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Care taker PM

The most trifling question of the hour is as to who should be the care taker PM because he will be the person to ensure that elections are in fair and free atmosphere but the question is as to who can be that impartial person to be trusted by all the stake holders. 

PPP and PML (N) are grouped up to nominate an candidate but PTI wants that his  party should also be consulted in this regard which is not illogical demand but the question is what about the say of other political parties like JI and JUI (F) and so many others. I think there should be some mutually agreed standard and scale as to which parties be consulted in connection with the selection of care taker PM and that a party with just few hundred members be allowed to have its say in the process. At this point of time it looks that PPP and PML (n) are the only two parties to nominate care taker PM which is unfair to be honest. However, unless and until some scale is drawn as to which parties are eligible to nominate the care taker PM the dust will not settle down in any case. 

Asma Jahangir is quite respectable  person but Imran Khan has opposed it and therefore it is very much demanded that the problem be resolved by setting up some standard as to which political parties can be the stake holders to nominate care take PM otherwise it will drag on to an indefinite period creating more confusion than settling down. 

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi

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