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                                                                 303 Rifle fired

Shoaib Malik did fire 303 rifle yesterday when scored he plundered 128 runs from 126 balls including 16 boundaries and quite naturally it could suitably be answered by a canon only and not a gun. However, no denying the fact one way or the other, Shoaib's gun even silenced Indian canon Sachin Tendulker who had to face the onslaught as he opened Indian innings but returned to pavilion after scoring just 8 runs though he is the greatest batsman on the face of earth as of today.


Pakistan scored 302 yesterday against India in Champions Trophy being played in South Africa and defeated the eternal-arch-rival by 54 runs at Centurion. 303 is a known lethal gun in weapons armory which once had earned very high repute from destruction point of view and though the modern technological advancement has dampened it a bit but yet it is as terrific and horrific as before and this is what actually happened yesterday in cricket too.


If we compare the two scores one sees that Indian batsmen had scored only 226 though the score board shows a total of 254 which as such goes much in favor of India and deadly against Pakistan simply because our bowlers just gifted away as much as 22 runs to them means we must question our bowlers as to why did they do that. From percentage point of view it is on much higher side as compared to Indian bowlers who gave away just 13 runs when Pakistani batsmen plundered 289 runs out of a total of 302. Indian bowlers do very rightly deserve at least recognition if not appreciation.


I wish next time Pakistan must fire canon not just gun. Heartiest congratulations for our beloved team and my compatriots both living within Pakistan and overseas like me.

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