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CIA’s New   Strategy of Maligning ISI By Zaheerul Hassan

 Just after the announcement of new strategy on Afghan Issue, Three top class American leaders, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Richard Holbrook, Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Army General David Petraeus, head of the US Central Command, said that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence service had links to militants on both its western border with Afghanistan and its eastern border with India.

These leaders leveled baseless allegations against Pakistan intelligence agencies while saying that ISI’s links specifically to the Al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani militant network to the forces of Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Pentagon chief’s and Gates comments came after President Barack Obama policy on Afghanistan. Obama revealed in an interview with a media Progrmme “Face the nation “that his ground forces will not enter into Pakistan territory while chasing the militants. Moreover targets inside Pakistan will be neutralized in collaboration with Islamabad.

The statements of American’s leadership and Obama depicting double face since President and his CIA has adopted a new strategy of maligning Pakistan Intelligence agency. The currant Washington stance regarding war on terror gives two results, either president and its government are working in two different directions or tarnishing the image of ISI purposely with a view to weaken Pakistan.

On 29, 2009 ISPR rejected allegations against the ISI, published in a section of the international media New York Times. He stressed that these contentions of US are totally baseless and mala fide. “The commitment of Pakistan in fighting terrorism can be judged from the sacrifices rendered by its security forces, including the intelligence organisations,” he said in a statement issued here. “Such unauthenticated reports are part of a malicious campaign to discredit and bring disrepute to our security organisations. We, therefore, reject the allegations”, the spokesman added.

It is unfortunate part of the war on terror game that CIA is altogether working on some different agenda. She has started playing and bluffing Obama as per her past experience of providing false information to Former President Bush on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Similar approach is being now adhered in Afghanistan too.Basically CIA has its own plan of creating instability in South Asia particularly in Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Sri Lanka. ISI is one of the strongest and patriotic intuition which is guarding national interests. ISI probably has translated the actual motive of CIA, RAW and RAAM against Pakistan and others ASEAN countries. Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Army General David Petraeus are extensions of former US government, thus statues quos is maintained and no visible change has yet been noticed on ground regarding Afghanistan.

Pakistan security and intelligence agencies has suffered more losses than American and foreign troops deployed in Afghanistan since 9/11. The current wave of terrorism in the country is directly linked with the overt and covert strategy of CIA and its sister’s organizations against Pakistan. Attacks on Police Training center Manawa & Sri Lankan Team in Lahore, Suicide attack on a mosque in Khyber Agency were carried out just after the conclusion of Swat Pact and settlement of Chief Justice Problem are clear indications of involvement of India in collaboration with CIA.

Holbrook already claimed that assistance from neighbouring countries will be taken to finish terrorism in Afghanistan. Here I would like to comment that what a simple strategy, method and view point and stance being taken by America over Afghan Issue. Other than US, the only affected countries in war against terror are Pakistan, Afghanistan Iraq and to some extent Iran. But dragging China and using India and Israel in the Afghan issues depict the ill motive of US policy. The aim of CIA and her allies are to keep Pakistan in trouble and defaming ISI only. In fact poor coordination among NATO ? members is one of the major reasons of current instability in Afghanistan. They are using Pakistan and ISI as their escape goat.

The success of President Barack Obama’s new war strategy depends heavily on factors beyond his control because of irresponsible attitude shown by US top leadership and her agency (CIA). The only way of resolving afghan issue and elimination of terrorism in the world is that trust be shown over allies, cooperation with each others and respect the sovereignty of Pakistan. At the same time CIA should stop backing RAW, RAAM and Mossad those are actively busy in spreading anarchy in Pakistan.

So far entire war on terror is the reflection of protecting American’s interests only since Sept 11, 2001. Obama set the country on a path that is likely to require far more help from the rest of the world than it took for President George W Bush to turn around the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama said that a vital ingredient in his formula for success will be reconciliation among at least some adversaries within the country. But at the same time reconciliation carried out by Pakistan with local Taliban is not acceptable to US,”what a double Standard “.

However, CIA is working 280 degree opposite to it. The word about Taliban commander’s connection with ISI would be considered as a mud spraying efforts of CIA. Yes, I do acknowledge here that CIA and ISI were working against Russian incursion in 80s to protect their respective national interests. Both the agencies were having links with various Taliban Groups and also exploited these too. Bush too declared these Taliban as war heroes. Both the agencies have worked for their national interests so no crib but maligning ISI and Pakistan Security agencies is just an effort of creating instability, sabotaging democracy and targeting peaceful nuclear programme.

Jews are controlling 60% of world media. CIA is using media as her tool for propagating against Pakistan. Some of Western electronic and print particularly Americans media jumped into the support of self-generated cold war of notorious Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) against Pakistani Intelligence Agency (ISI). The current campaign against ISI is part of media trial of Pakistan and its security agencies. Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit also said that the report published by the New York Times “missed the essential fact of robust cooperation and engagement between Pakistan, Afghanistan, the US and other countries in counter-terrorism efforts”.According to the reports, The Times and New York Times are being totally sponsored by the lobby which is taking care of Mossad, CIA and raw interests. Their credibility on the world forum beyond any doubt is questionable, biased and one sided.

CIA has adopted a multi-directional approach to targeting ISI, as usually its allied agencies, RAW, Khad and Mossad are assisting the US intelligence agency covertly in the completion of their agenda of destabilizing this region. The malicious operating roles of the revealed agencies against Pakistan, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Iran, Middle East countries and Sri Lanka are totally now an open secret game because of their common interests of containing the emerging super power like Russia and China to get hold of the future markets.

American leadership is deliberately closing her eyes on the actual root causes of their failures in war on terror .Washington-led block believes that their political economic goals can only be achieved through targeting the opponents’ intelligence agencies, launching puppet governments of their own choice, destroying important institutions, assassinating popular political leadership and creating unrest and destabilization in the developing countries particularly in Asia.

CIA in collaboration with Raw and Mossad are engaged in disturbance creation plan in ASEAN and Arab countries. In the recent past, Raw with the help of her master agency CIA staged plots while carrying out attacks, on Sri Lanka Team, Police Training Center Lahore, Bangladesh mutiny, and suicidal mission after the Swat pacts to implement her new strategy. Concluding the discussion, I must say that Government of Pakistan might be well aware of this move of an international conspiracy to target the ISI. The political leadership should convey to US authorities about the repercussion of propaganda against Pakistan, her security forces and sensitive organization. Washington must know that non stoppage of such type campaign against ISI will cause damage to the war against terror. Pakistan’s political leadership must take step to guard against the potent threat to the country’s security. US think-tanks should ask their leadership to curtail the activities of CIA if they want to go for real peace in the world
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