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The Condition of my Homeland

A - Haq, London

What should I tell you about the misery of my homeland, how can I tell you the tragedy through which the people are passing?

The children of my country who should have been studying books in the schools or playing in the grounds are bound to work as slaves and labourers. Some are seen begging, some appear searching food on the heaps of rubbish, some look helpless and desperate. These children, the future of the nation, are regretfully bound to lead such a miserable life.

The youth of country aren’t either peaceful; if someone is unemployed, the other-one searching work door to door. The employed aren’t either happy with what they are getting in return of their toil because the government has let loose the horrible monster. There are so many educated youth who are forced by their economical conditions to work as vendors or cart drivers, jigsaws drivers or quingchi drivers (motor-cycle rickshaw) to earn enough to meet both ends. Those who try to do some small business are worried by the excessive and unscheduled power failures and load-shedding. The intelligent and the educated wait years for proper employment due to lack of recommendations or bribery. It is getting service/ employment in the police or any other institution job opportunity is available only to those who can manage bribing the high officials and can secure recommendation of some political big gun. The youth of the nation, the helper of the old, are tired and worried by untold crises of the life. How can they stand firm and face the temptations of the evil ways? Every parent is worried about the fate of his offspring. Some are losing their businesses, some are running under losses. Someone is sad on the loss of his business, the other is sorrowful on losing their kids in the bomb explosion. It is a situation, where everyone is worried and is victim of anxiety.

Regretfully it is a matter of serious consideration that the old are not paying any heed to look after and observe the proper training of ethics to their kids. They are not concerned with the way their kids are trying to earn money or getting involved in corrupt practices or what sort of company they have. On the other-side, the rulers and the politicians of my country are driving completely into the slavery of the other nations. They are busy searching new ways and tactics to increase the worries of the nation.   They are the reason behind all these issues like dearness, unemployment and load-shedding of power. They are the reason of all evils ; be it the bad name of the nation, accusations of terrorism, corruption in the city of the Quaid, slavery of the American government, mind-set of the West to consider Pakistanis, corruption in grants, destruction of the entire youth of the nation. Had this country got a wise, honest and just ruler instead of any capital and grant, the country would have progressed by leaps and bound. In my country the rulers who deplete the exchequer once; come again to rule with the vote of the public the second time because the people again give them second chance to loot again the public money. This type of condition is there in my country!!

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