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All Government Servants and Pensioners both from Civil and Armed Services should send their children to the Government Schools for the Education


            It is extremely pleasuring occasion for me to say that I am among those patriotic and self-confident teachers who preferred Government Schools for the education of their children. In 2006, I admitted my son in my own school and class and this year the teaching staff of Government High School Kotha, Swabi examined my class. All the forty students were passed to 6th Class. My son named Ziaullah got 2nd position in the Class. Thus I showed 100 percent result in March 2012.


            I saw a news item in the Daily "Mashriq" on 30-3-2012 that the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court has issued an order for the lists of those Professors and Teachers in the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa whose children are studying in private schools and colleges. This order was issued during the proceedings in a Writ Petition filed by one Salma Naila. Chief Justice is of the view that the Provincial Government is spending billions of rupees but the Education system has not changed. The Secretary Education, Secretary Higher Education, Director Schools and Literacy, Secretary Elementary, Director Technical Education were directed to conduct an enquiry and submit the lists to the Court within two Months.


            I am not concerning what the Court is doing in this regard but only say that when an act is done in the national interest then no one should either be specifically targeted or spared but all the Government Servants and Pensioners who receive their salaries and pensions from the Government Exchequer should be included in that order. When the Government Servants and Pensioners feel no shame in serving or receiving pensions from the Government then why they feel shame in sending their children to the Government Education Institutions. When they show confidence in serving in a Government Department then what reason hampers their confidence in sending their children to schools established by the Education Department of the Government. All the Government Servants both Civil and Armed Forces should respect the Government Education Institutions. There should be uniform system of Education and medium of instruction. Different systems of Education and different medium of instructions have destroyed the Pakistani society which needs to be corrected through firm decisions. Every good act should be started from the home and the Chief Justice should take first step in this regard from his home/family and the Court if he has not taken decision yet. All the Judges and ministerial staff should be compelled by order to send their children to the Government Education Institutions. Then the Chief Justice should direct the Provincial Government to ensure through the Chief Secretary the implementation of the order on every Government Servant. Then the matter should be referred to the Supreme Court for suo motu action on this matter of sending children by the Government Servants to the Government Education Institutions. In this way not only the High Court of a Province shall be involved in the matter but also the Supreme Court of Pakistan shall be a source of extending the beneficial act to the nook and corner of the Country.


            In my opinion, it would be a discriminatory act of the High Court with the Teachers to put the whole filth on their heads. Teaching community may be a part but not the sole cause of this degeneration. There are many other powerful and active partners with them which also need to be taken into consideration. The suggestion is in the national interest and not to protect or to thrust any one in bad intention. I proud being a Government Teacher and that is why respected my school and class and preferred a Government School for my only son. My wife is also teaching in a Government School and we have the means to educate our son in the private school but we preferred Government school for our own dignity. Since October 2010, I have been using FX Suzuki car for going to school and daily people see my son in black uniform of the Government School. I shall be happy to see my "Big Ones" of every Government Department using small cars for their daily works for the conservation of energy and to send their children to the Government Schools. Only holding of conferences, seminars and symposia are not the solution of the matter. Filth should not be put under the carpet but should be put in the dustbin for the permanent disposal.


Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai

Sunday, 15 April 2012

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