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Donate for struggle against martial law in Pakistan


This is formal finance appeal by Labour Party Pakistan for donations. We need your moral, social, political and economical support for our struggle against martial law in Pakistan .


Since the imposition of "emergency" the real name is martial law, over 10,000 political and social activists are behind bars all over Pakistan . Thousands more are in underground. All the private television channels who were broadcasting news bulletins are banned and are off the air.


Hundreds of advocates have been arrested and tortured. Those judges who did not abide by the new repressive constitutional order have been detained in their houses. Their children are not allowed to go the schools and doctors not allowed to visit the ailing judges. 


Police is not allowing any public or indoor meetings of any section of the society opposed to the military dictatorship. Most of the political leaders of opposition parties are under house arrest or in jails. It is total dark period in the history of Pakistan .


This is 32nd year of 60 years of partition of the Indian subcontinent under military rule in Pakistan . General Musharaf has been in power since October 1999. All his claims of restoring democracy in gradual manner are just a farce.  Bu imposing martial law on 3rd November 2007, there is more dictatorship than democracy in Pakistan .


Labour Party Pakistan is small radical political party fighting for democracy since General Musharaf has taken over. Hundreds of its activists have been in jail for the crime of fighting for democracy.  At present chairperson of Labour Party Pakistan is in jail and general secretary in hiding trying to organize the movement.


LPP is launching this finance appeal to raise funds to enhance the struggle against the military regime. We would like to help the political prisoners in all aspects, not only of LPP but all from the movement. The funds will help develop the underground work of political and social activists to continue their efforts to build the movement. The donations will enable us to develop the printing material needed for the movement. It will help develop the literature and information material for the movement. It will help to coordinate the different activities against the military regime. It will develop more coordinated information spreading to all those interested in the movement.


In Solidarity,


Farooq Tariq

General Secretary

Labour Party Pakistan


Please contact the following for the donations




Labour Party Pakistan

40 Abbot Road, Lahore Pakistan


Please send a cross check on the name of Labour Party Pakistan at the above address or send on line to the following,


Account holder: Labour Party Pakistan

Account number 2679-3

Muslim Commercial Bank

Beadon Road Lahore , Pakistan


For Australia , New Zeeland and Asian region


Solidarity With Asia Pecific (ASAP)

 Peoples Power Fighting Fund:

Commonwealth Bank. BSB: 062026. Account number: 1006 0743.

For more information phone Sue Bolton ( Melbourne ) 0413 377 978; Peter Boyle ( Sydney ) 0401 760 577; Paul Benedek ( Brisbane ) 0410 629 088



  Sweden , Norway Denmark

Farooq Sulehria
Vöstertorpsv 85   129 46.Hägersten. Sweden

Mob 00 46 709 305 436



  UK :

Phil Frampton





Labor Militant Voice

Richard Mellor



Ahmad Shawki

Ahmed Shawki is an Arab American socialist activist and journalist, the editor of the International Socialist Review and a leader of the International Socialist Organization. He also serves on the steering committee of the National Council of Arab-Americans



France and rest of Europe


Pierre Rousset


Checks payable to ESSF :
ESSF, 2 rue Richard-Lenoir, 93100 Montreuil , France .


Bank name and address    Crédit lyonnais
Agence de la Croix-de-Chavaux (00525)
10 boulevard de Chanzy 93100 Montreuil  France

International bank references :

IBAN : FR85 3000 2005 2500 0044 5757 C12  BIC / SWIFT : CRLYFRPP

National bank details (RIB) : Bank : 30002, Sorting code 00525
Account number : 0000445757C, Key : 12       Account holder : ESSF


Tarek Fateh

Toronto, Canada

Mobile: 416-953-1798


Tarek Fatah  is a secular Muslim Canadian political activist, writer and TV host. Founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress , Fatah's advocacy for a separation of religion and state, opposition to Sharia law, and "progressive" form of Islam has met with considerable controversy from other Canadian Muslim groups, such as the Canadian Islamic Congress.


Farooq Tariq
general secretary
Labour Party Pakistan
40-Abbot Road Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: 92 42 6315162 Fax: 92 42 6271149  Mobile: 92 300 8411945, 

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