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 Killing at Will

How pathetic it is to read in Dawn and Tribune that today Saturday24th December, 2016, a 23 years old taxi driver has been gunned down to death in Kohistan by Rangers and that too on a petty issue. An argument developed between the deceased taxi driver and Rangers and as a result the driver has been killed by Rangers. Locals siding with the killed taxi driver protested and blocked the highway disrupting import and export to China which will inflict monetary loss to us.

Time and again it has been reported in our different media outlets that Rangers firesat will which must be controlled and cannot be given full free hand to open fire on unarmed people whatsoever. Rangers did bring peace in Karachi which is very much commendable to be honest so from that point of view the nation backs Rangers but at the same time it does not mean that that it can be given full freedom to kill and injure innocent people on the personal whims of the person equipped with a gun.I suggest that an officer not less than Major rank must be obliged to visit the scene and be responsible to personally assess the situation and if he is fully convinced that the situation has become so much explosive that it cannot be brought under control and Maj is left with no option but to order for firing and not otherwise. Perhaps at this point of time, there is no such like mechanism and hence even NCO what to talk of JCO opens fires purely on his personal whims which simply cannot be allowed come what may. When Maj authorizes to open fire then he is the one answerable but in absence of any such mechanism none can be personified to be held accountable when someone is injured or killed byRangers. Who ordered to open fire in Kohistan killing the innocent youth is my simplest question and its answer can solve the riddle?

Human life is not only the most precious but also given once and once only and hence the life of even the poorest unemployed daily wage earner very rightly demands and commands that it must be respected and protected under all circumstances whatsoever and it cannot be subjected to irrational firing. Please do enlighten me if I am wrong which I am not.  Who opposes me why and where is my question which needs an answer? IqbalHadiZaidi / Kuwait

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