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 Foreign Hands Eliminated Baloch  Leaders ?

By Zaheerul Hassan


Anti Pakistan forces supported by foreign hands became more active in achieving their set objective of separation of Balochistan after foreseeing their defeat in Afghanistan, FATA, Bajaur and Swat.   Deliberate efforts of anti Pakistan block regarding creation of Greater Balochistan is under its way and reached on its peak after elimination of three nationalist leaders. Now it’s the responsibility of patriotic politicians, and media to feel their responsibility to unveil the actual conspiracy of disintegration of our mother land. The electronic media should not act as fueling instrument of further igniting   the situation.  The political leadership and media should play their role to defuse the situation by narrating actual facts behind the plot against Pakistan. They must reveal the possible motives and objectives of interior and exterior anti Pakistan elements. The events leading to the current situation speeded up when a possible shape of map of Pakistan in 2015 was shown in various newspapers and on electronic channels of some foreign media. In fact it was an intentional effort of injecting the idea of Greater Balochistan in general masses.  Sorry to say that our some of electronic media channels and so called journalists like Saleem Shahzad have started projecting and defending Jews and Indian point of view. Some of the analysis’s    failed to comprehend the actual root causes of the problem and indirectly started playing in the hands of anti Pakistan channels and media pundits. Baloch nationalist’s leaders by design started maligning Pakistani intelligence agencies on the instruction of their launchers countries (US and India)


 According to local   sources, the mysterious kidnapping and killing of three Baloch Nationalist’s Leaders Ghulam Muhammad, Chairman BNM, Lala Munir District President BNM Panjgoor and Sher Muhammad Baloch, General Secretary of BRP at Turbat on 9th April 2009 has drawn extremely adverse reactions through out the country, particularly in Balochistan. Political leaders, media and prominent members of the civil society across the  country  have divided into two,  one   expressed resentment over the incident whereas true and loyal leadership of the federal as well provincial government has not only strongly condemned the killings but the PM has also ordered a judicial inquiry into the incident. Taking suo motu notice of the killings, a division bench of the Balochistan High Court has also summoned the Home Secretary and concerned police officers on 16 Apr 2009. The provincial government has meanwhile formed a tribunal headed by a High Court Judge to probe the case.  However, local media influenced by the nationalists are giving negative projection to the incident and leveling unfounded allegations of the incident against LEAs/ Intelligence agencies. In this regard the nationalists’ elements are propagating the so called affiliation of killed leaders with the Quam Dost Committee set up to probe the case of the missing persons and their role in recovery of UN official John Solecki to implicate the security agencies. The actual facts and open truth in this case is that these so called leaders used to involve in anti state activities and very much part of terrorist’s organizations supported by RAW. India has totally diverted her whole efforts towards Pakistan after getting horrible defeat in Sri Lanka. Washington too is supporting these sparest movement of Balochistan since her basic interests of stopping Pak- China project of  developing Gawadar Port was failed  . Therefore now as a last attempt, US have now started promoting the insurgency in Balochistan with the help of our traditional rival India.

The nationalist’s elements at the behest of opposing elements are all out to capitalize on the situation for achievement of their ulterior motives by creating law and order problem in the province, besides drawing attention of the world community and international media to further their separatist agenda. On 12 April Attaullaha Mengal Ex chief minister while attending a discussion forum of  Express Channel demanded the rights of self determination on the line of Kashmiri which reflect the actual motives  of such type anti state leaders.

DG ISPR on 9th April 2009 in a statement has strongly condemned the brutal murder of the Baloch leaders, categorically denied involvement of intelligence agencies in the incident and asked the people to wait for the outcome of judicial inquiry instead of casting aspersions on the security agencies.

 It is worth mentioning here that the incident should also be seen in the background of the recent visit of the President to the province in which he had not only promised to look into all the genuine demands of the nationalists but also allocated a generous sum of Rs.46.6 billion for development purposes. While the government sincerely is interested in bringing Balochistan insurrection to an end, other non-state actors are bent on undermining all chances of reconciliation.  Thus forces activated and made a plan to fail the positive efforts and steps of the government considering these as obstacles in their way of separatist’s movements. On the other hands preliminary investigation reveal number of possible Connects of these murder like: (one) Personal Enmity.  Ghulam Muhammad had an old enmity with his ex father-in-law Haji Sharif who had lodged an FIR against him. Haji Sharif was planning to target him since long. (One), Tussle within BNM, Tussle and grouping within BNM as well as with other nationalist parties had taken place in recent past. Efforts of these individuals to take lead role were taken as threat by some people within party. Killing may be result of the internal political rivalry of the nationalist parties/ leaders.(Three) Iranian Connection, in that all the three killed Baloch leaders recently visited Iran (few months back) and tried to unite Iranian Baloch under their political platform. On this account, they received negative response from the Iranian community and were also on the hit list of Iranian Intelligence. (Four)  Possibility of their elimination by Jundullah could not be ruled out whose stance is totally against the separatist stance followed by sub nationalist of Balochistan. Apparently   the individuals were purporting/ propagating themselves to be the mediators/ facilitators in the case of kidnapped UN official John Solecki but some facts about the deal are:(one) The killed leaders were actually involved in the kidnapping being members of the gang and Ghulam Muhammad was negotiating the deal on both ends.(two) After negotiating the deal of release of UN official, they had received huge ransom directly from US authorities.(three) Members of the kidnapping gang could be behind these killings due to dispute over distribution of ransom money.

The Indian RAW Angle cannot be ruled out since she is supporting anti federation Baloch elements in Balochistan with   sanctuaries, funds arms, ammunition and other logistics support is not hidden but has been confined by outside neutral sources also. For example: - Ms Christine Fair, a former Rand scholar, has recently stated: “Having visited the Indian mission in Zahedan, Iran, I can assure you they are not issuing visas as the main activity! Moreover, India has run operations from its mission in Mazar Sharif (through which it supported the Northern Alliance) and is likely doing so from the other consulates, it has reopened consulates in Jalalabad and Kandahar along the border. Indian officials have told me privately that they are pumping money into Balochistan”. So one suspicion is that India could be “responding” to what it alleges are the recent Pakistan-planned acts of terrorism in India.  Notwithstanding above, involvement of Indians in fanning unrest/ supporting separatist elements in Balochistan is an open secret. Braham Dagh Bugti is openly supported by Indians and has established Ferrari Camps in Balochistan/Afghanistan in connivance with RAW and has a strong/ wide terrorist network in Balochistan. He might be behind this incident to sabotage the government’s peace efforts / installation of new Bugti Chief.

Now some true facts about Ghulam Muhammad, Chairman, BNM malicious activities in Balochistan, (One) He was a staunch sub nationalist leader and had been BSO president. (Two)  Later in 2002 he become Chairmen BNM and used the death of Nawab Akbar Bughti to promote his sub nationalist politics. (Three) He openly supported militant activities of BLA/ BLF against security forces and settlers of Balochistan. (Four) He was also appointed as Secretary General under BNF platform (Group of sub-nationalists parties). (Five)  Ghulam Muhammad’s negative and anti state indoctrination influenced a large number of populations in Mekran Division. (Six)  Ghulam Muhammad had been charged in various FIRs for carrying out attacks on FC troops and destruction to public/ Government property. (Seven)  The individual maintained anti state stance and openly rejected federal authority. He used to recruit militants for Baloch Liberation Force/      Baloch Liberation Army. He was working on and execution of a strategy for eliminating and forcing out settler communities particularly Punjabis from Makran. He also spread hatred towards government among masses.  The numbers of FIR were registered against him in those he was nominated openly accused for notorius activities some of FIR on records:  Attack on Frontier Corps. 12/ 05 – Police Station Mand, Laying of anti tank mine. 12/ 06 – Police Station Mand, Destruction of         Government/ Public Property.  163/ 06 – Police Station Turbat, Destruction of Government/ Public Property. 179/ 06 – Police Station Turbat, Attack on Frontier Corps. 36/ 08 – Police Station Mand, Attack on Frontier Corps. 17/ 09 – Police Station Panjgoor, Attempt to murder case (Haji Sharif). 12/ 09 – Police Station Mand,

Similarly, Lala Munir, District President BNM, Panjgoor was also a notorious personality of the area .  He was a strong sub nationalist leader of Panjgoor District and was a close friend of Ghulam Muhammad. He had effectively organized the network of BNM in Panjgoor as District President BNM and was actively involved in staging anti state processions/ demonstrations besides creating prejudice/ hatred towards Punjabis/ other settlers.  He was nominated in various FIRs on charges of attacking FC troops and destruction of public/ government property. Two cases against him were registered against him, which were Attack on Police/ Destruction of Public/ Government Property.  106/ 06 – Police Station Panjgoor and Attack on Frontier Corps Camp Panjgoor.  17/ 09 – Police Station Panjgoor Third, so called hero  ( Sher Muhammad)  was basically the resident of Chan Bahar Iran, but spent his childhood and later part in Mand, Turbat and Karachi.  He was charged under a case in District Panjgoor for firing on FC troops under FIR 17/ 09 of Police Station Panjgoor.

Concluding, I must say that American and Indian dream of capturing the region will not be fulfilled because Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, and central Asian States are well aware of their hegemonic design but there is a definite need of taking proactive measures against the malicious Plan of New Delhi. Balochistan Liberation Army has killed 248 innocent Individuals form October till today which include poor Kashmiris, Punjabi and Pakhtunes. Pakistan government should take firm steps in handling the issue intelligently. The media should show the actual faces of so called nationalist leaders like Sardar Mengal and others, who are playing in the hands of American and India.  Political top brass should sit and get together with a view to fight the Pakistan battle first rather than discussing petty issues.

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