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Sajjad Ahmad

24 September 2008

Rawalpindi â€" Pakistan


Pakistan had faced so many challenges in the past and so many bloody events had come into our lives in last 60 years. This is simply not by chance that military commanders had come into politics, time after time. The truth is that the so-called intellectuals and self declared genius people are amongst those, who created the environment for military invasion in politics. Can someone please tell me that what was happened when Gen. Zia had taken over the country? Who distributed sweats, danced on the roads, when the military rulers had taken over the country? Why Ayub Khan, General Zia ul Haq and General Musharraf had invaded a democratic Pakistan? Was it all pre-planned by these generals? I do not think so.


The history is repeating itself once again and this time; we had to stop this from happening again. Pakistan had just recovered from 9 years long Martial Law of General (Retd) Pervaiz Musharraf and not the months passed yet and our so called intellectuals are once again active in the media and in all available channels to bring the military back into politics. The question is, why is that? Why such culprits encouraging military leadership to engage in politics? Why they want the very next Army Chief after Mr. Musharraf, to take over the country? Is this just to get some military help to restore the old judiciary? Absolutely not.


I see only one possible reasons of this recent move by the so called intellectuals to bring military into politics and of course, this is very crucial and important for us to figure out the real game behind this move against peaceful and stable Pakistan.


But before I go on with this reason. Let me bring two other matters under your attention. The Restoration of Old Judiciary and Mr. Zardari as President of Pakistan.


There is no doubt that majority of the people are very much in favour of restoration of old Judiciary. But nobody can find not a single person in the country, who will be in the favour of politicising the issue in such a manner as it had already been done. Pakistan simply does not afford any unrest due to any reason. Therefore, it is in our best interest that we keep our restoration campaign strictly under control and well under the law.


Secondly, I am not a PPP supporter and thus would never like to see PPP in government. But the reality of today is that PPP had been mandated by the people of Pakistan to form the government and to run the country. And it is our democratic and moral responsibility that we acknowledge the will of the people and give our full support to PPP in their efforts to run the country. Therefore, I will request to every single peace loving person of this great nation to welcome Pakistan People Party to do what they intend to do in the best interests of Pakistan. As far as corruption cases are concern. We should not forget that these corruption cases were tried for more than a decade and, unfortunately, none of them could be proved in the court of law or, atleast, there is no positive outcome from these corruption cases, so far. It is our bad luck that such cases were never treated fairly. But had been used as political weapon against others. Is this not a tragedy for our nation that those, who formed all these corruption cases against Mr. Zardari are his companions, now a days and would also be sitting on the government seats in the parliament once again, if Mr. Zardari accepted few of their demands, which also include restoration of old Judiciary? Do not, as a nation, allow them to pull each other's legs with such political cases, please.


It is hard to believe that General Musharraf's Martial Law was simply due to internal political crisis. The fact is that this arrangement in Pakistan was necessary for USA to invade Afghanistan and to assure their long presence in this poor country. Otherwise, only a fool can think that those, who live in mountains, can fly the aeroplane in to WTC. Hundreds of research reports and findings could be found on the Internet to prove that this was purely inside job and was not conducted by any Al-Qaeeda or Taliban like people. But, just appreciate the state of the art work done by the US government and CIA; USA had successfully used this fake incident for their new global war plans. After collapse of Russian power and before they rise again, USA is looking to hand-tight over the world as much as possible. For this purpose, USA not only made its own nation fool but the whole world by saying that this is the war against terror.


The fact is that this is not the war against terror but the war of terror and against the peaceful community of the world at large.


Whatever the reasons are. This war against terror, infect war against Islam and Muslim countries will not end in Afghanistan. But the Zionists and ill minded rulers of USA have many other Muslim counties in their hit list. And Pakistan is one of the top most important targets. USA knew very well that unlike Iraq, where majority of the people were against their rulers and unlike Afghanistan, Pakistan would not be an easy target for them. Pakistan's strong military power, the support available from China to Pakistan and tribal factor will never allow them to invade Pakistan as easily as they did with two other Muslim countries.


Together with many other elements, Pakistan's Armed Forces are most powerful, well-managed and well-disciplined institution of the country. These forces not only have deep roots in Pakistani society, but these forces also enjoy full and blind support from Pakistani Nation.


Additionally, Pakistan also acquired Nuclear and Missile technology and is well known as possessing nuclear warheads, along with its durable and trustable delivery systems. Pakistan's space programme is not that fast, though. But its existence and potential is always there. Sending a rocket to the moon or to Israel and USA are not two different things, which is making our enemies insecure. Plus over plus is that this is an Islamic country. Which claims the Philosophy of Islam as the basic reason of its existence. So, our enemies consider our military build-up as the revolution of new Islamic Empire. This time, from South Asia.


So it needs to be stopped. And with least cost.


Another tragedy is that the real culprits are successfully hiding themselves behind the so-called democracy and civilisation of the west. They occupied almost every single office in the western capitals and also had a strong hold over world media and all other information sources. They also possess centuries long experience of propaganda and blame games. Their aims and objectives never comply with the will of the nations, they represent. But they always manage to obtain consensus for their aggressions against poor, weak and innocent nations by spreading biased and bogus information, among their own people. The dilemma of 9/11, self manufactured Al-Qaeeda, the terrorists attacks which never happened on their soil and the scary propaganda against other nations, which do not, indeed, hold the capabilities to hit USA, are few of the tools available to them to achieve their goals.


These enemies of Pakistan are in full action, now a day. Their propaganda campaign against Pakistan is also at its peak. They are looking to make us weaker and demoralise us as much as possible, before they can strike on us. The issue of Judiciary, corruption cases, military operations in parts of Balochistan and NWFP, insurgency and American bombings inside Pakistan, uprising of so called extremists, military build-up from Indian side in Occupied Kashmir, Border clashes on both sides with India and NATO Forces, bomb blasts and the recent attempts to pull Army back in politics are those weapons, which enemies are using to destabilise Pakistan politically, economically and militarily. Thus, in case of any military conflict, Pakistan could hardly resist. Even current level of unrest is simply not enough for the enemy countries to invade Pakistan. They want more political and economical unrest in the country.


It must also be noted that Pakistan or Islamic world is not the only target for the international terrorist groups, which consists of Zionists and Hard line Christian Groups. Though, we as Muslim and as Pakistani are at the top of their hit list. But such culprits possess a religious faith of world level destruction. If they remain until this point, we would have no problem with them. But the worrying thing into it is that such elements are intentionally creating an environment for destruction in the whole world. Which will, to them, prove the truthfulness of their religious believes. This scenario clearly indicating that not only the Muslims are their prime target, but all other religions and believes are also in danger. The surprising thing is that those Christians, who do not subscribe to such doctrines of destructions, are also the targets of their own religious counterparts.


As we ascertained above that our enemies, commonly known as India, Israel and USA are attempting to stop the rise of new Islamic Empire on the world map and with least cost. A million-dollar question is that what is their action plan?


They are working on two fronts. At first, they are building military pressure over Pakistan and working to isolate Pakistan from its traditional friends, such as China. We should not forget that the impeachment move against former President of Pakistan by our great politicians was not launched just by chance and just a day before, he was supposed to leave for China on his scheduled visit. The reality is that the American involvement in our national matters is well proven and only after the green signal from them, the two parties popped up immediately and ran the hours longs meetings day and night to launch impeachment against the President. This fast track political development had forced the President to postpone his scheduled visit to China. Although, I do not believe that I or anyone out of us need to give any proof or supporting evidence of American involvement in our internal matters. But another planed and announced visit of new President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif had also postponed after American bombings in tribal areas and after they threatened Pakistan with their new invasion plans.


Americans are also intending to enhance its military presence in Afghanistan by transferring more troops from Iraq to the region. It is gearing up its infiltration in NWFP, providing military support to some of the terrorists groups, such as Mahsood of TTP, providing access to India in Afghanistan, helping India to set up its military presence in this poor country, hitting Pro-Pakistan Maliks and killing them with their spy planes, trying to isolate Pakistan from China, encouraging India to build military pressure over Pakistan etc etc.


But there will be no benefit of these military plans if Pakistan is not destabilised internally. They knew that only a political unrest in Pakistan, where a military could be dragged in the politics could be beneficial for them. Any kind of military involvement in politics will result in anger among politicians. And, with the help of American controlled media, and agitations and protests of political parties against any such military involvement in politics, they will easily transform this situation into Anti-Military agitation and thus will get the brightest chance to distend the people of Pakistan from its beloved Armed Forces. This will compromise our military's capabilities to resist against any foreign invasion and thus Pakistan would be an easy target for them.


So, on the second front, they want to destabilise Pakistan politically, economically and socially.


After 60 years long experience of defending the country. It could be easily assumed that Armed Forces of Pakistan are far more capable of understanding such attempts and would be acting in the best interests of the country. The current leadership of military is responding to the issues, responsibly. But this is not enough. As we need military to protect us from any foreign invasion. I believe that we also need to play our role, as a nation, to protect our Armed Forces from any such attempts to convince them to take over the country. We should keep close eye over these so called intellectuals and should not allow them to play with the future of the country. Just for the sake of few dollars and media coverage, they are always ready to sell their souls to the enemies and intentionally serve the purposes of enemies. Pakistan's ability to resists against current wave of terrorism is simply a tremendous performance of Pakistan's Armed Forces. It had successfully washed off all foreign trained militants in Balochistan. It is working hard to take down American prepared infiltrators in NWFP. At this point, Pakistan needs unity in people and trust of the people over the government institutions and over Armed Forces of Pakistan.


And you may have noticed that I talked about the LEAST COST. This requires hundreds of other lines to explain this. So, please wait for my next article “Least Cost. In this article, I will focus on the regional military conflicts and their implications. Additionally, I will also try to cover the purposes of the military conflicts in this part of the world, around Pakistan.



We all need to unite and stand as one against the common enemies.


Sajjad Ahmad


Freelance Writer & Researcher


Author and Moderator


Pakistan Front Blog









 Reply:   Tricky Questions...
Replied by(nrqazi) Replied on (7/Oct/2008)

1. Will you allow your children to have pre-marital sex, to chose the gender of their spouses as they will, and other such issues if the majority so demands?

2. If no cases could be proved against Mr. Zardari in a court of law of Pakistan, and hence he is innocent then the same courts also legatimized all military takeovers. So where do you draw the line?

3. How come there is no mention of all the burning issues that were there before PPP government:
a. Restoration of Judiciary, including Iftikhar Choudhary
b. Lal Mosque Inquiry
c. Kargil Inquiry
d. Halving the commodity prices of ata etc.
e. Missing persons
f. Stopping military actions in Tribal areas...
g. Abolition of 58 2 (b)

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