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Consecrate portrait of Benazir? What nonsense

By Ghulam Rasool

Whether Benazir was saint, prophet or Devi? She was a simple politician, nothing else. Thugs of PPP cleverly invaded on Govt. properties and named it after Benazir. Majority of properties are in Rawalpindi. Such as Murree Road, Chaklala Air Port and Liaqat bagh Rawalpindi etc.

Why Rawalpindi and Islamabad is target of PPP? Because it lost almost all seats from Rawalpindi and almost all defeated candidates have been appointed on top slots in Government. Like Zamurd Khan, Nayyar Bokhari and so many others.

Most funny thing is that Govt. of Sindh has lodged an FIR against PML N leaders and declaring it revolt or rebellion against Government. Local leaders of PPP, Rawalpindi have also lodges same nature of FIR's.

No doubt Benazir was ex Prime Minister and her ruthless target killing is a most heinous crime in the history of Pakistan. But it does not mean that she was a saint or Devi. She was corrupt who plundered public money with both hands. She negotiated with fascist dictator and made deals with army, under protection of her Zionist friends. What credentials she has other than a daughter of a Prime Minister who broke the country, a feudal, agent of neo-imperialists, and lifelong authoritarian chairman of a political party.

She was ruthless politician who eliminated every danger in her political trail, mercilessly removed her mother Nusrat Bhutto from the chairmanship of PPP and later her brother Murtaza Bhutto who was killed by agencies in her tenure as a Prime Minister. She collected notorious parasites around her which sucked Pakistan and looted it with both hands.

PPP always play drama of democracy"¦.democracy, whereas neither it is a political party nor its leaders have a faith on democracy. With the help of looted money those have been hiring groups to propagate in western countries and Pakistan. What qualifications Governor Punjab Salman Taseer has? Disqualified for contesting any elections, non-graduate, apostate who converted to Sikhism, his son is still Sikh. So his media group is leading to propagate in favor of Mush and PPP.

Other group is consists of Hussain Haqqani, Frahnaz Ispahani, Mahnaz Ispahani, Abdullah Hussain Haroon and Memons of ARY, all of them has notoriety to suck Pakistan and help enemies of Pakistan. Dawn group, ARY group and some other media groups are on permanent pay role of PPP. Some Journalists who have been awarded plots of worth billion at posh areas of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad have no choice except to write in favor of PPP.

Everybody knows Farhat ullah Babar and Mariana Babar, both Qadiani by faith, last article of Farhat ullah Babr was published in Daily News, where he attacked on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for declaring them non-Muslims, and also he wrote that peoples who are against Qadianis, Benazir use to call them "rubbish". Article is still available on The News archives and Farhat ullah Babar was still working as advisor to Zardari.

Religion is a personal matter, if one person is Sikh, Hindu or Agha Khani, no harm if he declares it properly. Most Hippocratic attitude of Benazir made her more controversial, why she played a drama of two nikkah's, one for the public and other hidden. Same drama her father played with Husna Sheikh.

Portrait of Benazir has no materialistic or spiritual value; neither had she performed any extra ordinary services for Pakistan that her statue may be worshipped. If MQM is showing their faithfulness more than a poodle then those must name Azizabad, Liaqatabad or Nazimabad on the name of corrupt Benazir. Why Altaf Hussain has jumped to work as security guard of feudal of PPP? It is all magic of NRO, he knows that 6000-7000 criminals, thugs, serial killers and terrorists got amnesty by unlawful act of Mush and Anglo-Americans; moreover Benazir was leading in all deals and benefits. Being a don of criminal mafia, he knows that if Chief Justice is ever be able to sit on his seat, criminals could be sent back to prisons. Moreover now all of his expenditures for running international secretariat at London are born by Zardari mafia, a kind of alms for greedy Altaf Hussain.

Why other parties are apologetic if someone has put black signs on her and Zardari's face, declaring it deconsecrating her portrait is highly objectionable word, it could be used for saints or prophets not for a politician, while portrait was made with the government funds and place is also public property. Printing her image on coins has set precedence for other politicians and dictators to become "Bacha Saqqa".    

 Reply:   کیا بینطیر، نبی سے افضل ھے۔۔۔۔؟
Replied by(nasir1973) Replied on (3/Mar/2009)

جب (ھالینڈ نے ) قرآن کی بیحرمتی کی۔ جب (ڈنمارک) نے محمدٌ کی بیحرمتی کی تو تب پی۔پی اور ام۔کیو۔ام کاھاں مر گئ تھی۔ تب تو کوئ احتجاجی ریلی نھیں نکلی۔۔۔
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