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A female surpassed men in ANP


            About one Century of years ago, a eulogizer poet in the time of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (Bacha Khan Baba) had rightly said in Pukhto language “Ka da Zulmo na poora na shuwa, fakhri Afghana jenakai ba de gati” meaning—if the men failed, hello proud of Afghan nation (Bacha Khan), women would support you.

            I proud of being belonging to District Swabi to which also belongs Bushra Gohar MNA. In the Parliament of Pakistan she was the only who demanded the resignation/removal of DG ISI Mr. Ahmad Shuja Pasha being under the allegation of Mansoor Ijaz. But the whole ANP party declared her desire as her personal desire and did not support her.

            In the real rule of law Country, allegation is allegation when made against any one becomes disputed person unless submit himself to the process of law voluntarily or by compulsion and until being declared as innocent by a Court of competent jurisdiction.

            Mansoor Ijaz is a person who put allegation on two persons but one was sacked immediately while other is still on his spot. If Mansoor Ijaz is a “suspicious” person then his both allegations needs to be rejected summarily and if his one allegation is considered credible for conducting enquiry in the Court of Law, then justice, honesty and fair play demands that his second allegation should at least be considered in the same way.

            I do not know the logic behind the sudden and prompt act of the Prime Minister in the removal of Hussain Haqqani and silence on the DG ISI. If the Prime Minister considers Mansoor Ijaz’s Memo as “nothing” then why he was so prompt in the removal of Hussain Haqqani and if he wanted a fair enquiry in the case of Hussain Haqqani by his removal then why he is silent on the removal of DG ISI or at least any enquiry against him?

            The main idea behind Bushar’s demand, as I have grasped is the “Justice”. Mansoor should either be rejected both for Hussain Haqqani and Shuja Pasha or should be accepted for both. Accepting a person for one person and rejecting for the other is not the dictate of law especially in such like allegations whether baseless or well-founded. Pick and choose is not done in the matter of law and justice. Politics is a game and should be played liberally but not at the cost of honesty, justice and fair play. Nawaz Sharif became a lion in going to the Supreme Court against the Government and Hussain Haqqani but adopted silence on DG ISI. Whether Nawaz has impliedly accepted the supremacy of Army by not opening his lips on DG ISI or whether he is in a shortcut mood to get rid of the Government which he cannot achieve through any other mode.

            The sister of Pakhtoonkhwa (Bushar Gohar) is very shrewd. She has no personal enmity with DG ISI but she wanted to prick Nawaz for going to Supreme Court in the matter of DG ISI as well. Either it may be a contrivance of ANP to push forward Bushra and then declare her demand as her personal desire or it is really a voice of her conscience. In any way, it the first drop of rain in the desert of hopelessness and despondency.

            I also expect some response from Imran Khan who has undertaken the job of removal of every sort of evils from Pakistan. If he remained silent on this matter then the suspicion of people against him would find ground that he is also being supported by the Establishment but in different form.

            Nawaz put the matter against Haqqani in the Supreme Court and Imran Khan supported him while Imran Khan should put the matter against Shuja Pasha and Nawaz should support him. Bushra’s desire is a challenge to all the political parties including her own that to what extent the political parties can find the truth.

            I think that Mansoor Ijaz is really a person of versatile mind. By these allegations if he wish any political turmoil in Pakistan, on other hand he also wish to show the people the might of the political parties when these parties are brought against the Army or a Wing of Army. Mansoor Ijaz would badly fail. The people are well aware of everything but are helpless due to their poverty. They have left these games to those who are playing these since the creation of the Country.

            Attauallah Mangle of Baluchistan Province showed the weakness of Nawaz in one sentence that if Main Sahib had any control on Army, he would not have left the Country for Saudi Arabia, meaning thereby that everything in the Country is done just to placate the Army.

            As a student of Political Science and Law, I wish each one should be ready to the law, to face any allegation otherwise convicting one and leaving another creates doubts about the whole process of justice. When the Chief Justice says that Constitution gives us guidelines, the same Constitution gives direction for treating equally the accused persons. At least he should remind Nawaz or his Advocate during proceeding that Mansoor should be considered credible in the case of DG ISI for further enquiry.

            Enquiry is necessary in all the allegations and against all persons whether they belong to Parliament, Government, Army, Civil Service and Judiciary or are ordinary citizens. Almost all the Political Parties are silent on DG ISI except Bushra which really gives her specificity and a prestigious place not only in the Parliament but also in the whole Country.

            My favours are with every Justice-loving person.


Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai

 Thursday, 22 December 2011

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