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Saturday 03 April 2010

Mumbai Bombing Trial –DavidHedley

& Negligence of Zardari Regime
By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Shortly before the February 2008 Elections in Pakistan, in an article by Michele Chossudovsky of Global Research said that it would be the effort of the USA to install a regime in Pakistan that does not care about national interests. Well, America appears to have succeeded as far as Pakistan’s relations with India are concerned. The first sign of ‘India First’ policy of Zardari regime came when his Interior Minister – Rehman Malik – just too readily accepted that the Mumbai attacks of 26/11 has been carried by Pakistanis. He arrested the leader of now defunct LeT as well the alleged mastermind of the attack. However, the courts of the now independent judiciary in Pakistan threw out the ‘evidence’ that India had provided, which was nothing more than press cutting of India news papers. The leader of LeT had to be released but the alleged mastermind is still in custody who has since requested to be moved out of Rawalpindi where he fears being assassinated by RAW. Clearly he has evidence that RAW wants destroyed.
In the two years since the Mumbai attack the story has become murkier and it appears that it might be the work of more than one intelligence agencies – RAW, Mossad and CIA. However, all three are eager to put the blame on Pakistan’s ISI. But the Zardari regime is unperturbed; it hopes that enough of the mud being freely swung around may stick to the ISI to enable to ‘rein it in’ as being called for by all the enemies of Pakistan notably India. The Zardari regime has been criminally negligent in taking no interest in investigations and now the trial in connection with Mumbai bombings. The ‘International Plotters’ continue to work for narrowing the scope of the trial but widening the scope of investigations to secure indictment of Pakistan in a press trial. The Indian and Western Press have been dishing out dirt against Pakistan with regularity and a consistency. The objective appears to be another Indo-Pakistan War. The ‘asymmetrical war on terror’, it is now evident, cannot be won by expensive weaponry. The big defence industrial complexes driven by corrupt and greedy bankers want a war in which their weapons are used but in the hands of soldiers, sailors and airmen of distant foreign nations. They have selected the poorest and the most overpopulated area of the world for their adventure – South Asia.
One must give credit to some Indian officers and a segment of the India media to unfold some aspects of the 26/11 attacks as more facts came to light revealing that the real mastermind of the Mumbai Terror Attack was David William Hedley – a US citizen. Since his father was a Pakistani (even though the mother is Jewish) efforts are still being made to link him to Pakistan. He was an agent of DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) which used him to follow the drug trail from Afghanistan through Pakistan to the rest of the world. DEA operations overseas are overseen by the CIA. He was surely handled by the CIA. When he was reportedly caught for planning an attack in Denmark, he was working for the DEA. If that is true, he was perfect patsy for higher and better roles. The 26/11 plot was wrapped in many layers and the Indian Intelligence is bound to have been the architect of one of the layers. It is their interest that the scope of the trial be narrowly focussed on blaming Pakistan. That is reassuring for the CIA and Mossad but everybody in the Indian establishment is not buying that. There must be many in India on foreign payrolls who are collaborators of defence contractors and bankers, who aided, abetted and supported David Hedley while he was in India and are now protecting him.
The American investigators said that Headley had revealed that LeT and the ISI were involved. At the same time America has refused Indian request to extradite him. Indian investigators may be allowed to interview him in the US prison. But the prisoner would say what he would be briefed to say. The patsy is becoming more useful than it was imagined earlier. Time has come to break the conspiracy of silence on Headley side of the operation otherwise Pakistan would be indicted for 26/11 and carry the stigma for decades. It seems that Ajmal Qasab – allegedly the sole survivor among the attackers of Mumbai Attack, and Hafiz Saeed, the leader of the now defunct LeT (Lashkar e Tayyeba) happened to be the proverbial ‘useful idiots’.
The Mumbai attacks were blamed on LeT which denied involvement. But then a Srinagar special branch official was arrested for providing mobile SIM cards to the alleged attackers. Mumbai attacks were too big for their shoes though some ‘useful idiots’ might have been lured into. According to a British defence think tank RUSI (Royal United Security Institute) expert, “around 100 people would require to do this kind of attack”. Like the responsibility for 9/11 in New York was thrown into the basket of Al-Qaeda straight away without investigations, Mumbai attack of 26/11 was blamed on a localised small group operating in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Since the LeT had been operating in Kashmir, India could not resist the temptation of using Muslim intelligence personnel of Kashmir as patsies. Allegation of sympathy for fellow Muslims sticks easily. The CIA is doing the same with Headley. Mumbai terror attacks were too big to bite for a small group like the LeT but the opportunity of implicating Pakistan was too attractive to miss. If an Indo-Pakistan War can be started, the international bankers and defence contractors would be delighted.
International Trial for an International Conspiracy
It is now obvious that 26/11 attack was an international conspiracy. The mastermind of the attack David William Headley and his associate, Tahawwur Rana were arrested in Chicago by the FBI in connection with terror strikes planned in Denmark and in India and for alleged links with the LeT. Headley visited India nine times between 2006 and 2009, once after 26/11. The investigation teams are conducting inquiries in the cities he went to. Headley's duration of stay is about 12 months. Tahawwur Rana visited Mumbai just once and left the city just five days before the 26/11 attacks. It is reported that Headley's US passport was issued from Washington; he has an Indian visa stamp on it which describes the terror suspect as ‘David C Headley, citizen of the United States’. Headley had submitted his passport to the hotel while checking in. While in Delhi, Headley travelled by auto and cycle rickshaws. No one ever saw him going by a car. Neither was anyone ever seen coming to either pick him up or drop him.
As the crime was committed in India it would be appropriate if both Headley and Rana were extradited to India from the USA. But extradition has already been refused. Starngely, Pakistan has taken no interest even though it is obvious that India’s intent is to blame Pakistan. It is important that Pakistan should seek access to all the accused for its own investigation if they allege involvement of LeT and more crucially of the ISI in 26/11 attack. A precedent already exists for trial of international crimes in a country other than the country of the accused or the country where the crime was committed. A court can be set up in a third country where the trial is carried out in accordance with Indian Law in front of Indian judges like the ‘Lockerbie Bombing Trial’ when suspects were tried under Scottish law in the Netherlands. Any trial or judgment cannot be valid unless both the accused - Ajmal Qasab who is a Pakistani citizen, and US Citizen David Hedley who is alleging Pakistani involvement, are investigated by the Pakistani authorities. Any UN involvement in this matter would be a waste of time as the UN is not a police station or designed to carry out criminal investigations.
Geo-political Implications of 26/11 Trial
The US has been putting pressure on Pakistan via India. But this has become counter-productive because India friendly Zardari regime might collapse in Pakistan or he and his cronies might be eliminated by following Indo-US agenda. “It has been clear that American levers in Pakistan are limited. More so than in the past, the United States would benefit now by playing its old game with India. The United States needs pressure on Pakistan from India to allow Washington an opportunity to mediate while exacting a price from Pakistan for getting India to stand down. India has not wanted to play that game for several years, and the U.S. has not needed to”. US based Strategic Forecasting Inc. reported in Geopolitical Diary.
India should also focus on who are the beneficiaries of the Mumbai Attacks with open mind and not get into the genealogy of the suspects. The important questions are where these individuals are now and who is protecting them? It is highly likely that these criminals might have duped some people in Pakistan or those of Pakistani origin as they have in India. There are voices in India who are asking $64000 question: “why the dodgy Al-Qeeda’s chief Osama Bin Laden as well as the ‘Mumbai Terror Mastermind Suspect' David William Hedley are half Jewish US citizens who were/are US intelligence assets? Why he is not handed over to the Indians for investigations so future wars could be avoided". 
It is ironic that the current Pakistani regime is complicit by design or default, as they seem to be not foreseeing the dangers of not acting on this issue.
One wonders how and why so many of US - Israeli prophecies do materialise as if acted perfectly according to a drama script. The latest such prophesy was made by US Secretary Gates who said, “Al-Qaeda is attempting to spark a war between India and Pakistan”. While praising India for not attacking Pakistan immediately following the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, Mr Gates warned that ‘India could not be expected to show such restraint if another attack happened’.
Al-Qaeda is a trump card in the hands of the USA and its strategic partners – India and Israel - which can be used against any one at any time anywhere. India knew the stakes and was wise not to start war with Pakistan after Mumbai Terrorist attacks. It might have even realised ‘the game’ behind the attacks? But one never knows or be sure because opportunist and collaborators can change track because their loyalties are sold outside the country.
Though there are millions of naked and hungry Indians walking about and looking for toilets, yet its government managed to spend billions of dollars to buy arms after 26/11 attacks. Indian media was quite active in exposing the role of a US citizen David William Hedley.
Was 26/11 a CIA Clandestine Operation
David William Hedley was born in Washington DC to a Pakistan diplomat father and an American Jew mother traveling in and out of India without any problem. Indian investigators, who have been denied full access to Mr. Headley, suspect that he remained on the payroll of the US security services — possibly working for the CIA — but switched his allegiance to LeT. Well, it could be the other way around. Mr. Hedley might have been able to find some useful idiots in Pakistan as well as in India? David William Hedley is a US citizen who had been an employee of Voice of America (VOA). What he was doing was with the knowledge of the US security agencies. The Indian intelligence is worried that Mr. Hedley, despite being firmly on the radar of the US intelligence agencies, he was allowed to return to India as recently as March 2009. Indian officials are furious that their US counterparts did not share details of that visit at the time. The Indian media has raised the possibility that Mr. Headley was being protected by his US handlers - a theory that experts say is credible.
Mr. Hedley, who changed his name from Dawad Gilani, was in Mumbai until two weeks before the attacks. He has been acting as Jewish to get access to into high elite circles. He became close famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhat’s son and made full use of his western looks. Indians feel that their US friends have not been really transparent. David Headley was an agent for the DEA is known. He must have been known to the CIA in one way or the other. So far US have denied extradition of Mr. Hedley to India. Mr Gopal Kirshana Pillai, Indian Home Secretary said his Government would seek the extradition of Mr. Hedley but the request has been stonewalled by US officials.
In the meantime it has come to light that Ajmal Kasab – the only person on trial for 26/11 attack – has told his interrogators ‘he was arrested before the attacks and was shot in his foot by security men’. He might be Hedley’s useful idiot. The Asian Age reported, “Kasab has told his interrogators that it seemed that a ‘woman’ had prepared the videos of the strike locations, including Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, which were shown to him in Pakistan before the 10 terrorists set sail for Mumbai”.
That the Pakistani regime has failed to plead its case in the Pakistan or International press shows that either the ‘eager to confess’ Interior Minister Rehman Malik is a ‘useful idiot’ or he is a pawn in a much bigger game the aim of which is to start another Indo-Pakistan War. In the meantime, more and more people realize that the real enemy of India is growing ‘Hindu Fascism’ and its roots in ‘Brahmanism’ and close links with Zionism and neo-con agenda. The only winners of any war are ‘arms dealers’ because the two sides are too busy fighting!
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