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PHF applies for 70 visas to take part in World Cup


Updated at: 1745 PST, Friday, February 12, 2010  


LAHORE: The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has applied for visas to be granted to 70 people for participating in the Hockey World Cup to be held from February 28 in India.

The PHF officials have confirmed that it has applied for these visas.

The e-mail received from sources revealed that those persons for whom visas have been applied are five PHF members including chairman PHF selection committee Hasan Sardar, 30 players and officials of the team, 15 officials of the PHF and nine journalists.

According to PHF media manager Shahzad Malik, there is no harm in applying for visas for these officials.

The Pakistan government has given a go-ahead to its Hockey team to take part in the forthcoming Hockey World Cup in India, which will begin on February 28. The decision was taken after hectic diplomatic


                                S E V E N T Y

Seventy visas applied to play in World Hockey Cup

Eleven players can only play to win or loose the cup

Vagrant we have proved mostly we loose not lift cup

Excelled we once when always won and brought cup

News is not 100 but just 70 visas are applied for cup

Traumatized we cant we only need platoon to lift cup

You must be prepared like me to lift saucer if not cup

                                      V I S A S

Vagary it is not if I tip that we should decide after cup

In case of win pay cash to players be ready for next cup

Say for example if we loose then we should forget cup

Arrest we must all seventy whose visas applied for cup

Summing up I have shown both sides of the present cup


With my honest and solemn prayers

Sincere Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

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