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PTI's Azaadi needs explanation


      If Imran Khan has intention to dismantle the whole Constitutional setup then it is comprehensible that he is going to Islamabad to do something new and will create a new framework for Pakistan but if he is going there merely to hold a political gathering then it will further deteriorate his image in Pakistan. If the Constitution is same, if KPK Government of PTI is intact, if the presence of PTI leaders in National Assembly is intact then how they can change Pakistan. Imran Khan's sincerity is beyond doubt, his party's workers are sincere but I have doubt about those "BIG ONES" who have intruded the party very recently.

      In my view new Pakistan is possible only when you scrape the old Pakistan which is possible only when you destroy the Constitution, Four Governments, and every Department and then sit first make new Constitution, Governments and Departments. New Pakistan in the presence of old Pakistan is as much an absurd idea as is pulling down the old Pakistan for making a new Pakistan.

      The nation can be convinced to the idea of new Pakistan only in that case when the KPK Government vacate their seats in the Assembly and Imran Khan along with his party's MNA's come out of the Assembly then slogan for new Pakistan shall take roots to certain extent.

      It looks somewhat duplicity in political goals and political character that on one hand you are enjoying the benefits given by the Constitution of Old Pakistan and on the other hand you are instigating the people of Pakistan to come to Islamabad for making a new Pakistan.

      It seems to me that at present the PTI is in the hands of those elements that are either out of the system or have no role inside the system. They wish to destroy even the remaining image of PTI in Pakistan. It also seems to me that PTI is heading towards a suicidal collision not by staging a procession in Islamabad but by raising a slogan for new Pakistan.

      I want the elimination of every evil from Pakistan but not at the cost of pulling down an established system because in my view the evolutionary process is more stable than the revolutionary process which destroys many good things.

      I can only request to Mr. Asad Qaisar, Speaker KPK Assembly, who is also my Cousin, to guide his leadership to leave the idea of making new Pakistan by revolutionary process but by evolutionary process.

      Let us see to what extent Imran Khan and his new leaders in the party can convince the people that holding procession Islamabad is not a ceremonial practice but will give birth something extraordinary new.




Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai

B.Sc; L.L.B. M.A. Political Science

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