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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Armed Forces are the sole efficacious remedy


General Kayani admits the presence of Corruption and malpractices but gives no solution of the problem. When every elected government fulfils every requirement of the Armed Forces even up to the needle, then how much support of the enfeebled nation is required to General Kayani.        


At present, the Armed forces of Pakistan are equipped with every weapon and money. General Kayani did not clarify that what kind of support the Armed Forces need from the nation for the eradication of Militancy and Extremism.


The Mullas and most of the politicians are in their control and they can be used for the propagation of the point of the Armed Forces as they were best used during Afghan war since 1979. It seems to me that people did not back the religious leaders during recent rallies against NATO supply thus a strong message went to those persons who were interested in the matter that the people of Pakistan have been entangled in their own problems and were not interested in the NATO supply or stoppage.


General Kayani stressed for more stringent laws on terrorism but failed to understand that only legislation of laws is not sufficient. Stopping of terrorists from attacking Bannu jail did not need any law of any Assembly; it needed brave, courageous and dutiful personnel. American Constitution contains very few Articles but that is fulfilling the needs of the American people for the last two hundreds years. Our Constitution has hundreds of Articles but the rulers are not ready for compliance to even those Articles which are related with Fundamental Rights of the people. Government and their functionaries are anxious about Article 248 which has been remained under debate everywhere.


General Kayani has probably felt the real weakness i.e. lack of full cooperation on war on terrorism. Presence of millions of Security Agencies becomes meaningless when few terrorists attack an important person or institution. It seems that the terrorists can reach to any place without any hindrance and can stay anywhere in the Country before attacking any important place.


In my opinion the political leadership has handed over the responsibility of maintaining of peace and tranquility to Armed Forces for the reasons that most of the budget is consumed by Armed Forces and nothing is left to the people. The amount which is left to the people in the budget is misappropriated by the civil functionaries at the rate of Rs. 8 billions per day as has been told to the nation by the Chairman National Accountability Bureau. In such circumstances it is very difficult for a person to decide either to work for the sustenance of his family or to put arms and ammunition to help the securities agencies who are themselves showing no coordination and cooperation for tackling the menace.


In the end I pray to Almighty Allah to help us in understanding our enemy through our own minds and vision and not through the mind of any Army person who ruled this Country both directly and indirectly but now at the end of the year 2012 considers Armed Forces equally a sharer in the destruction of the Country. I still believe that if Armed Forces took it seriously, it can rectify every evil brought by it or other institutions.


Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai

Friday, August 17, 2012


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