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Taliban Militancy "“ Pak Security Forces Means Business by By Zaheerul Hassan
According to the media reports and credible sources, Pakistan Security Forces has killed more than 1000 militants, hundred of insurgents suffered serious injuries and many arrested too in the recent anti militancy drive of Swat and FATA areas. During the ongoing operations, huge quantity of ammunition, latest weapons, number of training camps and hideouts of the terrorists have been destroyed. On May 17, 2009 Pakistan Security forces have been entered into Matta (Swat village) and are fighting the battle of Pakistan bravely and courageously. The whole nation is backing her forces against terrorism. Taliban has now realized that Security Forces means business and determined to eradicate them from the area. It is encouraging too that operation has been planned and is being conducted purely by Pakistani Security Agencies and heavy losses are being inflicted on the Taliban in terms of men and material. The operation started when foreign sponsored Taliban refused to adhere the state's law despite that NWFP government has acknowledge the demands of enforcing Shariat Law in Swat and Malakand Agency . On MAY 15, 2009 Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani while addressing the national Assembly expressed that future of military operation in Swat and Malakand will continue till complete whipping out of the terrorists and establishing government writ in the area. Prime Minister appreciated too the Military efforts and sacrifices of security forces during the war against terrorism. He also added that the whole nation is standing firmly shoulder to shoulder with the armed Forces and ready to fight the foreign sponsored terrorism.

On May 15, 2009, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani briefed all the national political parties attending in camera meeting held at the Prime minister's House. COAS, DG ISI, Lt General Pasha and his staff gave the complete picture and latest situation of the Swat operation. In turn the political top brass has assured their full support and cooperation in the ongoing offensive against militants in western parts of the country. As we all knew that Swat situation has been converted into grave security threat to the sovereignty of Pakistan and security forces have been directed to carry out operation to meet the threat to our sovereignty. But unfortunately there are some religious' elements including Imran Khan have started creating hurdles in the way of reinstating government writ by opposing the military operation. I really failed to understand that why particularly Mulana Munwar Hassan, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Mulana Fazulur Rehman and Imran Khan are reluctant to play their positive role of eradication of militancy . Why they are criticizing military operation once almost whole nation has the desire of get rid of the militancy and stood against the Taliban? And why these leaders are helping in promoting Talibanization and thus indirectly fulfilling American agenda of creating instability in the country. It is also notable here that some of the leaders like Khawaja Saad Rafique are too crying and shedding tears on the TV for killing of Taliban and are reluctant to acknowledge the sacrifices of the brave soldiers of our security forces and Why are they supporting terrorism on the name of negotiations . I would like to request them to please for God sake start supporting Pak forces in eradicating of militancy openly and stop backing extremists .Taliban are causing instability in the country and same is being done by the American and its allies too. Thus, reluctance of supporting security forces will be taken as historical mistake of so called national leaders. I think either these leaders have failed to weigh the war or does not comprehend the sensitivity of the issue at this crucial juncture of time. They are unintentionally facilitating the plans of anti Pakistan forces and agencies like RAW, RAAM, CIA and Mossad. I do appreciate our media that have realized the critical time on Pakistan and supporting Security Forces now. Here, I would like to suggest to our media to show true faces of the self composed Mujjaddin and so called national leaders who have put a side national interests and playing in the hands of their foreign masters. At this perilous occasion, the parliamentary leaders of the political parties' general masses, media, and government must reiterate their vow to defend the country's sovereignty at all cost and praised the role of the forces under the prevailing security.

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has also visited the valley and vowed to flush out militancy from the area. He met with field commanders and troops taking part in the operation. The COAS appreciated the high morale of the troops and rightly claimed that our security forces will defeat militancy from Swat and remaining part of the country. Anti Pakistan forces are also making use of this opportunity to force a long desired two front war scenario on us. Thus, Pentagon, western countries and their media started showing concerned while saying that Pakistan Nukes can go into the ends of Taliban in case of fall of Islamabad and similarly some high officials of US defence authority also offered to train our professional Pakistan Army. In this context an article "˜" U.S. has plan to secure Pakistan Nukes if country falls to Taliban" was published on Stratfor. The article revealed that special commando units of Joint Special Operation Command have the tasks of taking over and securing Nukes Arsenal in case of paralyses of Pakistan.

On the other hand on May 17, 2009 President Obama while addressing a news conference in White House said Pakistan Armed Forces has the capability of protecting the nuclear assets but at the same time also said that all options have to be kept open. Such type of statements of American top brass once our security forces are committed in elimination of militancy is not understood and would be taken as defaming Pakistan, its forces and intelligence agencies. Therefore Swat operation is genuinely a huge test for the nation, government and security forces.

On May 17, 2009 Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani while commenting on remarks from various quarters on the level of Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) training of the Pakistani troops and about their shifting from eastern borders has said that Pakistani Army does not require any generalised foreign training for countering insurgency, except for much specialised weapons, equipment and high technology. He also maintained that strategic decisions regarding where, when and how many troops were deployed in each operation or sector was always a Pakistani decision, based on objective analysis and "our full understanding of threat spectrum". President, Prime Minister and foreign office spokesman too categorically rejected western media campaign and American concern over Pakistan nukes and said that our Army is capable enough to protect our nuclear assets.

Major General Athar Abbas, Director General Inter Services Public Relations expressed in various press briefing that Security Forces are trying to reinstate peace in Swat, Matta and Mangora. He added that forces have also entered in the towns of local militants heads. General said that the security forces are hopeful of establishing peace in the Swat valley and would not let these militants succeed in their designs. Earlier he also discarded the BBC report over and declared it rubbish.

The inhabitants of Swat and Malakand valleys were in the state of horror and panic as a result of the radical's ruthless actions. So far more than 1700 girls school have been destroyed, as a result of current Swat operation over 25 lacs individuals have been internally displaced which are being settled in Peshawar, Noshera, Mardan, Swabi and other parts of the countries. Pakistan would be requiring $600 to $800 to tackle the world's largest internal exodus of 2.5 million people in the wake of full scale war against terrorists in Malkand Division. More than 1000 troops have scarified their lives in eradication of militancy from FATA and Swat area. On the name of religion, militants were hanging the bodies on trees and shooting down innocent people. These belligerents are in the possession of rocket launchers, mines, anti crafts guns, ammunition and modern guns along with latest vehicles. These are being funded from across and drug trafficking smugglers . I feel not any hesitation while saying that militants and their so called leaders are being sponsored and launched in FATA, Swat and other areas by RAW with the tenet support of CIA and Mossad. The unrest of Baluchistan, Bajuar and political instability are directly linked with the present militancy of Swat. The malevolent propaganda of Jews media is targeting Pakistan Military Forces, its agencies and nuclear assets to hit Pakistani solidarity since their masters knew that direct attack on our country is not possible. In short operation Swat is being progressing well and nation has been awakened and now asking her forces for rooting out the militancy on permanent basis. "Ulema Musiakh" (Islamic Scholars) Convention and "Grand Jerga" held at Islamabad and Peshawar have condemned the Taliban militancy and have also gave "FATWA" (act against Islamic teaching) against the suicidal missions and declared it illegal ("Haram"). They favoured the on going operation and vowed to fight against Taliban shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan Security Forces. Concluding, I must say that there is a need to display solidarity against common enemy of the society and government should also make a plan of developing the region. The war against terrorism must be concluded till its ultimate end and no negotiation are recommended till de-weaponization of the area.

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