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Pakistan cricket vs India cricket


As a Pakistani I must support my cricket team and not Indian cricket team but in the given situation when luckily at this point of time both of us are playing Test cricket it is very much heart breaking and not just disappointing to pen that our team despite our tall claims from selectors, coach and captain has been beaten black and blue by South Africans whereas till this point of time India has proved better than Australia.


Without going into the details as to how much South Africans humiliated us in earlier two tests I will just mention about the last test which is being played now. South African won the toss and batted scoring 409 runs in 1st innings which included 25 extra runs gifted by us whereas in reply Pakistani batsmen scored just 129 runs as 27 runs were gifted by South Africans as extra which as such raised our total to 156.  In 2nd innings Pakistan has scored 87 including as much as 17 extras for loss of 2 wickets till the time I am writing it.  Australia facing India in 1st test scored 380 runs in its 1st innings which included just 8 extra runs given away by Indian bowlers whereas in reply India made 448 runs including 19 extra runs.


Who proved better-Pakistan or India is to be answered by our selectors, coach and captain?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait

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