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                                         Jakarta as I found it


Had it not happened with me I would not have believed it whatsoever but ever since I myself faced it, I simply can not help sharing with you? It was Monday 22nd February, 2010 around 2-30pm when I had just come out of Jakarta International Airport and was getting into the car to go straight to my hotel room when some unknown man welcomed me in Arabic, offered his services and handed over a printed card. I was more shocked than surprised to read the card saying that both temporary and permanent marriages are arranged by this office.


Indonesia is not only predominantly a Muslim country rather it has a population of over 230 millions and believed to be the 4th most populous city and hence one can very rightly construe that there Islamic laws and religious practices must be invoked in full but shockingly it was not so. Hot drinks like wine and whisky are available freely and likewise other services too could be availed just on one telephone call. Night clubs are plenty in addition to many entertainment houses etc.


Truly speaking I called both mobile (081-79986123) and landline (021-95112100) rendering temporary and permanent marriage services and wished to meet the organizing lady to know her modus operandi so that I could write an article on that but tough luck she wanted to bring girls to my hotel room which quite naturally I could never ever agree to. Once I asked Indonesian driver to take me to her and she agreed to meet me as per the address given on her printed business card and we drove to the area but could never find the place even though she gave directions to the driver. They spoke in Indonesian language I had no idea what they were talking about except that she wanted to bring the girls to my hotel room. She told me that she has extra beautiful girls ranging from 17 to 25 who can be married for the time one shines. She even lured to tell me that she will bring the girls at her own to my room and will take them back without charging me any money for presenting the girls but since my object and approach was far too different than her we simply could not meet face to face.


In Jakarta Post I read some classified advertisements wherein both men and women were offering massage services and out of curiosity I called some of them and it was found out that the man or woman will come to the room of the caller for rendering

his / her full services meaning by not limiting to just massage only. None of the advertisers had their own place for massage and he / she is to come to hotel, apartment or house as the case may be. Bulk majority of advertisers were providing 24 hours service. I did visit one of the spa places just to know what they offer. The receptionist lady gave me a folder to choose whatever I want under the categories of room (Royal, VIP, Super and Luxury); type of massage and services needed; girls age to do massage and lastly the time to be spent in the room. I was staying at Ritz- Carlton hotel which had massage services but such like international luxury hotels just render massage and massage only without any strings whatsoever.


English was the biggest hurdle to overcome in Jakarta and surprisingly even the sales staff in luxurious shopping malls had difficulty in communicating in English but it must be recorded without any reluctance that despite the language barrier both male and female did smile in reciprocation. The lush green capital can rightly boast of owning many huge shopping complexes stretching over 5 floors on average where all international brands of both necessity and luxury could be found. Surprisingly prices were higher than Kuwait though Indonesia per capita is just 3,210/ US $ whereas Kuwait figures out at 17,870/ US $. Jakarta has many high rise buildings and many more are being constructed as well itself speaks aloud of Indonesian in general and Jakarta in particular.


Many Indonesian girls were seen driving motorcycles which almost equaled cars in number and of course there was traffic congestion all around and one is to keep in mind the distance and traffic to reach on an appointment. The roads were neat and clean which proved that the inhabitants do have civic sense and they discharge their obligation to keep the city tidy. I and my wife really had very good time though our stay was too short but yet undoubtedly it has created very pleasing and remembering imprints and impressions on us.


With my honest and sincere prayers

Sincere Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

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