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Unprecedented 30th Wedding Anniversary in Human History

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi, a Pakistani former diplomat right from his childhood had thought to be a completely different and distinguished person enjoying exclusivity and in some ways he has succeeded (a) like his lifelong matrimonial promise which none on the face of earth can boast about and (b) he has some other features also like his round introductory card and his personal monogram etc.

In 1985, I worked as Manager Administration, EPIC Instruments Inc (US Co), Kuwait when I decided to marry in Islamabad, Pakistan a completely unknown compatriot miss whose family too was unknown to me what to talk of my would-be-wife. One of my friends had sent me some details about the family and hinted that he will be happy if I marry in that family. I wrote back to my friend saying that I want a solemn promise from the girl that she must commit to be with me till death irrespective of my circumstances and she wrote her first letter saying that she promises to be my lifelong partner. She neither sent her photo nor wrote her name but gave her house telephone number. I wrote her back confirming that I have accepted her as my lifelong partner. I called her mother and asked for her name and mother very reluctantly gave me her name and then he spoke to his would-be-wife repeating lifelong promise accepting her as my wife.

I booked Room 306, Holiday Inn, Islamabad, Pakistan since my marriage was scheduled for 30th June, 1985 so that my wedding date equates with my wedding room. However, as bad luck had it, EPIC Chairman Mr. Edward K Mills II asked me to advance wedding by 2 days so that I return 2 days earlier. I, therefore, called Holiday Inn, Islamabad to book 286 for 28th or alternatively 296 for 29th instead but unfortunately neither 286 nor 296 was available and at that point of time Holiday Inn was the only 5 star hotels in Islamabad and I  never ever wanted to opt for 4 star hotels. I married Miss Suhail Fatima whom I renamed as Shireen on 29th June, 1985 and stayed in 306, Holiday Inn, Islamabad. In wedding document dowry amount is just Pak Rs500/=KD1.480 or US$4.900 to which her mother, sister & others very seriously objected and suggested that figure must be at least in 5 digits if not 6 but she posed a very blunt question to all of them asking, ‘What do I need, my husband or money?’ I was extremely happy which simply cannot be described in words to have found such a wife and I reassured all of her family members and friends that come what may we both will be knotted till death. I very solemnly promised on my honor to Shireen that till our death each year on 29th June we will stay together or individually in 306 Holiday Inn wherever we are. I had bought 2 Cross Pens and on one pen Iqbal-Shireen and on other Shireen-Iqbal was engraved signifying that the first pen will be used by me while the other will be used by Shireen to sign our wedding document and I have taken an oath that not even a letter what to talk of a word will be written by us with the pens either before or after signing the wedding document. There were 4 other pens for maulvi and witnesses.

On my 1st Wedding Anniversary 29th June, 1986 I wished to host reception and deputed Shireen to go to all the hotels and select where to host reception and she opted for Marriot Hotel whose GM very tastefully decorated a room and offered as a compliment but I very politely regretted because on each wedding anniversary we are to stay in 306 Holiday Inn and not any other hotel. We both checked in with at Holiday Inn and later on drove off to Marriot for the reception and then returned to sleep in our room 306.

In 1991 it was our 6th Wedding Anniversary when I was Business and Manpower Advisor, Pakistan Embassy, Kuwait and did not call my family from Islamabad because here oil wells were on fire and my daughter Areej was less than 3 years old therefore I wanted to fly to Islamabad to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary on 29th June with my family but due to my pressing diplomatic obligations, I could not go to Pakistan. I stayed here alone in Room 306 Holiday Inn whereas on the same date Shireen and daughter Areej stayed in 306, Holiday Inn, Islamabad to upkeep my unique lifelong matrimonial promise.

None on the face of earth can boast of including following namely:-

<i> his Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain or

<ii> the mightiest American President Hussain Barrak Obama or

<iii> the longest serving HRH Queen Elizabeth of UK or

<iv> the longest serving King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX) of Thailand or

<v> the longest serving President Paul Biya of Cameroon or

<vi> even the richest Mr. Carlos Slin Helu of Mexico owning $ 74 billion. can boast of what I really do own to be honest though there is no equation between me and them as they are high in sky but I am even underground.

Google/Youtube, 'unprecedented wedding anniversary' + ‘Iqbal Hadi Zaidi and Shireen celebrate their 28th Wedding Anniversary on 28. 6. 2013’ to view their video which ought to be in Guinness World Records Book

Monday 29th June, 2015 was my 30th Wedding Anniversary and, as always, I booked 306 Crowne Plaza (formerly Holiday Inn), Kuwait and it is sheer bad luck that for the very 1st time in Kuwait history on Friday 26th a Saudi bomber wearing explosive belt exploded himself in Iman Sadiq Mosque (Shia) when the worshippers were in Sajda-touching their foreheads on the praying mat, whereby 26 worshippers were killed and over 200 were injured. Next day Saturday was declared as mourning day.

I accompanied with Shireen checked in around 3pm not to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary but to mark the day as per my life long life matrimonial promise. 2 press photographers were in hotel lobby waiting for us. In respect of all those who were killed, I had to cancel all celebrations. Each time hotel greeted us with flowers and welcome drink but this time due to suicidal attack all festivities were cancelled. Each time 2 roll up stands telling our matrimonial story were erected in hotel lobby for people to read and write their comments / feelings on the specially printed message pad but this time it was missing.

At 2055 hours, I left Shireen alone in 306 and drove to Grand Mosque, stood in long lines, offered my heartfelt condolences to the mourners of Iman Sadiq Mosque headed by H H Ghanem Marzooq, Speaker National Assembly, ministers, MPs and relatives of the Martyrs, shook hand with around 600 men, returned to 306 at 0055 hours, paid the bill for one day, and checked out though entitled to stay till Jun 30 afternoon as always had been the case since my 1st Wedding Anniversary 1986.


I am highly grateful to the following 7 Ambassadors who despite their many pressing commitments including Ramazan calls have been extra ordinarily too kind to bless me in 306 with their very valuable gifts which is my the most valuable long life treasure to be honest.

(1) HE Konah K Blackett, Ambassador of Liberia

(2) HE Prof Nguyen Hong Thao, Ambassador of Vietnam

(3) HE Mohammed Gudeta, Ambassador of Ethiopia

(4) HE Aye Khaing, Ambassador of Mynamar

(5) HE Maj Gen Mohammad Ashab Uddin, Ambassador of Bangladesh

(6) HE Tairou Aboudou Kabassi, Ambassdor of Benin

(7) HE Aboubakar Kote, Ambassador of Burkino Faso


HE Nicolaas Beets, Ambassador of Netherlands greeted me but regretted to bless due to some earlier commitments.

HE Dr Ivan Lancaric, Ambassador of Slovakia greeted me from overseas.


As many as 29 other Ambassadors (names withheld) had confirmed to bless but regretfully they neither came nor regretted which is not expected from ambassadors.

HE Prof Dr Yousuf Hamad Hassan Ibrahim, Advisor to Amir sent greetings email on 24th.


HE Sheikh Mubarak Duaij Al Ibrahim Al Sabah, Chairman & Managing Director, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on 22nd June presented me an expensive TISSOT watch.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait 

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