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Tahir Qadri is a biggest fraud of current Century

Probably in 1990 Lahore High Courts declared him "Hungry of fame", "Greedy", "Immoral" and many other titles in a judgment against him. The case presented by Mr. Basit Lawyer and full judgment would be in his records. Or it would be part of PLD records. Qadri had no courage to even challenge the verdict.

He is a certified fraud; he is a stealer of names like first he was Moulvi, Maulana than Hakeem, than Professor, Than Doctor, Than Mujadid and finally now a day stole famous title of  Ibn Timia, Sheikh ul Islam. He father was a compounder who claimed to direct descendent of Heer beloved of Ranjha, who was runaway bride at Jhang. But Qadri writes him Dr.

By faith he is a hidden Shia and he signed an agreement with famous terrorists group Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqa e Jafria (TNFJ) which is a defunct organization in Pakistan and working with a new title of Tehreek e Jafria Pakistan (TFJ), their alliance contested elections as well. He has Tafzeeli faith and proved Rafzi. Agha Murtaza Poya of Iran is his assistant of Minhaj ul Quran. He is master of representing fake, self made or broken narrations. He also denies many narrations which did not fulfill his purpose. He attacked on Dr. Israr and denied existence of an authentic narration which he mentioned in a speech at ARY TV.

Goons and armed terrorists of his gang attacked on Aaj TV at Islamabad, later also attacked at the residence of a Shia anchor Mr. Nusrat Javed (an ex employee of Iranian Newspaper "the Muslim"�). Armed vigilantes also harassed to a journalist Mr. Mushtaq Minhas. In a program Qadri was declared a comedian.

Mullah Qadri was shoe bearer of Mr. Shariff of Ittefaq Foundries, Lahore who appointed him Pesh Imam of Model Town Mosque. During Zia era he earned hundred thousand with the backing of Mian Nawaz Shariff ex Prime Minister, who donated large amounts for current Hinhaj ul Quran Muddersah, regular programs on PTV etc.

He played a fake drama of attack on his residence with the help of PPP government to indict Mian Nawaz Shariff, main reason was to avoid accountability of donated monies by Shariffs. Later courts after enquiry issued verdict against him and declared him fraud.

He is among three four persons who have fake PhD degrees as described by courts in others Amir Liaqat of MQM, Babar Awan of PPP and current Minister, Ghazanfar Mahdi of Min of Information to whom Hakim Ali Zardari helped in award of PhD degree from Jamshoro while his fraud research was in Saraiki language and standard of his research was a Shia unknown Zakir.

He celebrates Christmas to show him modern and received overseas funding.  Buildings and properties purchased by him and his associates worth billions of dollars around the globe including UK, USA and Canada. He has deep links with Shia Syrian Government and receiving funding from other hidden sources.

He has created a new religion based on illiterate Sufi's of Iraq, so he has been kicked out by all traditional sects. His religion is based on Shia theories, Rafziat and Tafziliat. But Shia did not accept him as their leader but uses him for political purposes or he uses them politically. He represents an opposite Islam, most fundamentalist based on fake narrations. He says that Holy Prophet came over to his home and issued a certification letter on his name. He also claims that Holy Prophet also came over to see his father separately. So he the sole certified Mullah of Islamic history. When he wears an Iraqi hat, he looks like a character of famous movie "Thieves of Baghdad"� or "Baghdad Ka Thug"�. He is an illusionist like Zardari, actor and master of emotional dramas. In 2002 elections he was elected with the backing of Mush, DG ISI Ehehtasham Zameer son of comedian Zameer Jafri, who is also Rafzi helped him in winning elections, he tried to grab important posts but failed and later he resigned. He was a key member of Brelvi Mullahs who declared Usama as Kafir and backed American Jihad. Tahir Qadri group also declares Zardari as Hazrat Ali (God forbid) and says that Taliban are Kharji. Zardari being a Shia is Rafzi, whereas Kharji is opposite to Rafzi a 1200 years old sect.

If you go to different websites there are dozens of titles given to him like Tahir ul Padri, deceitful, fraud, liar, thug and many bad words. Parts of some important blogs are worth reading:       

First Blog in Pkpolitics:

Tahirul Qadri is an old bearded fraud. People like these have turned the educated against religion.

And what exactly do we have here? A bunch of baboons jumping up and down because they have severe bvtthurt. They have severe bvtthurt because someone called them baboons"�.haha"�The losers need to get a life or a job or just a rickshaw to drive

I remember this Fraudul Qadri who claimed he saw the Holy Prophet and hung out with him.

The Holy Prophet (saw) asked the Holy Leader Tahir for a piece of white paper. When Tahir brougt it,

the Holy Prophet wrote some statements on it with his own holy Parker pen. The Prophet (saw) made a certificate, signed it and stamped it and told Tahir: "You have my certificate and my basharat for jannat is for everyone who plants a seed in your nursery"� Then the Holy Prophet (saw) told the Moazzin to go away so Tahir Qadri could call the Adhan.

Then everybody left but the Prophet did not come out. Tahir saw the Holy Prophet lying on the bed while he looked at Tahir and smiled and said: "I came to Pakistan because the Molvis of Pakistan and its Madrassas invited me. But they did not treat me well and disrespected me.

Meri maizbani nahi ki, me naraz hoon. They have hurt me and I have decided to leave Pakistan and go back to Saudi Arabia. That's why I didn't meet anybody in Pakistan.Tahir kisses the feet of the Holy Prophet and cries and begs him to not leave Pakistan. (Everybody in the audience is crying by now"�) The Prophet says: "Ahl-e-Pakistan ne mujhe bulaya aur phir meri izzat nahi ki.

Mujhe bohat dukh diye. (Tahir pretends to cry. Shakes and whoops). Finally, the Prohpet relents and smiles and says:

"Tahir, if you want me to stay in Pakistan, I have one condition. My condition is this: Tahir,

If you promise me that you will be my host, I will promise to stay in Pakistan.

The Holy Prophet continues: "I will stay in Pakistan for 7 more days. Tahir, you will arrange my accomodation, my meals at the hotel and WHEN I RETURN TO MADINA,

TAHIR, YOU WILL BUY ME A PLANE TICKET. Then the Prophet said:  "Tahir, start your institution Minhajul Quran. I promise I will attend your lectures.

Another Yousuf Kazzab and Mirza Qadiani wannabe?

Fraudul Qadri Jhoota Khwab " Part 1:

Fraudul Qadri Jhoota Khwab " Part 2:

Fraudul Qadri attending a concert and listening to fiddeling violin (cool music, btw.)

In the mujra being attended by Hakeem-ul-Ummat Allama Tahirul Qadri, madzilllahu, the tune being performed is:The Seraiki Log Geet: "O Meda Ranjhna"�

Compare with Shazia Khushk's version here:

Guess who is the "Meda RanjhraN"� who is "so saalaN wich Hik jamda"�? (Yes. Yes. Hakeem-ul-Ummat, Allama Tahirul Qadri Mirasi).Chail Chabeela lagda ae tenooN phullaN wala chola/ So salaaN wich Hik jamda ae tede jiya dhola"�

O Meda RanjhRa......


US funds being secretly funneled to Al-Qaeda Linked Groups by Semore Hersh of New Yorker:

He is also a Qabza group? Evidence"�.he took over public park in Model Town opposite his secretariat office. The boundaries and plants within the park were destroyed to create football and cricket ground for his students! It is still used as grounds of his office, yet in the papers of LDA it is a public park for the local residents.

Using the name of Islam for personal gains: There was a road between his secretariat office and local mosque again in Model Town. The road was blocked and paved over to provide direct access from his offices to the mosque. When LDA came over to remove the paving, approx 500 hired mullas stood and layed on the pavement, stopping the workmen to vacate public property"�.yes those towards the front sounded peaceful as in the protest outside Aaj, but they were backed with armed gunmen in the

Adjacent minhaj hostel building"�.LDA staff and Police had to go away to avoid any major casualty.....

Further show biz tactics: In the park referred to above, the mullahs were trained later to play baseball!!

Have u heard of this in Pakistan"�hahahha"�this was to show how progressive and enlightened he is"�and to get in the books of US agents"�. Cheap stunt was what the locals used to think!

Illegal encroachment: He created a school for his Minhaj students below the mosque (at Lower Ground Level), which was not part of the planning permission. He bulldozed all objections using the name of Masjid and Islam"�for his personal gains"�

Theft: Son of his very close associate, who was sent to his Minhaj College was reported for stealing sound system from the Mosque. FIR was registered, by the Mosque committee, comprising of local residents and the guy admitted to the theft. Mullah Padri first pressurized the Masjid committee, which did not succeed but then using his influence got his guy released. The FIR is still registered in Model Town Police station.

There are dozens more and one can write a book on these but thats not the point"�. as i said earlier religion of Islam is every individual's responsibility and we should not let this become a "�profit making business' for any Mullah may it be Qadri......

Terrorist activities overseas:

A journalist for the Canadian based newspaper The Pakistan Post was assaulted by two men; one armed with a cricket bat, who warned him to stop "writing against Islam" and a Pakistan-based religious organization, the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) reported:
"Journalist Jawaad Faizi was attacked on the evening of April 17 while sitting in his car outside the home of the newspaper's editor, Amir Arain. The two men smashed the car windows, and repeatedly hit Faizi. They fled when they saw him call 911 on his cell phone.""During the attack, Faizi said, the men told him to stop writing critically of the religious organization Idara e Minhaj ul Quran and its leader, Cleric Allama Tahir-Ul-Qadri. Allama Tahir-Ul-Qadri is a frequent visitor to Canada, CJFE said.""....Faizi had to be treated in the hospital for injuries to his left arm, and lost two days of work. Wednesday, the vice principal of the school his three children attend asked him to keep them at home, saying they may be a security risk, CJFE reported. "I had so many problems back home [in Lahore, Pakistan] as a journalist, but I'm shocked that this is happening here," Faizi told CJFE.

 Reply:   wrong post, lies....
Replied by(pakistani786) Replied on (28/Apr/2012)

lies....,aik din jab Shaukh ul islam tahir ul qadri ko puri dunya tumhari naslain manay gi tu tumay jhuton(liers) kay nam say yad kia jai ga,ji nay Shaukh ul islam ko janna hay wo in logo ki baton per yakeen kernay kay bajai khud in ko sunnay khud in kay kam ko dekhain khud in kay centre or students say jawab lain (neek niati say)insha Allah dhodh ka dhodh or pani ka pani hu jai ga ya janazoo ka intzar karain wo din bhi aai ga jab janazay utain gay 

 Reply:   Tahir Padri now worships queen of UK, Sheikh of Queen.
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (17/Mar/2011)

Tahir Padri now worships queen of UK, Sheikh of Queen.

It is enough to say that Padri who had been saying that he was appointed by holy prophet as head of Pakistani Mullah’s has now abandoned Pakistan and disobeyed holy prophet, so he is Munkir e Rasool, Munafiq and hungry of dollars. Listen to his fraud dream video on you tube, famous as Jhoota Khawab.

Who is paying him to buy properties around the globe? Tell us who is his financier? Has he any audited report of his wealth.

All Munkireen, Munafiqeen and puppets always have fame before becoming Murtid (apostate), same credentials Mirza Ghulam Qadiani had, he was earlier endorsed by known scholars.

Read the name of books of Tahir Padri, who is a biggest cheater and copied sayings of Mirza Qadiani in his books. He denied Quran by rejecting Jihad verses, he denies martyrdom, and he also denies all wars and Ghazwat held during holy prophet by denying Jihad.

Last he has stolen word “Sheikh ul Islam” from history books, is it not cheating to select titles of other scholars and label with his name. Status and standard of his cheated books is not even equal to Kachi Roti and Pakki Roti.

It is not difficult to hire anyone from the streets of Baghdad and label him descendent of any holy personality and use that person for political reasons.

Tahir Padri is a merchant and selling his own brand of Islam, and buyers of his new religion are mostly Anglo-Americans, communists and athiestd.

Padri religion is parallel to Islam a new religion and nothing to do with original Islam. He claims to be Muslim than why to deny Mirzayees, Bihai’s, Druze, Alawitt’s. Ismaili’s and Bab’s etc., who also have same kind of claims?

Please revert to genuine Islam and reject such kind of merchants who have abandoned Pakistan and have taken oath on any holy book that he will serve as servant of Queen, descendents of Queen, servants of Queen and animals of Queen.

Call him “Sheikh of Queen” not Sheikh ul Islam.

 Reply:   Abused
Replied by(rafiq) Replied on (16/Mar/2011)

There is so much rubbish in this post that I don’t know where to start! It could only have been written by a fatherless person.

One can not be a terrorism supporter without also being a compulsive liar and having little or no fear of Allâh. Unless you are a total spineless worm and coward, why don’t you meet me if you hold such strong views? I guess if people like him did not write rubbish, we would not have the opportunity to post information about the Shaykh.

This is an official profile of Sayyidi Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri (hâfizahullâh):

It gives the dates of when he gained his Phd and professorship. Below are some of those who give him honourific titles:

You can watch what Shaykh Ahmad bin Umar at-Tijânî says about Shaykh-ul-Islam in English here:

Shaykh-ul-Islam completed the classical Dars e Nizâmî Islamic course in 1969 under al-Ustâdh al-Ulamâ’ ash-Shaykh `Abdur-Rashîd ar-Ridwî. He is the last living teacher of Shaykh-ul-Islam and only has good to say about Shaykh-ul-Islam as can be seen in this Urdu video from 2007:

You can also see what another of his teachers, the unanimously recognised Hadîth authority, Muhaddith al-Hijâz ash-Shaykh as-Sayyid Muhammad ibn `Alawî al-Mâlikî al-Makkî (rahîmahullâh) [d. 2004] and he had the following to say when he visited The Minhaj University in 1996 in Arabic:

His own Shaykh, al-Qudwa al-Awliyâ’ ash-Shaykh as-Sayyid Tâhir `Alâ’uddîn al-Gîlânî (quddisa sirruh) called him “Mujaddid” over 20 years ago! This is reported by the great Syrian scholar, ash-Shaykh Ahmad az-Zubaydî, who’s father had the title of “Abû Hanîfa as-Saghîr” in Arabic:

The Shaykh of Dêwal Sharîf also said the same in 1988, well over 20 years ago (listen to this to strengthen your Îmân):

The most highly ranked scholar from the Deoband school, Shaykhul-Hadîth al-`Allâma `Abdur-Rahmân al-Ashrafî also says the same:

The highly ranked scholar from the Barêlwî school, Hadrat al-`Allâma Mukhtâr Ahmad Na`îmî (student of the late ash-Shahîd Hadrat `Allâma Dr Sarfrâz Na`îmî) also says the same at this interfaith meeting:

It is unbelievable that people could accuse him of taking money from anyone when one of his conditions for delivering Friday sermons in the 80’s was that he would not take a wage for it! He says it openly here:

This has not gone unnoticed in the court of the angels.

This website is out to make Pakistan worse and destroy it by supporting terrorist munafiqs. 


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