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PTI, Electricity Theft & Abid Ali Sher

A- Haq, London

Some people use the title of Sher (tiger) and consider themselves to be real lions. Will the people also start calling them to be tigers, brave and courageous? They may be behaving jackals like timid. Just like the jackals that eat the remains of the lions’ food as a habit, so many a false tigers (jackals) in the society who live on the repute of the others. The blame other reputed people with a view to get false repute. I am pointing towards Minister of Water and Power Abid Sher Ali.

I must explain without delay that I am personally not a supporter of the PTI before I narrate the incident. A few week ago one tiger clan member, an exponent of the Tiger Group (Nawaz League) Minister for Water and Power launched a blame campaign against the Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa Government for corruption and electricity theft. Media and the public revolved around him and his statements. The accusations were exposed when he returned from his foreign visit from UK. Social media is gradually becoming a new power as it is the battle field of the political parties these days. When the two sides started accusing each other on the social media, pics of Abid Sher Ali buying at the most expensive shopping centre, were put on the media. These shopping centres are so expensive that even the British citizen earning in pounds think a thousand times before buying something from these shopping centres. I am here refereeing to Harrods and Selfridges. Abid Sher Ali is among my acquaintances but what should I do to see Pakistan touching the lower stages of poverty and its public leaders spending lavishly on common things. He had gone on a personal tour to Uk but to save his skin from queries why he had gone there, he started blaming PTI. Whether PTI is in fact committed theft of electricity or not will be decided by the court but it appears that Abid Sher Ali had apprehended the culprits while sitting abroad. He had started accusing PTI the very next day he had landed in Pakistan from his UK tour.

If you just look at the pictures you can yourself judge the reliability of the accusations of the person who belongs to the poor country but is himself busy in lavish shopping and huge parties with friends.    A true ruler acknowledges his mistakes. Abid Ali should have blamed himself before pointing figure on anybody else.

Pakistan is a country that is stuck in middle of a whirlpool of problems related with water and power but her Minister is involved in spending time and money in the most expensive parts of foreign countries like UK. The public is crying for clean drinking water, water for irrigation and load-shedding of electricity but the minister is busy in photo sessions with friends, no simple coffee or tea can quench his appetite except Costa coffee. Such like politicians promise to solve all problems and control all issues as if they had a powerful wand enough to change the course of events. They claim to own a second name if they could not so as they said---- (if I don’t do it with in this certain time; name me differently). They perhaps like shifting their names as do they shift their loyalties. The people’s problems are increasing by and by as are increasing their appetite to become spendthrifts. They are least embarrassed to see Pakistan in the quagmire of issues. How can they correct; they are playing on the fate of the innocent public wilfully. In the UK Abid Sher Ali, was afraid to face the media and avoided their calls because he could not defend himself. Even when top ranking journalists tried to contact him for an interview he avoided giving any response.  Politicians like him are in politics by trade and not by commitment. How far such politicians are honourable can be easily decided. They are in fact the black sheep of the society and traitors who are thriving on the loot money from the exchequer.

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