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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 All 769 bodies cannot be personified in any case simply because in such like stampede all those who died may not necessarily be found with personal identification since no country including Saudia has ever thought of that each haji must wear identification bands with details like his name, nationality, home address, telephone, fax and email along with his emergency contact number etc so that in case of stampede when ahram could possibly come off and the dead me be semi naked or naked he can be personified. In some cases the some bodies can also be so mutilated and or disfigured that it will become too difficult to identify as to who is who. In all possibilities all the 4 identifications bands (2 each on hand and feet) cannot be off from the body hence the person can be identified and his relatives can be contacted. I wish I am wrong which I am not. Saudia as of this time when I am writing it has announced that 769 have died but very much shockingly the concerned Saudi officials have still not given nationality wise break down of the fatalities and I can say with full confidence and conviction that they must be facing identification difficulties otherwise which force on the face of earth can awe Saudis not to identify each and every one from 769 bodies. Now nothing can be done except to either weep or curse but nevertheless identification bands must be made compulsory from next haj. Who differs with me? Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait / 
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