women injured by snake biting in RajanPur. Another man died with electricity during rain in Karachi.


30 terrorists killed and 25 other injured in a military raid by security forces in Waziristan. 2 men killed and one injured in target killing incident in Karachi. 11-year-old Hina lost her life during police encounter in Karachi. 3 tribesmen killed and 6 injured when two tribes opened fire on each on land dispute in Kurram Agency.


On Wednesday, July 28, 152 people are died when Islamabad bound Air Blue plane crashed in Margalla hills. 5 men injured in different accidents on Indus highway. 5 men including 2 children injured in Vihari, when a wall dismantled due to heavy rains. 43 people died due to heavy rains and flood in different incidents throughout Khyber. 2 women and 2 children died and 6 injured when a house demolished in Karachi due to sub-standard construction. In Sakardu, 4 people including 2 girls and a mother died, when their car fell in the river. 6 people, including 3 girls and their mother had been killed in family dispute in Dipalpur.


On Thursday, July 29, Over 300 people died and around 50 people injured due to heavy rains and floods throughout Khyber province, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit & Baltistan. One person died and another injured, when a building collapsed in Peer Wadhai, Rawalpindi. 2 children died, when house demolished in Saloki due to flood in Chenab River. 3 others died when a passenger van fell in the river. 3 Chinese engineers also died in Kohistan due to heavy rains and flood. These Chinese engineers were working on the hydropower project.


In Quetta, 1 person died and another injured in a grenade attack. 2 people died in target killing incident in Karachi, while one woman injured. In Bolan, 1 policeman died and 2 other injured in a road accident. In other accident near Bahawalpur, 8 people died and 42 injured, when a bus went out of control.


Today on 30th July, 21 people including many women died in Upper Dir, due to lightning this morning. 5 died and 12 injured in Bajour. In Azad Kashmir, Gilgit & Baltistan and in Khyber, around 150 people died and nearly 347 injured. These are in addition to those who died in heavy rains and floods in last 24 hours. 2 more died in Tonsa when electricity wires fell on the ground.


5 people are injured in Lahore, when a high-speed bus hit a car parked in the parking slot. 3 people died in different firing incidents in Karachi, while 1 died in traffic accident near Islamabad.


Thsee statistics are constructed by MTT from data, collected through various sources including news reports in different newspapers, press releases and briefings on floods and rains by concerned departments etc.


According to the statistics, 808 people are died so far in last five days, while 584 are injured in various incidents. These incidents mainly include Air Blue plane crash in Margalla hills, heavy rains and floods through out the country, Kashmiri uprising in Occupied Kashmir, road accidents and military operations by Pakistani security forces in Northern Pakistan.


560 out of 808 are died due to heavy rains and floods, which also injured 436 people in last five days. While in traffic incidents and plane crash, 166 people died and 84 injured. 36 people got killed and 39 injured in different parts of the country mainly in target killing incidents and family disputes. 44 terrorists had also been killed and 25 others are injured in different military operations in Waziristan during last 5 days. Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir also killed at least 2 Kashmiri youths.


Though the current wave of heavy rains is over, according to the Federal Flood Commission. However, more monsoon rains are expected during next 72 hours. At this time, there are high floods with rising tendencies at Chashma Reservoir in Indus River, at Warsak & Nowshera in Kabul River and at Marala & Khanki in Chenab River. In addition to these, there are also medium floods with rising tendencies at Tarbela Reservoir & Kalabagh in Indus River and at Mangla Reservoir in Jehlum River. There is also a medium flood, though with falling tendency, at Marala in Chenab River.


Sajjad Ahmad
Publisher & Editor
Rawalpindi – Pakistan

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