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Not many are born alike


H. H. Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, late Amir of Kuwait breathed his last on 15th January, 2006 meaning by that four long years have already passed since then but he is still remembered with the same respect, dignity and fervor as he was on the throne.


Generally speaking, it has been observed not by me alone but you too that as and when some one quits the throne for any reason including death, then in majority of the cases he or she is either not remembered or remembered with hate and ridicule and I need not name those who met such fate. History books are full on the subject and one can read as much as one wants to know as to who, how, when and where had met such most regrettable fate. This sorrowful attitude and behavior is more prevalent in the countries of Africa and Asia in particular but west is not an exception either. In some of the cases, if not most of the cases, the former rulers had been accused of different charges namely political, administrative, corruption and financial etc to name a few but it is not the same so far as Kuwait is concerned. It is written with most compunction that in some of the countries a few of these rulers who once were glazing and blazing stars and symbolic of national prestige and honor had been even jailed and or assassinated.  


I am a Pakistani living here since 1978 and therefore I will pen with full conviction and belief that though Kuwaiti people are as identical human beings as we are with one brain, one heart two lungs and two hands etc to name a just few commonalities but they are simply matchless. Let me avail this opportune to pen that in Kuwait which is a democratic country, Al Sabah is the exclusive ruling family and therefore quite naturally top hierarchy i.e. Head of State called Crown Price and Prime Minister are only from the ruling family commanding great respect as against those who claim to have been popularly elected through heavy mandate but eventually earned banter and scorn etc. In all fairness and without any hesitation and or reservation, I simply can not help quoting the example of the late Amir H. H. Sheikh Jaber who is not forgotten at all, rather on the contra, he has tuned immortal and symbolic for them.


Kuwaitis in recognition to his meritorious services towards the nation and the country have given him a new name ‘king of hearts’ which I believe is the token of highest esteem. No denying the hard fact, usually some building, bridge, park, road etc is named after a former ruler and this practice


 is centuries’ old not just decades or years for that matter and here too Kuwait has excelled over other nations. King itself is the highest commanding authority whereas heart is the most important organ in a human body hence once heart fails one automatically dies so it proves in quite crystal clear terms without any shadow of doubt that simply no other expression can overshadow king of hearts. To the best of my knowledge and belief, no other nation on the face of earth had ever honored its ruler with the title like this. It also very categorically and emphatically proves that late Amir H.H. Sheikh Jaber and Kuwaitis are still bonded in the same relationship as they had on 15th January, 2006.


In pursuance to international code of discipline, upon his death, obviously his portrait and photograph had to be removed from all Kuwait government offices both within the country and or overseas but nevertheless one can still see them all around the country right from east to west or for that matter from south to north.  May I pose the question, if not crossing the limits? Who is there behind the scene to keep him alive-government of Kuwait or the sons of late Amir or both? None of them to be honest, it is the commoner who tinged with love and patriotism is behind the scene. So many commercial malls, shops and houses have been quite tastefully decorated and adorned by his portrait and photographs. Quite a good number of cars too have his photographs. Many small flags, banners and stickers etc are also very widely available with the photograph of the late Amir. In conclusion I will say that he is the name to be named not only during the current century but till the dooms day. Long live Kuwaitis and the country.


With my honest and solemn prayers

Sincere Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait / Mobile 66229897 /

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