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High Commissioner of Pakistan Wajid Shams Ul Hassan or Muhammad Shah Rangeela

News about Pakistan High Commission, London urged me for writing
something. After a long time I put pen once again with this hope,
perhaps today’s independent and liberal media join me in raising the
voice of truth.

According to the news published with a section of British media,
‘Pakistan High Commission in London issued one year’s duration
passport to an illegal immigrant who already had fake passport and
applied for new one after lost the first one. I want to point out that
such type of elements ever involved in anti state activities.

And the British media fulfill its duty and proved its nationalism
through publishing of this news. But our representatives (High
Commissioner) who have duel nationality have not any sense of such
type of things, he is habitual of issuing orders as a King.

Like this matter, in which the high commissioner ordered for issuing a
manual passport rather than computerized. He didn’t bothered necessary
rules and regulations and everyone is amazed about the person for whom
the high commissioner ruled out every thing and didn’t bothered any
rule and regulation.

While on the other hand, ordinary people witnessed uncountable hurdles
in the building of high Commission, for getting their passports/visas
even they have all necessary documents.

I can challenge, if authorities check the records at high commission
then such type of several more incidents can exposed. Like officials
issued Pakistani visas to the persons whose names were included in
Black List by the Pakistan government. Several times, high commission
didn’t bother the policy of Pakistan information ministry and issued
visas to journalist.

The reasons behind all abovementioned irregularities are his (high
commission officials) personal relations and friendships. He even
didn’t bother the rules and regulation for fulfilling the desires of
his non Pakistani friends, without thinking that his act can how much
harmful for Pakistan’s respect and solidarity.

Like I wrote earlier, high commissioner Wajid Shams Ul Hassan believed
himself a king and the building of Pakistan High Commission as his
territory, where he don’t want to hear NO and habitual to say a
sentence ‘It should be done in moments’ with his all orders and
subordinates obey him while knowing that they are doing wrong only for
the sake of their jobs and careers.

Hypocrisy or fulfilling the desires of friends is not matter. The
matter is that why he (high Commissioner) putting the respect and
solidarity of Pakistan on stake. Not a single time such type of news
published with foreign media before Wajid Shams Ul Hassan. He ever
becomes a reason behind disrespect of Pakistan even in the matter of
documents, in the matter of publishing of letter in USA, in the matter
of High Commissioner residence or in the matter of extension in job.
But despite all abovementioned irregularities, he was never
accountable before any high-up, due to his string ties with the
President of Pakistan. So he isn’t bother any one and if someone try
to point out any irregularity then he replied, ‘Who cares, I have duel
nationality and I am not bound to go back to Pakistan and no one can
force me ’ and in Haqqani case he prove and didn’t went Pakistan.

Pakistani community settled in UK is very depressed, because off high
commissioner’s such type of activities, through which several time he
put respect and solidarity of Pakistan on stake. Other countries’
representatives are day and night busy in building the image of their
countries but our representative is busy in his own kingdom like
Muhammad Shah Rangeela.

Nighat Arshad, London

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