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Saturday 05 June 2010

Indian Game in Afghanistan & US Suicide in FATA of Pakistan(2)


By Dr Shahid Qureshi

People in the know are very well aware with the Indian game in Afghanistan; one cannot be a partner, a friend and an enemy at the same time? Yes it is important that one should have friendly terms with all the neighbours but at what cost? One wonders if friends of Pakistan are part of the problesm or part of the solution.


International politics is a game of interests and those who do not understand this basic formula not only suffer themselves but also made other suffer too. As time go by countries do develop friendly relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. Well if one analyse Pakistan's hot and cold bumpy rides with the US one can easily detect that Pakistani elite thinks they are married to Americans but US thinks Pakistan is their mistress? People need to know about dollar account holder pimps, politicians and generals? The irony is the compromised and corrupt elite of Pakistan joined the foreign elements in abusing Pakistan themselves?

I asked a defence and security expert few years ago why China, Russia and Iran not helping USA and NATO from exiting Afghanistan? The response was ‘let them spend some more money and men with a cunning smile’. Those who are asking President Obama to send more troops in Afghanistan knows that cost would be over $1 billion for 1000 troops per year and US is bankrupt country already. The same people who send US to Afghanistan and Iraq i.e. bankers and arms dealers rob it. Afghanistan is a magnet for empires to come and die? Is it strange that Russian experts are predicting US collapse like Soviet Union and Chinese strategists are predicting disintegration of India?

"A friend in need is a friend indeed", is a very well known saying. Only friends can stop each other from greater harms and would give an honest advice. Majority in the Muslim World including Pakistan don't have any problems with the people of the US but with current policies. People say that a tiny minority of Washington residents and their policies have hijacked not only 270 million US Citizens, made them a target Worldwide, paranoid, cagey, phobic and fearful at home but also made other people's lives hell abroad.

There is greater realisation among the people of Pakistan is that United State’s enemies have better life then its friends because they live longer! “It is irrelevant if US punishes its enemies or not but it definitely punishes its friends”, said a US politician. Well look how US treated Benazir Bhutto, Saddam Husain, Zia ul Haq, Yasir Arafat, and continuous friendly treatment of Taliban in Afghanistan? So what will happen if Pakistan completely goes in the anti US block?

That would require complete elimination and detoxification of the current toxic ruling elite including politicians, generals, businessmen and technocrats. Well that seems not far? The coward and corrupt ruling elite living in fear sent its kids and families abroad. Men of Steal Sharif brothers have invested millions in London and Goldman Zardari has billions in foreign banks.

 Will they be shunted around, as ‘luggage’ with US tags on their toes as happened to many US friends or this cancerous curse will stay on? The corrupt & coward Sharifs and Zardari’s have never visited Pakistani troops on the front line as US President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron frequently do? People think these leaders should send their sons on the front line like Prince Charles who send Prince Harry and Prince William on the front line?

But Zardari, Gillani, Nawaz Sharif and other corrupt politicians have send their children to leafy London and US, to live in villas worth million of dollars, while soldiers of Pakistan army are giving ultimate sacrifices on the front. What for? All the politicians should send their sons and daughters to the front line as a matter of solidarity and proof that they are capable of making sacrifices for Pakistan and not just lip service. Pakistani armed forces and its soldiers are not security guards of ‘Bilawal House, Raiwind Palace or Ittefaq Foundry?

These tin pot democrats grew up in the military farms nurtured with ‘horse manures’ stink the whole political system. They should bring all the money back to the country then ask overseas Pakistanis to invest. People of Pakistan are very well aware with the faces and the addresses of the collaborators their interests both in and outside, who are destabilising Pakistan. The way others and US are following Indian agenda in the region is concerning and may lead to a situation which could go out of control?

I commented on BBC TV on Tuesday 8th January 2008, “many analysts agree that Pakistan don’t need enemy if it has a friend like US keeping in view the policy of betrayal, selfishness and leaving in lurch. “People of Pakistan are asking the way its nuclear program is being targeted in the US and West, one wonders if the friends of Pakistan are part of the problem or solution?”

According to analysts what could and should happen if Pakistan is destabilised or attacked? (a) More than 15 separatist armed militant movements currently going on in India would reach its boiling point and disintegrate India? (b) Certain like Iran and China could not afford two destabilised states with the 180 million and over 1 billion population in their neighbourhoods? (c) The whole lot of elite, friends and compromised beneficiaries of certain countries would be eliminated as happened after Iranian Revolution and this region might become out of bound and hell (d) reaction from 2.5 million retired and 600,000 active members of the Pakistani armed forces and public would be unimaginable for the invaders, their supporters and collaborators (e) Pakistani experience would be really different and messy for friends of the US in the region (f) those who are providing protection to private mercenaries (black water/Xe) should be put on trial for treason.  

The only way forward seems to be is reality check, proper risk assessment without lies and deceptions, improvement of bilateral and multilateral relations to save lives, cut the losses and end this so-called dodgy war on terror?  Though it is appalling and disgraceful the way some politicians and establishment officials behave in front of junior foreign officials? They don’t represent the Pakistani nation?

People expect General Kiyani to show courage and overhaul his bunch first from dollar toxic generals in his ranks to save the very institution he is trying to protect? Who is sending top-secret personal files of the generals to Americans? One need to see how far the cancers of dollars have gone in the command and infiltrated agencies? Who is taking ‘goodies’ according to a US expert?

President Obama probably understands that a group of his armed forces and some racist rouge elements have not accepted him, as Commandant in Chief and that is why they want him to send more troops in Afghanistan so more would be killed. This Policy is bound to fail. There seems to be a clear divide between the President Obama’s sensible and harm reduction policy and Hilary Clinton, Robert Gates and General McCrystal’s policy to fail President Obama. It was Bill Clinton who reportedly called President Obama ‘coffee boy’. 

A Taliban commander in Afghanistan said, “If US (Americans) got the watches, we got the time”.  President Obama knows that too.  


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