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It's totally flak false propaganda against two Pakistani world class bowlers
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Bahawalpur .
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قائداعظم کے متعلق اہل نظر کی آراء
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ہمیں ضرورت نہیں۔
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It's totally flak false propaganda against two Pakistani world class bowlers. It's not a truth!!!!!

 Look at the performances of Amir and Asif in entire series they perform absolutely brilliant each match they took more than 5 wickets in each match how they involve in this kind of shit I can't believe that this is only an allegiance not truth.

We should protest on this matter this is not a first time this is their habit. You do not remember that in the past many times they are trying to involve in such a bad thing like ball tempting, match fixing, and many other thing but they do not able to proof that kind of allegiance not even single time.

It's absolutely wrong perceptions I totally disagreed with this they are feeling jealous from their performances.

You can't find this kind bowler in entire world.

And look toward world cup how you will survive in the world cup without these two what you have the replacement???????

Once again we are going to destroy the two major world class Pakistani bowlers same like before we did in the shape of Shaber Ahmed and many others.

I don't know one thing we Pakistani why dislike our country men.

Do you think the importance of NO Ball in Test Cricket??? Nothing and does it makes sense that someone will pay 150K pounds for just 3 NO Balls in test cricket
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