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Sunday 21 March 2010


Where is MQM leader Altaf Hussain?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

London: British security agencies have been able to trace the kidnapped British child Sahil, after a successful international operation and arrested kidnappers. On the other hand the sudden disappearance of Mr Altaf Hussain, a long distance leader of the MQM based in London is still a mystery. Due to some unknown reasons Mr Altaf Hussain couldn’t do annual address by live TV broadcast. It is suspected that a pre recorded or probably a doctored audio message was played from unknown location.

Altaf Hussain’s sudden disappearance from the scene has raised many questions. There are many theories and speculations. For example:
  1. Altaf Hussain is seriously ill in a private hospital outside London due to his liver and kidney problem.
  2. He is hiding in Johannesburg South Africa
  3. He is in Dubai
  4. Altaf Hussain is visiting India and Israel on some important mission.
  5. Gone in hiding to avoid arrest as result of international warrant by Interpol for murder and extortions.  
He is scared of his staunch rival and nemesis Amir Khan, leader of Mohajir Qomi Movement, who is expected to be released from prison.
What ever may be the case his long disappearance is raising questions about the future of his mafia gang based in London.
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